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Why Northern Ireland is becoming less ‘Northern Irish’, and more divided.

Thu 16 January 2014, 2:01pm

Tweet I want to illustrate a few concerning features of the Northern Ireland Life and Times survey (NILTS) data that haven’t yet received media attention, particularly in regard to cross-community contact and the Northern Irish identity. There are some trends that exist which suggest Northern Ireland is becoming a more divided place, especially for young […] more »

Cartoon – ChristmHaass carve-up

Tue 24 December 2013, 12:01pm
Haass carve-up, Brian John Spencer

Tweet Enjoy the cartoon and have a Merry Christmas and happy new year. Full acknowledgements to James Gillray and his infamous piece, ‘The Plumb Pudding in Danger’. Martin Rowson also gaves his take on it recently here. Morten Morland has his take on it with Cameron and Osborne here. more »

On Ireland’s strange romance with ‘Euronationalism’….

Fri 29 November 2013, 2:58pm

Tweet Ever wondered why nearly all our Northern Ireland MEPs have been Eurosceptic (with the exception of the SDLP) whilst those in the south have been almost universally Europhile? John Coakley on the remarkably protean nature of Irish identity, and it’s willingness to engage with wider notions of European identity… It may well be the […] more »

Alternative Ulsters: Conversations on Identity (Mark Carruthers)

Mon 4 November 2013, 9:01am
Mark Carruthers Alternative Ulsters

Tweet Mark Carruthers describes his new book Alternative Ulsters as a “collection of conversations” and “an attempt to take the notional temperature of a place where identity tends to inform a great deal of the day-to-day civic debate”. The book has a simple structure: three and a half pages of introduction followed by thirty six […] more »

Northern Ireland: Who Are We Now?

Thu 3 January 2013, 9:26pm

Tweet Northern Ireland: Who Are We Now? was broadcast on Radio 4 on the eve of Derry~Londonderry taking on the mantle of UK’s City of Culture. Presented by William Crawley and produced by Claire Burgoyne, the half hour programme used the national identity census results as a way in to discuss possible shifting self-perceptions and […] more »

Here’s to a united Ireland on the morrow (though not necessarily the day after)…

Sat 8 October 2011, 1:18am
irfu logo

Tweet There’s something deeply gratifying about the way Ireland coach Declan Kidney has melded an unexpectedly powerful sporting force from three of Ireland’s historic provinces. There’s always one missing! We may have Eddie O’Sullivan to thank for drawing the provincial successes of Munster and Leinster upwards into the Ireland squad, but tomorrow’s team performance will […] more »

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