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Declan Gormley

DRD settles for #NIWater with an apology to Declan Gormley…

Thu 21 February 2013, 6:19pm

Tweet So, we are nearing the end of the story of one of the sacked directors of Northern Ireland Water, Declan Gormley. The implications of this are pretty unequivocal. But before further detailed comment over to the Minister, who stated this afternoon that… …in March 2010 some of the non-executive directors of Northern Ireland Water […] more »

Is Sinn Fein really planning to appeal its libel case or just stalling on the pay out?

Tue 18 December 2012, 11:51am

Tweet One of the privileges of having access to lots of money is that you can safely set aside all legal good sense and go for broke. The problem with the idea that the party might appeal a jury verdict from a jury they insisted on having against the judge’s better counsel is that it […] more »

Why did Sinn Fein feel compelled to invent ‘malicious’ untruths about Declan Gormley?

Mon 17 December 2012, 11:43am

Tweet This morning in the High Court, both Sinn Fein’s and Declan Gormley’s counsels will be making their cases on the figure in damages to be reached by the jury in Sinn Fein malicious libel trial. We should have a figure to run with by lunchtime. As Tom Kelly – rather prophetically – warned back […] more »

Sinn Fein defamation of Declan Gormley, and what comes next

Fri 14 December 2012, 5:38pm

Tweet So the news from the Belfast High Court is that a jury has found Sinn Fein guilty of defaming of Declan Gormley, one of four non executive directors of Northern Ireland Water sacked by Sinn Fein’s former DRD minster and Westminster MP, Conor Murphy. The trial took an extraordinary 10 days in court. Ten […] more »

Gormley wins libel case against Sinn Fein

Fri 14 December 2012, 5:31pm

Tweet The BBC reports the jury verdict in Declan Gormley’s, a former non-executive director of NI Water, libel case against Sinn Féin, the party’s Newry and Armagh MLA Cathal Boylan, and former assembly member Willie Clarke.  From the BBC report Declan Gormley sued the party over the contents of two press releases it issued in 2011 in support […] more »

UTV DVD “will not satisfy the request for particulars”…

Fri 23 November 2012, 4:27pm

Tweet Sam McBride has had some interesting reports to file on the Declan Gormley hearing. This from yesterday’s proceedings is more bizarre than the last one. What’s at play here is that Gormley’s lawyers are trying to get Sinn Fein’s lawyer’s to specify what evidence they have that Gormley ‘attacked’ their two MLAs… Well worth […] more »

Sinn Féin MLAs to claim ‘qualified privilege’ for press statements in NI Water libel case?

Fri 16 November 2012, 4:53pm

Tweet The BBC reports from Belfast High Court as, former non-executive director in NI Water, Declan Gormley’s libel proceedings against Sinn Féin, the party’s Newry and Armagh MLA Cathal Boylan, and former assembly member Willie Clarke, heads to its court date – 26 November.  Apparently, no political party members nor NI Water employees, members and staff […] more »

Declan Gormley launches multiple legal actions…

Thu 21 April 2011, 9:08am

Tweet JUst when you thought it had gone away… Northern Ireland Water comes back. Declan Gormley, having waited for due process to recognise the shoddy manner in which he was dealt. He’s now speaking on Nolan. For clarity, here’s the presser: Former non-executive Director Declan Gormley is threatening new legal action against Minister Murphy and […] more »

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