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When Brand met the Belfast Orange, or why the comedy of new media helps us unlearn…

Fri 15 November 2013, 11:00am

Tweet There’s an interesting conference at the University of Ulster coming up on the 10th December, which seems to be asking some of the right questions about social media, its uses in protest and the implications for democratic politics. The event blurb notes: Over the course of the last twelve months, Northern Ireland has witnessed […] more »

No #Twaddell from Parades Commission

Wed 2 October 2013, 12:54pm
Gnome of Ardoyne small

Tweet The Parades Commission has given its response to the ‘Twaddell Initiative‘ put forward by Unionists and the Orders. Not only does it say No, but it publicly deconstructs how it was first made aware of proposal by the media and dismissed the grounds for a late application, the failure to abide by its ruling […] more »

More #Twaddell: DUP, dupes and duplicity.

Mon 30 September 2013, 12:56pm

Tweet The onus is now upon nationalism to show leadership and to respond positively to this genuine attempt to reach accommodation. They must face down the elements in their community who wish to drag Northern Ireland back. So says DUP ‘leader’ Peter Robinson, but presumably not in reference to his party members who were advocating […] more »

Even Protestants don’t support parades and protests: #LucidTalk

Mon 16 September 2013, 5:10pm
LTalk All

Tweet More figures from LucidTalk in the Belfast Telegraph, this time on Parades. Respondents were asked which statements they agreed most closely with (results given as percentages): If you exclude don’t knows, you get the following results (results given as percentages): And, if pie-charts are your thing, here’s charts for the first three groups excluding don’t […] more »

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