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Some thoughts on my first trip to Croker.


“Fancy coming to Croke Park with me this Sunday?” This was the question my Dad posed to me last week. After looking around to see if he was talking to someone else it dawned on me that he was actually asking me. Me! The youngest of his children who has shown no interest in sports, more…

Dublin 1982: What a difference thirty odd years makes?

Screen Shot 2013-04-01 at 12.00.56

This is the Dublin I remember in 1982. The lighting gives it a slightly dour feeling, and you need to stop it every now and then to get the detail. The old cars, VW Beetles were once ubiquitous on southern roads in a way they never were north the border. GM cars were sold in more…

Giro d’Italia 2014 announcement expected tomorrow


It looks increasingly likely that confirmation of the rumoured plans to start the 2014 Giro d’Italia in Belfast, before heading to Dublin, will be made tomorrow.  As Cycling Weekly reports The Giro d’Italia organiser RCS Sport has a lot on its plate this week, announcing the 2014 start from Belfast tomorrow and dealing with 19 WorldTour teams. The more…

Belfast start for 2014 Giro d’Italia? – “Discussions are ongoing”


It could be some time before we get an answer to that question – official confirmation that cycling’s 2013 Giro would start in Naples only came in June last year.  But there’s been a flurry of activity following a L’Equipe report last night that sources were confirming that Belfast would host the start of the 2014 Giro d’Italia. As more…

POTD – National Museum of Ireland

Dickie Bird 5685

Collins Barracks. There’s a great exhibition ‘Soldiers and Chiefs‘ on at the moment which is interesting and full of information. It includes this skeleton of a horse Dickie Bird, that survived the Charge of the Light brigade ending up as the Regimental mascot of the 5th Dragoon Guards. From the plaque found at Clancy barracks more…

Has this guy crossed Dublin without passing a pub?


Courtesy of Alex, this guy thinks he’s cracked joyce’s ancient puzzle, with computer aided technology… He’s looking for people to falsify it, so get weaving!! Update: The Guardian seems to think Rory has proved his point…

POTD -Directions


By chance I had a long standing appointment in Dublin yesterday so experienced at first hand the chaos on the streets of Dublin with the visit of O’Bama. Roads closed and diversions in place meant that a 20 minute walk took me 40 minutes. As O’Bama arrived in the early afternoon, I happened to be more…

éirígí announce further protests in response to UDA’s invitation to Dublin ceremony


Eamonn Mallie blogged earlier today revealing that UDA brigadiers and representatives have been invited down to Dublin next week. The UDA’s five brigadiers and 4/5 representatives of their respective districts have been extended invitations to a wreath laying ceremony by Queen Elizabeth at Islandbridge in honour of the war dead. President Mary McAleese’s husband Martin more…

Off with her head?


UPDATE – video of the ‘execution': It has variously been described as tasteless, juvenile, pathetic, street theatre and much more – tomorrow éirígí intend to chop Elizabeth Windsor’s head off in the centre of Dublin.

A quick round-up…


Londonderry courthouse is the target of a car-bomb consisting of 50kg of home-made explosives packed into a beer keg and described as a “substantial viable device”.  British Army technical officers carried out a number of controlled explosions on the device during Sunday night.  They’ve also carried out a controlled explosion on a small suspicious object more…