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Slugger: Help to keep him/her lit for another year..

Mon 17 December 2012, 3:13pm

Tweet So as the end of the year comes rapidly, and it is time to thank all you who have supported the site throughout the last year with some great conversation, ideas and, above all, your civilized engagement. The site just about pays its way on the back of advertising revenue and the donations from […] more »

The new comments system is here

Sun 14 November 2010, 3:48pm

Tweet We’ve just added our new comments system to the site. Have a look? The thinking behind it can be seen on this post from a few months ago. It will help us do the following things: Help readers find the best comments quickly. We often have 100+ comments on a thread. You will now […] more »

Service announcement: Minor Facebook / Twitter-related tweaks to Slugger

Thu 30 September 2010, 1:33pm

Tweet At the top of this post, there’s a lovely new ‘Facebook Like’ button and a ‘Tweetmeme’ link on the left. These are designed to help you flag up anything you read and like to your followers as well as giving our contributors a bit of feedback. These things only work, of course, if you’re […] more »

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