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Boston College tapes

Belfast Project (Boston College tapes): “an invitation to people to engage in deep moral reflection on the consequences of war and political violence”

Mon 4 February 2013, 8:30am

Tweet The topic of the Belfast Project – an oral history of republican and loyalist paramilitaries that is archived in the Burns Library at Boston College – is one that Slugger O’Toole posters have been tracking for some time. Taking a step back from the latest developments to look at the project as a whole, […] more »

“It was always the grunts… who got forensic evidence placed against them in court”

Mon 16 July 2012, 2:04pm

Tweet Interesting quote from AP’s veteran in the field, Shawn Pogatchnik, about how Gerry Adams handles accusations that he was directly involved in any action the IRA’s: He shrugs it off. He has a wonderful Teflon quality about all these things. And the fact is, that when you have been a senior figure in the […] more »

Are we seeing Increasing frustration from old securocrats or mounting pressure against the former IRA leadership?

Tue 14 February 2012, 11:17am

Tweet Eamonn McCann gives an absorbing analysis in Counterpunch, co- edited by Alexander Cockburn the Independent’s highly critical reporter of “the war on terror,” of the linkages between the Omagh bomb and the Boston College tapes. A key figure is former Chief Superintendent Norman Baxter, who is now one of a number of former RUC […] more »

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