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Donate to charity and the UK government will match your donation…

UK Aid are running a great scheme whereby they will match your donation to select charities. Eg you give £10 the government gives £10 and the charity gets £20. If you are feeling generous this lent here is the list of eligible charities. CAFOD – donations doubled until 17 May 2015 Lent 2015 The Lent campaign focuses on more…


I Finally Used A Food Bank


Some of you may remember that I wrote in support of food banks in December, related to my homeless teenage years. I never used a food bank back then because I didn’t know about them, I wish I did…life might have been easier to cope with. The public response to my account was far beyond more…


Big Politics Pub Quiz: one day to go!


There’s just a day to go before the Great Big Politics Pub Quiz, so we hope you’re busy swotting up from Schott’s Almanac of Political Trivia, BBC Democracy Live, Hansard, 1996 Forum Election manifestoes and your box-sets of The Thick of It / The West Wing (delete as applicable). Some of our legislators will be among us, more…


Great BIG Politics Quiz: tickets now on sale!


Former (edit: see comment #1) Belfast City Councillor Niall Kelly reckons the SDLP South Belfast team are out to retain their Great Big Politics Quiz champions title: I know that ballot box brainiacs from other parties, campaign groups, public affairs companies and the media will be out to prove him wrong. Indeed, there might even be more…


The Failings of Global Aid- is it Time to Make Charity History?

Historic charity

Walking by a lake you see a child drowning. There is no one else around- what should you do? The clear moral answer is to jump in and pull the child out without sparing a thought for potential inconvenience. It has long been argued that the same moral reasoning applies to world poverty- we must more…


Charity distances itself from commemoration of IRA terrorist

The News Letter is reporting controversy surrounding an event to remember an IRA terrorist who accidentally blew himself up when the mortars he was taking to Pomeroy RUC station for an attack on it exploded prematurely. The event (a tug of war tournament) in Seamus Woods’ honour is to be held at Pomeroy Plunketts GAC. more…


Haiti: Crime, corruption and giving

Haven charity pic

Second guest post from Ciaran McKeown, recently returned from a week as a Haven Partnership volunteer building houses in Haiti. Here he reflects on the history of Haiti and its present dire situation – not just facing endemic poverty and the after-effects of earthquake, but widespread corruption and crime too. Haiti is a basket-case, economically and more…


From Haiti with thanks

Newly-built community facility

Back in October, much of the Slugger O’Toole ‘community’ – Mick Fealty and Paul Evans, bloggers Alan in Belfast and Mark McGregor, politicians of all hues, public affairs company Stratagem, and of course readers / commenters – came together to support the Great Big Politics Pub Quiz, raising money for a house-building project in earthquake-stricken more…