Stormont crisis; what happened exactly?

Back at last!

James Murray Brown says that suspension of the devolved adminstration is the most likely result of the political flux of the last few weeks. Though the DUP have finally announced that they are pulling out of the executive today, there is not likely to be a definitive outcome until Thursday when Tony Blair meets with Adams.

So why all the fuss over the raid on Friday?

The documents seized on Friday included the names of all prison officers in Northern Ireland, who were key targets of the IRA before the 1994 ceasefire.

And according to Thomas Harding:

“The IRA and Sinn Fein allegedly used information from their spy ring during talks at Weston Park in July last year. Throughout five days of deadlocked negotiations, Sinn Fein procrastinated over arms decommissioning before accepting concessions from the Government They are said to have known the Government’s “bottom line” on negotiations on a number of occasions.”

Even Gerry Adams is reported as having; “acknowledged that if he was a Unionist, he would have ‘grave concerns’.”