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UUP could return to the Executive.

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The UUP launched their alternative vision document today highlighting what they will do differently from the current DUP/Sinn Fein Executive.  However, today Mike Nesbitt gave the clearest indication yet that his party could be returning to the Executive after May’s election. Nesbitt said that the if the next Executive has a progressive programme for government more…

Belfast City Council votes for a 1.48% increase

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Belfast City Council tonight has agreed for the first time in four years to increase district rates by 1.48%. The council has for years made efficiencies of £20 million since 2006 and has set a target of £2 million a year for until 2019. The council says that the effect on ratepayers will be small more…

Budget passes but two Executive parties oppose it.


SHOW ME THE MONEY: The Budget has passed the Assembly with a vote of 62 for, with 30 against. The DUP and Sinn Fein voted for the budget with Alliance, SDLP, UUP, TUV, Greens, Basil McCrea, John McCallister and Claire Sugden voting against.

Assembly Election 2016: Time for more Electoral Pacts?

COMING TOGETHER: With Northern Ireland’s politicos getting increasingly excited about the upcoming Assembly election, talk is eventually going to turn to electoral strategy. While our PR-STV voting system offers its own avenues for attracting votes, one method completely independent of the system is the electoral pact.

DUP: Is the only way up for the party?

DUP 2011

DUP PROFILE: Just 13 years ago the DUP eclipsed the UUP to become the dominant unionist party in the Northern Ireland Assembly. Now, as the May election draws near, the DUP and its new leader, Arlene Foster, are confident they will return another good performance. Given their track record in Assembly elections, it’s not hard more…

Full Steam Ahead, Arlene and Martin.


FULL STEAM AHEAD: “If you keep voting for the DUP and Sinn Fein, nothing will change.” A phrase I often hear from cynical politicos and commentators alike and a phrase I’m sure you have heard too. Well, let’s look at what has happened under the DUP and Sinn Fein, accepting the other Executive parties’ narrative more…

Foster: “Today is a new chapter in Northern Ireland’s story but when the history of this time comes to be written let it be said of all of us that we fought the good fight, we finished the race and we have kept the faith”


Arlene Foster spoke for the first time in the chamber as First Minister; Mr Speaker, it was with great humility, an enormous sense of responsibility and the imagination of endless potential for Northern Ireland that I affirmed the pledge of office and take up this post today. I can think of no greater honour than more…

Robinson: ‘ I hereby resign the office of First Minister with confidence that the political institutions we have together created will be here for generations to come’

04 Peter Robinson

Remarks by outgoing First Minister, Peter Robinson; I am grateful for the opportunity to make this statement. It is typical of the fairness and courtesy you have demonstrated during your time in office that you provided me with this opportunity and made all the necessary arrangements. I can assure you that I do not intend more…

Foster: “The rebellion which took place 100 years ago this Easter was directly to attack the state to which I owe my allegiance”


Arlene Foster has ruled out any attendance at events commemorating the 100th anniversary of the Easter Rising. Speaking to the Impartial Reporter she said; The rebellion which took place 100 years ago this Easter was directly to attack the state to which I owe my allegiance. I don’t think I would be invited, but even more…

US President Bill Clinton: “We’ve all taken our licks for Gerry”.

The BBC’s freedom of information specialist, Martin Rosenbaum, has been reading through transcripts of calls and meetings between US President Bill Clinton and UK Prime Minister Tony Blair, between 1997 and 2000, which were released following a BBC freedom of information request to the Clinton Presidential Library. As he notes, [The transcripts] contain substantial redactions, especially of Mr more…

Why Some Councils Need to Relax over 2016 Commemorations

AT EASE WITH OURSELVES: Over the past number of weeks, I have been thinking a bit about 2016. How do we in a divided society remember and commemorate the centenaries of two hugely important events in our history, namely the Easter Rising and The Somme? There are some who want to pursue a course of more…

Almost 30% of MLAs not seeking re-election

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A really interesting article by Sam McBride in the News Letter today highlight the number of MLAs standing down at the next election. In his piece McBride points out; Almost 30 per cent of MLAs elected in the last Assembly election are not even standing for election next year – and the turnover in Assembly more…

Kyle Paisley wouldn’t know who to vote for in Northern Ireland

Interesting spot from the Nolan Show today who picked up an interview that the former DUP leader’s son, Kyle Paisley saying he wouldn’t know who to vote for if he lived in Northern Ireland. It should be said that did praise Arlene Foster as somebody with ability, but still the segment with Jon Tonge is more…

The Mechanics of the DUP Leadership

Peter Robinson starting his last conference speech as leader dup15

INSIDE THE TENT: The cloak and dagger nature of the DUP’s latest episode of leadership change provides us an excuse to revisit Hugo Young’s wonderful description of how, prior to 1965, the British Conservative Party handled the tricky process of succession. Tory leaders were, Young observed, ‘removed and replaced by the informal alchemy of a more…

DUP Leadership Contest: Arlene’s Ascendancy

QUB Brexit Charlie Flanagan and Arlene Foster at table

ARLENE’S ASCENDANCY: As we approach the end of the Robinson era, the runner (s) and riders are now coming to the fore. But before we talk about the candidate, just who can vote in the DUP leadership contest?