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Census 2011

We need fresher thinking than this

Thu 3 January 2013, 11:17pm

Tweet Two New Year articles worth noting which struggle with the abiding theme. Given prime billing in the Irish Times, Robin Wilson laments the anti-democratic and physical force elements in both of our traditions as we move further into the decade of commemoration. His historical sweep of a century reinforces his determinist case against the […] more »

The ‘Ambivalenters’: Who exactly are the Northern Irish people now?

Tue 11 December 2012, 9:52pm

Tweet Two main things to say after a great day of observations from Slugger readers and looking through some of the detail in the #Census2011. One is that the idea that Northern Ireland is a Protestant state, that can be held exclusively for a Protestant people now rests (in peace let’s hope) in the trash […] more »

#Census2011: The first bare bones of NI’s changing story…

Thu 20 September 2012, 11:21am

Tweet Ten years ago nothing was more eagerly awaited [than the collapse of Stormont? - Ed] than the announcement of the Census figures. Hyper optimism on the nationalist side suggested that the Protestant population might dip below 50% for the first time. The Census body saw that one coming and finessed the figures so that […] more »

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