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Cara Park: “Continue the fight for equality in the face of casual misogyny, physical misogyny and, most importantly, resist and revolt against misogyny by the state.” #AMU (video added)

Mon 10 March 2014, 8:25pm
BelTel Editorial Cara Park Alternative Ms Ulster

Tweet Strong words in Parliament Buildings. But not from the Assembly chamber or a committee room. I stand before you today as a woman unfree, in spite of the location of my birth here in the European Union, a colony of the British empire, the island of Ireland, Eire. This is because I do not […] more »

“I want a society where we will have politics & not a sectarian pantomime” (Alf McCreary in 1976)

Mon 23 December 2013, 8:30am
Alf McCreary Behind the Headlines

Tweet In his autobiography Behind the Headlines, Alf McCreary recalls his editor’s leading article in the Belfast Telegraph on 5 November 1968 in which Jack Sayers wrote: The threat to Northern Ireland’s future is not … the IRA or even Nationalism. It comes from Protestant Ulstermen who will not allow themselves to be liberated from […] more »

Greater Belfast’s best read newspaper to fold: Community Telegraph to publish final editions next week

Sat 14 December 2013, 9:00am
community telegraph no more

Tweet Social, local, mobile was Johnston Press’s plan for survival when CEO Ashley Highfield sought to stabilise the newspaper group’s finances and future in April 2012. It’s not a unique pitch. Most newsprint owners are investing heavily in phone-browser friendly websites, fondle-friendly apps, interactivity and geographically relevant content (both created and collated). Once a cash […] more »

Voting intentions survey – 44.1% wouldn’t vote (3:2 women:men) + the party split of those who would vote

Tue 17 September 2013, 12:29pm
2006 Belfast Telegraph masthead saying Today's News Today

Tweet LucidTalk’s latest survey is providing headlines for the Belfast Telegraph all week. Their voting intentions survey published in today’s paper shows the uphill struggle [Ed - or opportunity?] parties would have to motivate the electorate to positively engage in an election. [Excluding people who would not vote] Overall the figures for the five Executive […] more »

Stormont facing a crisis of confidence.

Mon 16 September 2013, 10:22am

Tweet Today’s Lucid Talk poll in the Belfast Telegraph should be a wake up call for all politicians in Northern Ireland to up their game. When asked the question, compared to direct rule from Westminster, how would you rate the performance of the NI assembly? Just 9.4% said it was either excellent or good and […] more »

Peter Robinson tells Belfast Telegraph he’ll outlast “those windbag commentators” who predict his demise (updated with UTV’s interview)

Mon 9 September 2013, 10:00am
Beltel front page 9 sep 2013

Tweet Peter Robinson’s postcard from his holiday to the Belfast Telegraph is carried on page 29 of this morning’s paper. Breaking his silence since issuing the eleven page U-turn clarification letter on 15 August, the First Minister’s latest intervention signals that the summer is over and the parties are at last back to school. (You […] more »

Belfast Telegraph: Strabane Fermanagh

Fri 2 August 2013, 12:05pm
Strabane Fermanagh Bel Tel

Tweet Belfast Telegraph headline: Strabane gets shirty over patriotic top American company thinks Fermanagh town’s in Scotland The Belfast Telegraph has an article poking fun at an American company producing a t shirt with a Union Flag and the name Strabane on it. The company told the Belfast Telegraph it was Strabane Scotland which according […] more »

Increasing numbers of passengers let the train take the strain … apart from a 10 year decline on the Enterprise

Tue 14 May 2013, 8:15am
NIR Enterprise logo

Tweet Monday morning’s Belfast Telegraph splashed with the front page story that passengers numbers have fallen by 22% on the Belfast-Dublin Enterprise train over the last decade. The ‘exclusive’ – based on figures in DRD’s Future Railways Investment consultation document [pdf] that was published in January – was picked up by Talkback at lunchtime as […] more »

Interview with Noel Doran as Irish News widens circulation gap with Belfast Telegraph

Thu 21 February 2013, 4:10pm

Tweet Every six months, the Audited Bureau of Circulations publishes figures for newspaper sales. The July-December 2012 were released at lunchtime. A newspaper might sum up the results in simple terms: it’s a good day for the Irish News, an okay day for the News Letter and bad day for the Belfast Telegraph. Other surveys […] more »

Nesbitt: “change happens and if you don’t roll with it then you’ll be left behind”

Mon 18 February 2013, 3:28pm

Tweet Interviewed in this morning’s Belfast Telegraph, Lynda Bryans was asked about the best advice she had received. It wasn’t about shrinking and growing. That’s an easy one. It was something Mike said to me years ago. I had to choose between a staff contract and a risky one-year contract that might not be renewed. […] more »

Why doesn’t Leveson pass Cameron’s “bonkers” test? And would Ofcom really be a “flawed” backstop?

