Pilot offers a ‘smoke in the cabin” scenario for #MH370 on G+….

Okay, here’s a quick slightly off beat post for us. It comes from the Google Plus page of Chris Goodfellow, who apparently (I’ve not had time to verify) is a professional pilot based in Florida.  I picked it up late last night from a retweet from Lorcan Roche Kelly who in turn had retweeted Jon Ronson. In it Goodfellow lays out a very scenario for the disappearance of flight MH370  from Kuala to Bejing that seems to answer most if not … Read more

Tony Bailie’s ‘A Verse to Murder’: Book Review

Maurice Burns’ cover merits study–it’s well chosen and ties into this mystery within, as elaborated by an informant. The title, a play off of the ‘murder of crows’, echoes in the name of Barry Crowe, a Belfast journalist (or is it ‘sleazy tabloid hack’?) pursuing the backstory behind the sudden demise, apparently by auto-asphyxiation, of Northern Ireland’s leading poet. The compromising circumstances unfold neatly in this e-book novella. Bailie, whose Lagan Press novels The Lost Chord and Ecopunks delved into … Read more

Blessed are the newsbreakers; but which ones can you trust in the age of Twitter?

There’s a number of great pieces online about where new authority is emerging to challenge the older models, particularly in the wake of the US election and superstorm Sandy. Forbes had this to say in response to a mainstream anchor thanking people for ‘helping out’: News flash for my local news anchors: the “amateurs” aren’t “helping out” the “professionals.” They are mostly ignoring them. They are mostly sending their pictures to their friends, not to you. And we’ve seen the … Read more

I’ve never been there but I can write the copy boss

In recent years many media outlets have been pulling experienced reporters out of the north of Ireland and closing offices. While Dewi has highlighted today’s focus in the Independent on issues here, he missed a major factor that should colour any opinion on the value of much of the coverage now provided by English based media and their reportage/editorial – it had awful bullshit posing a journalism. Hence a ‘Real’- UFF attack on a Catholic school was given the headline: … Read more