A good enough Marriage?

Eric Waugh casts a wizened eye over the potential marriage of the North and the South, and declares it a mismatch. Of the Republic he says:

“EU largesse is gone for good. Eastern European farm economies, all much poorer than the Republic, are clamouring at the table. One of the spurs to another “No” vote in the replay of the Nice referendum is that a “Yes” would open the way to the disappearance of a permanent Irish seat on the Commission.”

He goes on:

“At the heels of the hunt, then, it is germane to ask whether this is an enticing prospectus for Irish unity. Our grant-in-aid from the Treasury is now running at some £4bn – or is it five? And still we would like more.”

He finishes with a challenge back to the Republican proponents of re-unification:

“The onus is on the anti-partition parties to tell voters at large where this massive subvention would come from once their political dream were realised.”