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Secrets From Belfast: a definitive guide to the Troubles (troubled?) oral history project

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Beth McMurtrie has published an extensive and well-researched article for The Chronicle of Higher Education. It examines how the Belfast Project oral history project at Boston College was established and how it has fallen apart in recent years following the PSNI’s request for access to the archive (two months after the British government had “given more…

Belfast Project (Boston College tapes): “an invitation to people to engage in deep moral reflection on the consequences of war and political violence”

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The topic of the Belfast Project – an oral history of republican and loyalist paramilitaries that is archived in the Burns Library at Boston College – is one that Slugger O’Toole posters have been tracking for some time. Taking a step back from the latest developments to look at the project as a whole, and more…

Judge rules oral history tape release would not “materially increase the risk to his life or that of his family”

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This morning Mr Justice Treacy rejected Anthony McIntyre’s application for a judicial review in the latest attempt to prevent the PSNI from accessing republican interview transcripts from the Boston College oral history project. It is thought that the PSNI team investigating the 1972 murder of Jean McConville are behind the UK government request to get more…