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“Why can’t Great Britain look Northern Ireland in the eye?”


That’s the question Emer O’Toole asks in her Guardian Comment is Free article today. She reckons that “the media have been strangely reluctant to cover eight weeks of intense rioting in Belfast, yet this is a major UK event”. Great Britain’s attitude towards Northern Ireland has been puzzling me lately … There is a very more…

What the UK spends stuff on.


Apologies for the delay and thanks to Malcolm Redfellow for the tip. Here’s a great graphic from the Guardian on UK Government spending 10/11. Have a play to find out the easiest way to interpretate. (I bought the paper to get hard copy,,,) Anyway UK debt interest is £44 billion quid a year. For those of more…

If we know where the NOTW ‘phreaking’ story began, where does it end?


It’s hard to find the right words to describe what Glenn Mulcaire appears to have done in the case of the murdered teenager, Milly Dowler. ‘Phreaking’, we’re told, rather than ‘hacking’ is the correct portmanteau term [*see Comrade Stalin's comment below]. And that word is disturbingly resonant with a News of the World operative not just more…