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Voters have the opportunity to make history when they elect the 32nd Dáil


Suzanne Collins is the Director of Campaigns and Operations for the organisation Women for Election.  As candidate selections continue apace for the Assembly elections in May, potential members of the 32nd Dáil are already out of the traps. As TDs hightailed it out of Leinster House on Wednesday morning, RTÉ correspondents caught up with some more…


#GE16 – The Goss 1

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ROUND UP: As #GE16 gets underway we will be taking a look behind the scenes to keep you informed of the latest gossip from the front lines. If you have views or news from your constituency then email johnny@sluggerotoole.com and keep us posted. All the gossip doing the rounds on the ground from #GE16.


7 things to look out for in the Irish General Election


Enda Kenny will finally call the general election tomorrow, which is likely to be held in the last week of February 2016. In that spirit, I thought I would do up a piece for some folks not as familiar with Southern elections and things to generally look out for. 1.Look out for the canvassers- There more…


PJ Mara – The Man, The Myth, and my Friend…

END OF AN ERA: PJ Mara is probably the greatest political strategist the country has known. This won him many friends and just as many enemies. While others puffed and panted and hovered around a subject, PJ walked in and cut through all the guff to tell it like it is and make people face more…


#GE16 is shaping up to be a three (and 4/3) horse race…


ELECTION 2016 (I): A grand coalition is unlikely. FF’s messages may be fuzzy and narrative unclear, but the machine is in working order with good candidates coming through. FG may have to patch up Labour, Renua, the Soc Dems and/or the rag bag independent rest. Or, they might just have do it all on their more…


Ireland – The Politics of Consensus and Spoof

Consensus Politics?

Is consensus politics choking the Irish system? Freelance journalist Feidhlim ó Broin makes the case Much has been written recently about the steady rise of Fine Gael in the polls, about the nascent economic recovery and the construction of a new, progressive, modern Republic. Indeed, Ireland’s political parties illustrate this new order. Fine Gael, Fianna more…


“Are people certain the proceeds from the organised crime is not finding its way into the [SF] political project?”

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Micheal Martin took his second pot shot of the week at Sinn Fein in Leader’s Questions in Dail Eireann in as many days. But this was a more forensic strike than yesterday‘s more on-the-hoof affair. He starts with a reference to £28 Million raised by the Criminal Assets Bureau (CAB) from individuals with “connections or associations” more…


Micheal Martin: “Real Irish republicanism is founded on generous, anti-sectarian and international idealism”

So for me (as I noted in this morning’s SluggerReport) the most interesting event of the weekend was Micheal Martin’s speech at Bodenstown (not Ballyboden as I said this morning) commemorating Wolf Tone, the father of Irish Republicanism. It’s something I’ve been keeping an eye over the last few years because I think Martin has more…


Fianna Fáil and its role in the North.

Fianna Fail

LEGION OF THE VANGUARD: The electoral meltdown in the Republic of Fianna Fáil in 2011 halted progress in developing party structures in the north. But Eoin Neylon who is the President of Ógra Fianna Fáil and a former member of the Willie Drennan Cumann of Queens University, Belfast looks forward to first Ogra Conference north more…


Putting a narrative on your political past.


The past is always a difficult thing for parties to deal with. The Tories for example, wrestled for years with how they should deal with the Thatcher legacy and modernise themselves to represent a Britain that had socially changed going into the 21st century. Closer to home this very same problem is impacting on Fianna more…


Fianna Fail’s future is the radical centre

Many voices are rushing to tell Fianna Fail what direction it needs to go. Mark Beegan is a Public Relations Consultant and Fianna Fáil activist. He specialises in political communication and media relations.  He argues that simple ideological analysis is not enough and is not what Fianna Fail was ever about.   Senator Power’s bombshell more…