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Your Predictions for Northern Ireland Politics in 2013?

Wed 2 January 2013, 4:01pm

Tweet The thing about Northern Irish Politics is that it is both easier to predict than southern politics and more difficult. Who really, hand on heart, saw the flag protest coming? Perhaps we should have, since every year the Ardoyne troubles seem, if not to get worse, then to have no visible or political solution. […] more »

#ae11 Reveal your Assembly predictions

Wed 4 May 2011, 7:29pm

Tweet Mick has noted two prediction competitions for the Assembly election but didn’t make a call for Slugger’s friends, contributors and readers to risk their credibility and reveal their predictions publicly in advance. So folks lets be having you, your chance to be revealed as genius or the global village idiot…. Here are mine: DUP […] more »

Do not mourn the octopus

Wed 27 October 2010, 6:16pm

Tweet In news Slugger predicted last year, Alliance’s Sean Neeson has announced his retirement. You won’t have long to wait to check if the 2nd half of the prediction is correct and Gerry Lynch is selected to run in his place. more »

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