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Stormont House: A Progressive Unionist Alternative

Stormont House Agreement in 140 words

PROGRESSIVE ALTERNATIVE: Lowering Corporation Tax is not the magic wand which many believe it to be, argues PUP Cllr Julie Anne Corr-Jonnson. How many will invest the tax cut in nice holidays and better cars as opposed to the creation of new jobs? There are no sanctions, no prohibitions and no guarantees.

Is it time to reduce the number of our MLAs?

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CUTTING THE MLAS: Tomorrow the Assembly will debate this motion brought forward by the Alliance party. The party claims that if this measure is introduced by the next election that it could see a saving of £11 million over the course of the next assembly term.

When is “an independent study” on Irish unification not independent?

When it has been commissioned, under cover, by Friends of Sinn Féin USA, perhaps… Sinn Féin were quick to welcome the recent announcement of the “first-ever economic modeling [of the] economic benefits Of Irish unification” at the Harvard Club in Manhattan.  Twice, in fact.  An Phoblacht were too. The press release from Sinn Féin MEP, Matt more…

Party faithful pay tribute to Robinson as he “steps back from front line politics & steps out of the limelight” #dup15


There were few surprises during the Saturday sessions of the DUP conference. While the next party leader and First Minister were anointed with praise, neither Nigel Dodds or Arlene Foster were taking anything for granted and second guessing the inevitable view of the elected representatives who will shortly back their formal promotion to new roles. more…

Jeremy Corbyn and the obsession with the history of Marxist revolutions.

Apparently there was a pitched battle for the Chair of the Portsmouth Constituency Labour Party last night… Deep deep joy! – third ballot a tie. Arguments over whether a second coin toss should take place. Demands for a city wide ballot… — Cllr John Ferrett (@John_Ferrett) November 19, 2015 A pitched battle between New Labour more…

“this is a power for which the Scots have been craving…”

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So David touched on an intriguing ‘argument’ between Sinn Fein and the SDLP over the former’s use of the Legislative Consent Motion in such a way as to nullify any discussion of the proposed bill (an indigenous deal let us remember) at Assembly and in Westminster. This is effectively a measure constructed in OFMdFM and more…

Robinson tells @BelTel he will be stepping down as DUP leader…


PILOT DROPS: He has only been the DUP’s second leader in its 45 year history, and a key influencer for almost all of its history. It is a significant departure. A political Houdini of extraordinary  talent (as the latest crisis amply demonstrates, as we say in Irish, ní beidh a leithéid ann arís.

Legislative Consent Motion vs Accelerated Passage


DOING BUSINESS: Disagreement [again] between Sinn Fein and the SDLP over the virtues of Margaret Ritchie at Social Development introducing a Welfare Reform Bill under accelerated passage and the current move by the DUP/Sinn Fein to introduce reforms through the Legislative Consent Motion (LCM).

A Fresh Start: How does it add up?

MONEY GAME: Most of the new money is dedicated to issues that are Northern Ireland specific. A total of £188m will be made available for security-related spending. The PSNI will get an unconditional £160m over the next five years to tackle dissident republicans and other paramilitaries.

Nine points on the succession of Colum Eastwood to SDLP leader…

SDLP15 Colum Eastwood advertising truck

NEW BOSS: The SDLP is getting rather good at changing leaders, so that Colum Eastwood’s win flowed from disruption rather than by some kind of insider’s agreement. Being a Gen Xer may help him open doors with younger voters. And perhaps this weird and messy deal unwinding from Stormont will be his first real test?