Sat 1 December 2012, 8:30am

Tweet [David Cameron to Andrew Marr] “We must wait for what Lord Leveson says … I don’t want to pre-judge it. We don’t want heavy-handed state intervention. We’ve got to have a free press.” Backing up with legislation the self regulation of an industry that has consistently failed to be harsh to itself hardly qualifies […] more »

BelTel Poll: UUP disappearing in the east of Northern Ireland?

Fri 30 November 2012, 11:38am

Tweet So, here’s today’s poll in the BelTel: DUP 30% SF 26.4 SDLP 13.5 Alliance 11.6 UUP 11.4 Alliance, without doing very much for it, are pounding the UUP east of Bann. As one leading commentator told Slugger this morning, this would cost the UUP key seats in Belfast and North Down. In fact, what’s […] more »

Orange Order: No one will have veto over our Ulster Covenant parade

Fri 21 September 2012, 11:30am

Tweet “No one will have a veto over our Ulster Covenant parade”, says Mervyn Gibson, county grand chaplain of the Orange Order in Belfast (as reported in the Tele): Mr Gibson said that the organisation had consulted with clergy and parishioners from St Patrick’s but that it did not feel compelled to consult with residents […] more »

Irish News now sells more full price copies than Belfast Telegraph

Fri 24 August 2012, 8:25am
local paper mastheads Belfast Telegraph Irish News News Letter

Tweet The latest set of audited circulation figures for Irish newspapers were published yesterday by the Audit Bureau of Circulations. While the ABCs show some minor growth in portions of the local industry, they still highlight an overall year on year decline. The most startling finding is that the Irish News has overtaken the Belfast […] more »

Local papers and journalists getting UK-wide recognition at Regional Press Awards

Sun 27 May 2012, 10:06pm
John McGurk (Sunday Life) - winner of Daily/Sunday Reporter of the Year 2011

Tweet Running alongside the build-up to and finals of the Eurovision Song Contest, it’s the season of newspaper awards. With fifteen nominations shortlisted across eleven categories in the Society of Editors’ Regional Press Awards, how did NI papers do at Friday’s award lunch when examined against the best of their regional counterparts right across the […] more »

Imitation is the greatest form of flattery? Is the Belfast Telegraph standing on the shoulders of the News Letter?

Tue 1 May 2012, 1:40pm
news letter belfast telegraph articles comparison

Tweet Two articles in local newspapers this week show a remarkable similarity. On Monday, the News Letter published a story (also in Coleraine Times) following up Ian Paisley Jnr’s statement in Westminster Hall last week about the future of A&E at the Causeway Hospital. A tip off pointed to Tuesday’s Belfast Telegraph website which also […] more »

Local papers well represented in the Society of Editors’ Regional Press Awards shortlists

Sun 29 April 2012, 9:15am

Tweet Some local newspapers and journalists appear in the shortlists for the Society of Editors’ Regional Press Awards that celebrate the best of UK regional newspaper journalism in 2011. Good to see the local weekly The Ulster Herald making the list alongside Belfast Telegraph, Irish News and Sunday Life success. Given the entrance fee, some […] more »

Why the sixth (fifth, fourth, third and second) edition(s) of the Belfast Telegraph had to go…

Sun 22 April 2012, 9:13am

Tweet I want to come back to the issue of newspapers and the problem of staffing good product in a highly contested digital age, particular in the wake of the recent discussion on Hearts and Minds. But in the meantime, I think it’s appropriate to quote one of Squinter’s best column’s of recent times, which […] more »

Belfast Telegraph says “nothing is going to change”

Wed 18 April 2012, 11:30pm
2006 Belfast Telegraph masthead saying Today's News Today

Tweet The online Belfast Telegraph today featured an open letter from the paper’s editor Mike Gilson in which he cryptically defends the Belfast Telegraph’s reach and cryptically explains the decision to switch to being a morning paper only. See if you can spot the sentence where he clearly explains the change? Facts that show the […] more »

Belfast Telegraph to drop evening edition, while News Letter may (not) go weekly?

Mon 16 April 2012, 9:53pm
BobRoyMiller BelTel tweet

Tweet Six weeks ago I posted about the continued decline in the circulation of local newspapers. Amongst the stable of Belfast dailies, the ABC figures for July-December 2011 showed that the Belfast Telegraph had lost 8.1% (4,270 copies) compared to the same period in 2010, and 9.4% (5,548 copies) when compared to the first six […] more »

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