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04 Peter Robinson

Robinson “step back, take a breath and ensure there is sufficient space for an agreement to be reached in the calmer times that follow the hustings”

Former First Minister, Peter Robinson has taken to Facebook to give his views on the most recent election. He has allowed us to re-post his views on Slugger Over the past few weeks many of you have sent me messages asking for my views on recent events. When I retired as First Minister and Party more…

The Irish language hasn’t gone away you know

I’m back at work though suffering with a cold, flu or ‘man-flu’.   I don’t like feeling congested at the best of times.  Being back at work at the start of a cold and wet January doesn’t brighten my mood. This is all put in perspective by Martin McGuinness who has serious health issues, it more…

04 Peter Robinson

Robinson: ‘ I hereby resign the office of First Minister with confidence that the political institutions we have together created will be here for generations to come’

Remarks by outgoing First Minister, Peter Robinson; I am grateful for the opportunity to make this statement. It is typical of the fairness and courtesy you have demonstrated during your time in office that you provided me with this opportunity and made all the necessary arrangements. I can assure you that I do not intend more…

Peter Robinson starting his last conference speech as leader dup15

The Mechanics of the DUP Leadership

INSIDE THE TENT: The cloak and dagger nature of the DUP’s latest episode of leadership change provides us an excuse to revisit Hugo Young’s wonderful description of how, prior to 1965, the British Conservative Party handled the tricky process of succession. Tory leaders were, Young observed, ‘removed and replaced by the informal alchemy of a more…

QUB Brexit Charlie Flanagan and Arlene Foster at table

DUP Leadership Contest: Arlene’s Ascendancy

ARLENE’S ASCENDANCY: As we approach the end of the Robinson era, the runner (s) and riders are now coming to the fore. But before we talk about the candidate, just who can vote in the DUP leadership contest?


Party faithful pay tribute to Robinson as he “steps back from front line politics & steps out of the limelight” #dup15

There were few surprises during the Saturday sessions of the DUP conference. While the next party leader and First Minister were anointed with praise, neither Nigel Dodds or Arlene Foster were taking anything for granted and second guessing the inevitable view of the elected representatives who will shortly back their formal promotion to new roles. more…


Robinson tells @BelTel he will be stepping down as DUP leader…

PILOT DROPS: He has only been the DUP’s second leader in its 45 year history, and a key influencer for almost all of its history. It is a significant departure. A political Houdini of extraordinary  talent (as the latest crisis amply demonstrates, as we say in Irish, ní beidh a leithéid ann arís.

Martin McGuinness: “if the governments move as speedily as we have done, all of this could move very quickly”

After 9 weeks of behind-closed-doors talks, including an exclusive, super-sekrit, meeting in Downing Street with David Cameron, and a less sekrit meeting with Enda Kenny, the Northern Ireland First and deputy First Ministers emerged blinking into the light today to inform the waiting press that… “The core of that agreement, the substance, has already been more…

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“…but latterly Robinson has performed well enough in this regard”

The northern Irish media have been camped for so long on Peter Robinson’s lawn that there will be very few people left when he eventually does retire from politics who cannot say they hadn’t predicted it already (and in some cases, long long ago). In yesterday’s Irish News Newton Emerson has written something of a more…


Cartoon – “The unelected and unelectable…”

The soundbite of the week past probably came from Westminster and from David Cameron at PMQs. Probed repeatedly by the leader of the Opposition on the cost of cuts to tax credits to the ordinary family, the Prime Minister simply said the reform was blocked by an alliance of “the unelected and the unelectable.” Stormont had an eventful week itself, more…


Cartoon – ‘The ghost of Peace Process past’

PEACE PROCESS RULES: The parallel between Robinson and former First Minister David Trimble has been made, and it is plain to see. We know how Trimble’s career ended, and that ghost hangs over the ongoing debacle.

Peter Robinson dup14

Is Peter Robinson’s time as DUP leader coming to an end?

In todays News Letter, Sam McBride has a report on the mounting pressure for Peter Robinson to step down as DUP leader and First Minister. McBride reports the concern within the party about how the DUP would do in an Assembly election led by Robinson; There is concern within the party at how it would more…


[Cartoon] #BackToTheExecutiveDay

October 21 2015 was ‘Back To The Future Day‘, the date in ‘Back To The Future II’ that Marty McFly travelled forward to in order to save his children. That date was also the day when Peter Robinson travelled back to Stormont to save the power sharing executive. A nice historical coincidence.

“My colleague Mr Girvan described this entire mess as a “dirty scheme”: do you agree with that?”

It may be that Mairtin has had second thoughts, possibly after reading Slugger… “Attempts to score cheap political points totally miss the real purpose of the inquiry which is to investigate allegations of corruption and possible conflicts of interest. “Instead of trying to use the inquiry as an opportunity for party political grandstanding, all members more…

Rogue ministers: Preparing for an election?

Not quite the morning after the night before, the Assembly sits tomorrow for the first time since Peter Robinson’s tactical, though perhaps not strategic, masterclass. The resignation of four DUP ministers on Thursday leaves many unanswered questions, literally, the most pressing of which in the short term is whether the current Assembly has a future more…

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Robinson: “I am therefore standing aside as First Minister and other DUP Ministers will resign with immediate effect’

Peter Robinson pulls the plug on the Executive (We think); As someone who invested many hours trying to bring devolution to Northern Ireland, and to maintain it, I have tried to create space to allow these critical unresolved matters to be dealt with in a structured manner. Local Ministers making local decisions is best for more…