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A constitutional crisis over a Scottish referendum?

Just how serious is the new stand-off between Westminster and Holyrood over a referendum on Scottish independence? I take the view that it’s largely shadow boxing. The two governments will do a deal in the end, even though there’s quite a way to go before it’s clinched. Many believe Cameron boobed badly yesterday by trying more…


David Cameron has transformed the SNP’s long game of Scottish independence into a penalty shootout

      David Cameron has hugely raised the stakes over Scottish independence by planning to give the Scottish Parliament legal powers to hold a binding referendum, provided it takes place within a tighter time frame than that envisaged by the SNP government. See the chess analysis by the doyen of Scots commentators Magnus Linklater more…


The Scotland Act: A poisoned chalice?

So Scotland enacts the Calman report (aka the Scotland Bill), that drops in . That it is brought in by a Conservative (not all of whom are happy campers, btw) Lib Dem coalition that fought tooth and nail over a political generation (or more) against, is an irony not lost on Peter Curran, who notes more…