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#Belfast2020: How can Belfast meet the new demands of the future? (LIVE from 1PM)

Fri 15 February 2013, 10:46am

Tweet It is odd how life goes on even though there’s turmoil in the streets, and the most senior politicians ‘big vision’ does not stretch to agreement on putting a job advert in the paper.. Ho hum… It’s in this context however we want to talk about the future of Belfast today at what will […] more »

#Belfast2020: Future will have to be more integrated than its troubled past…

Mon 4 February 2013, 11:16am

Tweet On Nuzhound this morning there are two stories one above the other, which demonstrate the problem of trying to manage Northern Ireland’s (and Belfast in particular) problems from the sidelines. John Simpson makes the blindingly obvious statement that integration is the key to Belfast’s woes. In many older parts of Belfast the population is […] more »

#Belfast2020: How can Belfast meet the new demands of the future?

Wed 23 January 2013, 1:56pm

Tweet Now, this is an online ‘event’ that was originally scheduled to take place in December. In fact when I look back at the first one we did on the subject of #Belfast2020, it looks somewhat quaint given what was to follow under the flags dispute. We already have some concrete themes for tomorrow’s debate. […] more »

#Belfast2020: Welcome to today’s #DigitalLunch…

Fri 23 November 2012, 11:14am

Tweet I had a phone call earlier asking me what a digilunch was… Before I could answer the reply was, a colleague asked me and I told her it sounded like a bunch of people sitting at their computers banging on and eating sandwiches… To which my response was, yep that’s pretty much it!! Going […] more »

#Belfast2020: What horses should Belfast hitch its future to?

Thu 22 November 2012, 2:50pm

Tweet Katheryn Torney’s excellent interviews in the Irish Times today asks some searching questions about the past. Daniel Jewesbury’s remarks are particularly revealing where he notes that over the last ten years “we have spent a lot of time hitching ourselves to the wrong horses.” In part, I suspect this is an inevitable downside to […] more »

What do you want from Belfast in 2020?

Wed 21 November 2012, 10:47am

Tweet On Friday we’re holding the first of two #DigitalLunch sessions in partnership with the social enterprise, Artemis, in advance of an event they are holding in Stormont next week, which in part will show case some of the work they’ve been doing in Belfast schools. The purpose of Friday’s #DigitalLunch is not to have […] more »

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