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#DigitalLunch returns to consider the merits and otherwise of abolishing Seanad Eireann

Thu 26 September 2013, 5:04pm

Tweet Live from 1pm… We are looking for your questions?? Tomorrow our DigitalLunch series returns after a long break from the Autumn. You can pick up the detail and live feed here from 1pm. In a Seanad Referendum special, we hope to have two people each from the Yes and No camps. To be honest […] more »

Launch Event: Youthbank International Network

Tue 30 April 2013, 9:39am

Tweet At 11am this morning you can watch our digitallunch event organised for and on behalf of Youthbank, a great organisation centred and driven by Vernon Ringland in Belfast (at the Community Foundation for Northern Ireland) and now operating in a wide range of countries overseas.. Those of you familiar with #DigitalLunch will know the […] more »

DigitalLunch: History, Storytelling or Propaganda?

Fri 8 March 2013, 2:51pm

Tweet Starting in five, we have a late lunch (to enable those in the US to join us, if they’re so inclined), we take another look at the past through the prism of history. I’m jointed by by Hiram Morgan of UCC From the Tudors who stand accused of being the first great propagandists of […] more »

#DigitalLunch: Why do Politicians Lie?

Fri 1 March 2013, 12:41pm

Tweet Starting 1pm join us for #DigitalLunch on why Politicians lie… Plenty of links and stories at the event page on Google Plus, here. If you want to make a point in person, you can jump in but you will need to register with Google Plus first (easier than it sounds). See you soon… more »

#DigitalLunch: Why do politicians lie?

Wed 27 February 2013, 3:30pm
Why do politicians lie?

Tweet So, partly because of the huge success of Grillo in Italy on an anti politics ticket, and partly because its well passed the time when we ought to be asking such questions again this week’s #DigitalLunch will rather pointedly ask: Why do politicians lie? A couple of answers to that question so far: @mickfealty […] more »

#Belfast2020: How can Belfast meet the new demands of the future? (LIVE from 1PM)

Fri 15 February 2013, 10:46am

Tweet It is odd how life goes on even though there’s turmoil in the streets, and the most senior politicians ‘big vision’ does not stretch to agreement on putting a job advert in the paper.. Ho hum… It’s in this context however we want to talk about the future of Belfast today at what will […] more »

#DigitalLunch: Imaging creative solutions for Belfast’s future needs?

Thu 24 January 2013, 10:27am

Tweet However smart we get, it is impossible to absolutely tell what the future will bring. And no, I’m NOT talking about a border poll, but the future of Belfast in just seven years time. But we can be sure of several things. One of them is that Stormont cannot turn the tide of austerity […] more »

#Belfast2020: How can Belfast meet the new demands of the future?

Wed 23 January 2013, 1:56pm

Tweet Now, this is an online ‘event’ that was originally scheduled to take place in December. In fact when I look back at the first one we did on the subject of #Belfast2020, it looks somewhat quaint given what was to follow under the flags dispute. We already have some concrete themes for tomorrow’s debate. […] more »

#DigitalLunch: Have the last ten days left Northern Ireland shaken or stirred?

Fri 14 December 2012, 9:01am

Tweet Today’s #DigitalLunch will look at the events of the last fortnight and ask what if anything has changed? - The British PM apologises to Pat Finucane’s family in Parliament, and then politely tells them that’s it. You’re not getting any more. That is unless Ed Milliband makes good on a promise to do something […] more »

#DigitalLunch: Song For Lily Mae, Generation Z and why we don’t have to go to war any more…

Fri 7 December 2012, 12:41pm

Tweet If you want to join us in whatever is we get to talk about, so long as you have gmail, Google Plus or even a YouTube account (and have downloaded this app), you can jump in here… We’re live from 1pm, or whenever after that we have quorum.. No agenda this week, you get […] more »

#Belfast2020: Welcome to today’s #DigitalLunch…

Fri 23 November 2012, 11:14am

Tweet I had a phone call earlier asking me what a digilunch was… Before I could answer the reply was, a colleague asked me and I told her it sounded like a bunch of people sitting at their computers banging on and eating sandwiches… To which my response was, yep that’s pretty much it!! Going […] more »

#Belfast2020: What horses should Belfast hitch its future to?

Thu 22 November 2012, 2:50pm

Tweet Katheryn Torney’s excellent interviews in the Irish Times today asks some searching questions about the past. Daniel Jewesbury’s remarks are particularly revealing where he notes that over the last ten years “we have spent a lot of time hitching ourselves to the wrong horses.” In part, I suspect this is an inevitable downside to […] more »

Next #DigitalLunch: Sustaining social innovation?

Tue 6 November 2012, 5:07pm
BCT logo rgb

Tweet So, we’re rolling the next SocialInnovation #DigitalLunch for the Building Change Trust through to Thursday. It follows three other lively and insightful panels: - 1, was an initial discussion of what innovating for social change might look like? - 2, was a great conversational case study of a whole range of projects some originating […] more »

#DigitalLunch: Barriers to Social Innovation…

Tue 30 October 2012, 11:51am

Tweet Today’s #DigitalLunch asks what are the barriers to innovation? Not just in Northern Ireland, but generically. We go live at 1pm, with a rolling panel to discuss not just what the barriers but also how they may be got around. As ever, we’re looking for your questions for the panel to chew over. We […] more »

#DigitalLunch: A Leap into Space(s)…

Fri 19 October 2012, 1:00pm

Tweet Today’s #DigitalLunch was one of the best so far… We started off with Baumgartner’s jump off from a great height into science, society, newspapers and their increased vulnerability to some good old fashioned marketing of some , the age of the engineer and science geek… And end up at the inevitable leap of political […] more »

Ever had a #DigitalLunch: Why not take a leap into a new space?

Mon 15 October 2012, 11:44am

Tweet This week’s #DigitalLunch ‘jumps off’ from where on Herr Baumgartner’s sensational (in more ‘senses’ than one) leap into space lands… If you want to come along or just watch from your desktop (we don’t quite expect the 8 million Felix got, a few dozen would do us at this stage), you’ll be very welcome. […] more »

#DigitalLunch today: Crashing systems…

Fri 28 September 2012, 10:25am

Tweet We’ll have the live feed here up and running just before 1pm… to get an idea of what we mean by crashing systems, have a look at the event page over on Google Plus… All across the world, systems are crashing. In banking we’ve seen debt slicing and long haul internal systems like that […] more »

Was 9/11 Television’s last great exclusive on a truly global event?

Mon 17 September 2012, 11:01am

Tweet Last Friday’s #DigitalLunch was ostensibly about 9/11, and the effects it has had on society, or at least how society has changed in the meantime. Whether those changes were consequential or not is a moot point. Certainly in the realm of human communication technology and culture have never been more closely entwined. Blogs in […] more »

#DigitalLunch: How has 9/11 changed your world?

Fri 14 September 2012, 10:32am

Tweet That is the title of today’s digital lunch… we’ve a great panel lined up for today at 1pm, including Gabrielle Laine-Peters, Karin Wahl-Jorgensen, James Moffat and others… I’ll put the live feed up here closer to broadcast time. You can see Monday’s thread here… In the meantime what we’d really like is your questions… […] more »

#DigitalLunch 7: The Future of Education?

Thu 30 August 2012, 1:17pm

Tweet Okay, so seven weeks since our first experimental steps on Google Plus (you can find all previous #DigitalLunch programmes here) and we’ve had an interesting journey through the summer… Tomorrow, it’s all about the challenges and opportunities of education in a digital age.. By that, I mean how is the net affecting the way […] more »

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