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Friday Thread: For ‘trial and error’ you have to first try something (then not be afraid to fail)

Fri 31 January 2014, 2:31pm

Tweet There’s a part of the conventional stage which the dramaturg Stephen Joseph used to frame as the ‘God Wall’. That’s the bit at the back which in perspective terms is the origin of the actors complete authority over his audience. In the TED talk above, Tim Harford takes a similar idea and transposes it […] more »

People’s bailout: A social innovation you won’t have heard about before…

Fri 9 November 2012, 4:42pm

Tweet Occupy Wall Street. Remember them? Well, in that well worn cliched phrase: They haven’t gone away you know! One of the more successful actions of the Belfast group was occupying the old Belfast stock exchange on Royal Avenue, thereby flagging up latent resources. Well, in the US there’s a fascinating little scenario (flagged up […] more »

Next #DigitalLunch: Sustaining social innovation?

Tue 6 November 2012, 5:07pm
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Tweet So, we’re rolling the next SocialInnovation #DigitalLunch for the Building Change Trust through to Thursday. It follows three other lively and insightful panels: - 1, was an initial discussion of what innovating for social change might look like? - 2, was a great conversational case study of a whole range of projects some originating […] more »

The limitations of innovation without wider backing?

Mon 5 November 2012, 11:48am
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Tweet With our series of discussions on Social Innovation in mind, here’s an excellent piece on why innovation is failing to tackle big problems, Tech Review editor Jason Pontin notes that in fact technology cannot solve everything. He quotes Famine as a Grade A example: Amartya Sen, a Nobel laureate economist, has shown that famines […] more »

Lessons in Social Innovation and what it actually means…

Mon 29 October 2012, 2:08pm
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Tweet So after two great online conversations on Social Innovation with the Building Change Trust we’ve had some useful insights into what social innovation might or could look like. In the first session Michael Kelly from Grow It Yourself Ireland (GIY, Ireland) noted that their network had grown to cover the whole island in just […] more »

#DigitalLunch series asks: What’s Social Innovation and who needs it?

Thu 18 October 2012, 2:45pm
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Tweet Slugger has evolved slowly over the years. Hit the archives for October 2002 for instance, and you’ll see a short form journal charting the slow then rapid disintegration of the first Stormont Executive. There were no comments. Today our politics is firmly out of ER. And it is hard to argue that we needed […] more »

#DigitalLunch: Can social innovation bridge the digital divide?

Thu 9 August 2012, 11:41pm

Tweet This week’s digitallunch kicks off with an old mate of mine from River Path days Mark Weston… These days he can mostly to be found pumping out policy blogs on health and development… But a couple of years ago, he left the comfort of his high falutin’ desk and spent six months in three […] more »

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