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“But today, identity seems more central to politics than ever before.”

Thu 22 November 2012, 5:17pm

Tweet Brian’s noting of the advice from Richard Haass to the Israeli government reminded me that there are other places, and administrations, who have received similar ‘lessons’ from The Process™ here.  Afghanistan, for example.  Of course, it always helps to have well-placed friends [writing your speeches! - Ed].  And it’s worth noting that Richard Haass’ role […] more »

The NI peace process has lessons for Israel and Hamas

Thu 22 November 2012, 12:47pm

Tweet Richard Haass President Bush’s envoy to Northern Ireland and now head of a  leading foreign affairs advisory board,  has a piece in the Financial  Times (£) headlined “Israel should learn from Northern Ireland.” The first lessons are not those touted by the former paramilitaries but those learned  by the governments.  As he has said before, […] more »

… a ballot paper in one hand: #Gaza 2012

Tue 20 November 2012, 3:55pm

Tweet There seems to be nothing that exposes the impotence of the much vaunted international community more starkly than the meek tolerance of Israeli violence in the Palestinian territories and Lebanon. News outlets like the BBC are now reporting both that the Israeli Defence Forces (IDF) are leafleting Gazans warning of an imminent invasion of ground […] more »

#FreedomWaves now en route to #Gaza.

Thu 3 November 2011, 9:59pm

Tweet For Update see below. Two ships are currently in international waters on their way from Fethiye in Turkey to try and deliver medical aid to Gaza. The Palestine Chronicle reports that, on the Freedom Waves flotilla, there are twenty-seven activists from nine countries, including the US, Canada, Denmark, Belgium, Germany and Australia alongside Palestinians from Bethlehem and Haifa. One of the two […] more »

Another local Nobel Peace Prize winner heads towards the Middle East …

Mon 14 June 2010, 8:41am
Steve Punter's profile photo of David Trimble

Tweet Having rejected the UN’s call for an international inquiry into the storming of the flotilla of aid vessels heading for Gaza, Israel’s Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu has now announced his country’s own inquiry. A panel of three will be led by retired Supreme Court judge Yaakov Tirkel, and observed by two international experts. Whereas […] more »

DUP to block Gaza debate at Stormont today…

Fri 4 June 2010, 9:32am

Tweet The DUP is moving to block a vote on the emergency Gazza debate today through using a ‘petition of concern.’ Mover of motion is William Irwin. The debate was proposed by independent MLAs Gerry McHugh and Dr Keiran Deeny, and supported by at least 30 MLAs. Under Standing Order 11 of the rules that […] more »

“I don’t know what to say..”

Wed 2 June 2010, 11:18pm

Tweet Yesterday a meeting of the European Parliament Committee on International Trade (INTA) had an exchange of views with US Ambassador William Kennard on EU-US Trade relations. Joe Higgins, Irish Socialist Party MEP, confronted the American Ambassador over his country’s trading relationship with Israel: Is trade still a value-free activity that must not involve human […] more »

Your outrage must endure another 37 days…

Wed 2 June 2010, 8:02pm
Vigil and Protest for Gaza

Tweet Outraged at Israel’s violent attack on the humanitarian aid flotilla? Outraged at those who are outraged? Either way, you may have to wait 37 days the next time you want to join your international peers in demonstrating your anger. Something that should’ve been obvious from yesterday’s City Centre vigil for the flotilla, but was rarely […] more »

Video of the boarding of the Marmara…

Wed 2 June 2010, 8:43am

Tweet Via John McGuirk, a video of what happened when the Israelis sent their soldiers in, one by one,  to board the Turkish ship Marmara armed with paint guns and pistols. more »

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