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The Pope Is Still A Catholic

Lefty atheists from North London to Northern California are in outrage today at the latest shock revelations that Pope Francis is, in fact, a Catholic. “The pope played us for fools, trying to have it both ways”, thundered Michaelangelo Signorile in the Huffington Post, outraged that the Pope had (briefly) met Kim Davis. Ms Davis, more…


Kyle Paisley, Pastor McConnell & Peter Robinson

Free Presbyterian Church supports Pastor McConnell

Kyle Paisley has commented on the recent McConnell / Robinson Islam debate over on the Eamonn Mallie blog. While there are irreconcilable differences between the theology of Biblical Protestantism and the theology of traditional Islam, this is no reason for any man to go out of his way in order to insult another. One has more…


Sanctifying dead Popes with miracles is a basic error

  In our island John XXIII stands for Vatican 2, a dramatic moment of liberalisation that was never wholly fulfilled.  John Paul II  is an altogether more ambiguous figure who softened through his charisma the image of authoritarian Catholicism while it beat a retreat he was unable to stem. You can easily see how they more…


Trinity academic to become first woman cardinal shock!

No, Not Crocodile Dundee’s soon to be ex -wife but the vice provost of Trinity College Dublin. A real Sunday flyer From the Sunday Times (£) SHE may be a woman, married, a feminist and only 49, but an Irish theologian called Linda Hogan is being tipped as the Vatican’s first lady in red. There more…


A manifesto for enlightened Catholicism

From the always inspiring Hans Kung, one of two surviving theologians of Vatican 2, the other being Joseph Ratzinger. True ecumenism.  One shouldn’t be misled by the media hype of grandly staged papal mass events or by the wild applause of conservative Catholic youth groups. Behind the facade, the whole house is crumbling. In this dramatic more…


Anti-Irish upsurge predicted in Britain over Pope’s poaching

francis campbell

Rathfriland farmer’s son Francis Campbell, (seen above giving British diplomatic uniform a rare outing), until recently British ambassador to the Holy See,  is one of the latest to appear in WikiLeaks, warning of possible serious consequences of the Pope’s clumsy offer to receive dissident Anglicans into the Roman Catholic Church. Campbell told Noyes ( a US diplomat) more…


British toleration guaranteed Benedict a good show


As the wall to wall coverage subsides, I’d guess that not much will change as a result of the Pope’s visit. The secular and religious events were just about pitch perfect if like me, you enjoy that sort of thing. The faithful seemed to turn out in greater numbers to proclaim that Catholicism had not collapsed more…


Hamilton: open to talks with UVF but not meeting Catholic leader?

Norman Hamilton, Presbyterian Moderator, has claimed his decision not to meet Joseph Ratzinger, Bishop of Rome, was due to “troubling issues” which needed to be addressed. However, the moderator said he had declined the opportunity to be presented to the Pope or to shake his hand after the service because there were a number of more…


‘Fuck the Pope’

Kilsally has expanded an extensive list of quotes and links on why some groups are objecting to Joseph Ratzinger’s visit to Britain with the objections of various Protestant groups. However, it is worth noting that Kilsally has been posting these objections for an extended period on the Orange Order facebook page he maintains and fighting more…


Don’t go back to the bad old days

The question discussed by BBC NI religion presenter Will Crawley of whether the Irish Presbyterian moderator should attend on the Pope  reminds me of the stern warning issued  by the Skibbereen Eagle in west Cork in the 1850s, Skibereen  has its eye on the Czar.”  Not many outside Skib noticed until the headline  became a cute byword for inflated more…


The coming Papal visit

Pope Benedict XVI and the United Kingdom

As the media frenzy over this weeks visit to Great Britain by the Pope continues, further protests have emerged.  By far the highest profile protest is organised around the Protest The Pope website and includes organisation like the National Secular Society, the British Humanist Association, Atheism UK and Outrage as well as prominent atheist supporters more…