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Limerick tops global property price affordability index for the second year in a row

Global Property Prices

The latest release of Demographia’s annual survey of house price affordability has created headlines for highlighting how chronically unaffordable property is in Hong Kong. Median property prices in the territory were a staggering 19 times median household incomes in the third quarter of 2015, a new record in the twelve years that the survey has more…


Continuity IRA plan to kill Limerick soldier foiled

This is worth noting for a number of reasons. One, the sheer numbers of people rounded up in the police operation; two the use of Facebook as part of the plan he needs to look at his privacy settings or some of his ‘friends’; and three, the news that this ‘IRA’ is planning to depart more…


There was a young woman from….

An idyllic island reliant on tourism from across the world but with a population increasingly impoverished. A young woman just starting out on life with a new partner brutally murdered for being in the wrong place at the wrong time. Breda Waters & Des Kelly’s murders aren’t getting much coverage – they were from Limerick more…