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Book launches: Everyday Life After the Irish Conflict and Belfast 400

Thu 24 January 2013, 9:00pm
Everyday Life After the Irish Conflict

Tweet Two books were launched tonight in Belfast. A reception was held at the City Hall to mark the book commissioned to mark the four hundredth anniversary of the city’s charter. I reviewed Belfast 400: People, Place and History (edited by Sean Connolly) back in December. It tells the story of the city that “emerged […] more »

Why (and how) smart people can prove thicker than the rest of us…

Mon 19 November 2012, 4:02pm

Tweet [Cough] Not looking at anyone in particular, but I’ve just come across this nice piece of research on the YouGov-Cambridge site. It’s just one reason why most of us are more than just a little suspicious of smart people. On the whole, it seems, they are thicker than the rest of us. Over to […] more »

Northern Ireland youth and the critical importance of mobility…

Thu 24 November 2011, 2:35pm

Tweet There’s an interesting longitudinal research just published by the Joseph Rowntree Foundation on the problems faced by 18 young people growing up in Northern Ireland. Each were interviewed up to seven times since the research began back in 1997. They’re all now aged 25 to 33. It tells a series of stories (without pretending […] more »

In terms of post-recession employment, the young and the vulnerable are suffering the most – but what will we do about it?

Tue 28 September 2010, 6:30am
Equality Commission for Northern Ireland logo

In many ways the Equality Commission's 115 report confirmed my shallow understanding of the recession. People who’ve never worked - eg, the young - are struggling to get jobs. People who have lost jobs are struggling to regain employment. Vulnerable groups are finding it tough. And blue collar has so far been worse than white collar. more »

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