Ervine frustrated by bias in process

Peter Kelly in the Irish World talks to David Ervine, leader of the PUP, which recently pulled out of the interparty talks. Kelly comments:

“Whilst some commentators have dismissed the move as ‘a political tantrum’, others see it variously as both a tactical manoeuvre and a worrying sign that parts of the political process are unravelling, despite much hoped-for progress. Yet Mr Ervine has been keen to point out that both the UVF and Red Hand Commando paramilitary ceasefires remain intact, although under immense strain.”

And Ervine himself gives voice to a growing concern with the Loyalist community:

“I see no sense of honesty or transparency in this whole process. It’s increasingly all about satisfying republicans’ endless one-way wish-lists. And encouraging their insatiable determination to get everything but not give anything.”

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