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How the Dutch have seen us

Thu 4 October 2012, 7:43pm

Tweet There are some great images of local interest in this Netherlands photographic archive. They give a fascinating glimpse of how the Dutch have seen us down through the years. From the home of William III, we can see a September 1690 pamphlet account of his military campaign in Ireland, including the siege of Derry and […] more »

Boston College: A glimpse of the archive…

Tue 24 January 2012, 4:55pm

Tweet Let’s keep the dialogue ‘hinged’ this time.  With Ed Moloney and Anthony McIntyre aiming to try to head the US Government off at the pass, the legal battle over each ruling along the way continues in the PSNI/HET’s attempt to access some of the material in the Boston College Belfast Project archive. In the […] more »

Boston College: “an example of just how unhinged the dialogue has become in some quarters.”

Thu 19 January 2012, 1:40pm

Tweet I had mentioned in the comments on a recent post that there was little threat of the pre-emptive destruction of the Boston College archive material which is being sought by the Historical Enquiries Team.  As Thomas E Hachey and Dr Robert K O’Neill of Boston College point out in the Irish Times There have been […] more »

Boston College to hand over Dolours Price interviews

Fri 30 December 2011, 2:15pm

Tweet According to Kevin Cullen, reporting for the Irish Times, US district court judge William Young is continuing his in camera review of the Boston College archive material.  And he has already ordered the college to hand over the recorded interviews of former Provisional IRA member Dolours Price.  From the Irish Times report College officials […] more »

“Boston College declined Judge Young’s offer to seek a stay and appeal his decision”

Tue 20 December 2011, 12:10pm

Tweet In the Irish Times, Kevin Cullen adds a significant detail to the Boston College archive ruling.  From the Irish Times report Boston College declined Judge Young’s offer to seek a stay and appeal his decision, saying it would turn the records over to him by tomorrow. more »

Boston College Ruling: “These are serious allegations, and they weigh strongly in favor of disclosing the confidential information.”

Sat 17 December 2011, 11:56am

Tweet Via Newshound.  The Boston Globe reports the long awaited US court ruling on the release of the Boston College archive material.  And it’s something of a half-way house.  For now.  From the Boston Globe report A federal judge rejected yesterday a motion by the trustees of Boston College to quash subpoenas that order them to […] more »

“You can see Newton’s mind at work…”

Mon 12 December 2011, 2:56pm

Tweet To add to the open access treasure trove at the Royal Society, Cambridge University Library is putting online some of its collection of books, maps, manuscripts and journals. We have called the first phase of our work on the Cambridge Digital Library the Foundations Project, which runs from mid-2010 to mid-2013 and has been made […] more »

Open access at Royal Society historical archive

Wed 26 October 2011, 7:14pm

Tweet From baby steps to giant leaps?  As the Guardian’s GrrlScientist notes, the Royal Society, established on Wednesday 28th November 1660, has blown the doors off their historical archive – papers published more than 70 years ago – all the way back to the first issue of Philosophical Transactions in 1665.  Not for the first time, but […] more »

“At the very least, there is negligence on the part of the researchers…”

Sat 14 May 2011, 12:39pm

Tweet Those involved in Boston College’s Northern Ireland archive continue to mutter about the motivations behind, and potential damage to future research from, the subpoena for their source material.  But as the Boston Globe report notes However, Stephen Pope, a theology professor at BC, said the guarantee of confidentiality to interview subjects is at best, […] more »

Here’s what a Retronaut is….

Tue 3 May 2011, 10:56am

Tweet I happened in on an Nexters event run by the Big Society Network in London last Wednesday. There were a lot of fascinating projects being presented there, some of which I hope to catch up with after Thursday’s elections (including our apres match session at the Big Election Breakfast) are over… But I managed […] more »

Friday thread: Remapping the past through archives…

Fri 29 October 2010, 3:28pm

Tweet The Belfast Telegraph has a nice little web story about a Belfast filmmaker George Clarke, who ‘thinks’ he discovered an instance of a timetraveller speaking into a mobile phone at the Hollywood Premier of Charlie Chaplin’s 1928 classic, The Circus. It was featured on Chris Wild’s excellent blog a few days ago (with some pretty […] more »

“Most people don’t realise how comprehensive this is.”

Fri 23 July 2010, 12:27pm

Tweet In the Belfast Telegraph Liam Clarke has a suggestion for dealing with the past.  It involves the extensive archive the Historical Enquiries Team has gathered together.  From the Belfast Telegraph article All available evidence on the 3,268 Troubles’ deaths has been assembled in a repository the size of the largest B&Q store near Lisburn. Besides […] more »

An archive of wondrous things

Sun 18 July 2010, 5:03pm

Tweet An interesting article in today’s Observer tells the story of a soon-to-be-complete online archive of wondrous things - the notes, photographs and diaries of archaeologist Howard Carter’s excavation of Tutankhamun’s tomb.  From the Observer article This is the Griffith Institute – arguably the best Egyptology library in the world. One of its most prized collections incorporates […] more »

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