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“The causes of these two problems are therefore likely to be different…”

Thu 17 January 2013, 8:41pm

Tweet The Food Safety Authority of Ireland is conducting further tests at two Irish meat processing factories following the recent identification of pig and horse DNA in a range of beef-based products.  The UK’s Food Standards Agency is also investigating further.  And there’s been a statement from the Northern Ireland Agriculture Minister, Sinn Féin’s Michelle O’Neill. Commenting on […] more »

“In Ireland, it is not in our culture to eat horsemeat and therefore, we do not expect to find it in a burger…”

Tue 15 January 2013, 8:51pm

Tweet So, what did you have for dinner…  The BBC reports the headline findings of the snapshot survey by the Food Safety Authority of Ireland of some beef-based products on sale in Ireland.  From the BBC report Horse DNA has been found in some beef burgers being sold in UK and Irish supermarkets, the Republic […] more »

Irish fusion food for St Patrick’s Day

Thu 17 March 2011, 8:13pm

Tweet  For generations, the words “vegetarian” and “Irish” “were an oxymoron as a diet of choice as distinct from grim necessity . Today in a country where food standards have become more ambitious but remain notoriously uneven, Denis Cotter from Cork does the revisionist thing, to graft new ideas upon tradition for the Guardian.  In a […] more »

YR Sauce coming back to a store near you, soon!

Thu 25 August 2005, 10:28pm

Tweet Well, it’s good news from Chivers Managing Director Liam O’Rourke, who’s written to Slugger explaining the current hiatus in the ‘food chain’ in Northern Ireland. Pending a new distribution deal covering NI and Britain, you should be able to ask your local shop to order it! From Liam O’Rourke The situation re YR is […] more »

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