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Alex Attwood

SDLP conference – a party ill at ease with itself over opposition & strategy #sdlp13

Sat 9 November 2013, 11:17pm
Mark H Durkan

Tweet Over half the motions at the SDLP policy-making annual conference were addressed on Friday afternoon and evening. Participation in debate was sporadic and the numbers of delegates in the hall were low compared to the number catching up in the hotel corridors and social areas. One observer recalled that not much more than 50 […] more »

UNESCO pitches golf ball into Runkerry bunker

Fri 24 May 2013, 3:15pm
Prime Minister David Cameron on Giants Causeway

Tweet It took a long time to work through the planning process, but in February 2012 the Bushmills Dunes Golf Resort and Spa finally received planning permission. A year later in February 2013, the National Trust lost its judicial review of the decision and have not appealed. Minister of the Environment Alex Attwood invited Unesco […] more »

Attwood announces a new Windsor Park…

Wed 20 February 2013, 12:11pm

Tweet At £25m, it’s one of the more modest projects, but no doubt none the less welcome for that.. Perhaps the weekend’s evidence of some rapprochement between rival supporters under unreasonable and external sectarian pressure, may herald a better future for NI soccer generally [no sniggering at the back!]. more »

“the looming legal row, which is due to commence on 9 January, could become a defining event for Northern Ireland…”

Sun 30 December 2012, 4:51pm

Tweet Well, perhaps.  At the very least it might provide the basis for some actual politics, for a while…  ANYhoo…  The Observer’s Jamie Doward with a reminder of the upcoming legal battle over planning permission for the Bushmills Dunnes development - a 18-hole golf course, clubhouse, golf academy, 120-room hotel and 75 golf lodges complex, plus associated […] more »

WHC requests UK Government “to halt the proposed development of a golf resort at the World Heritage property ‘Giant’s Causeway and Causeway Coast’”

Tue 26 June 2012, 8:22pm

Tweet The BBC reports that the World Heritage Committee (WHC) of Unesco has agreed to request “the state party of the United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland to halt the proposed development of a golf resort at the World Heritage property ‘Giant’s Causeway and Causeway Coast’ until its potential impact on the outstanding universal […] more »

“Northern Ireland is the only part of these islands that does not have National Parks”

Tue 19 June 2012, 9:52pm

Tweet The Northern Ireland Environment Minister, the SDLP’s Alex Attwood, may have a shortlist of potential National Parks - the Mournes, the Causeway Coast and Antrim Glens, and the Fermanagh Lakelands – but he doesn’t have the required legislation in place.  As the BBC report notes The minister said he hopes to designate two of the […] more »

Belfast’s built heritage: under threat, or hindering progress?

Tue 22 November 2011, 1:15am

Tweet The fate of the Swanston Linen Warehouse (aka the Athletic Stores) in Queen Street now very much hangs in the balance as Belfast City Council has signalled it’s approval of the decision to demolish the building and replace it with a mixed use developement of apartments and retail space. The Belfast Telegraph is reporting that […] more »

The SDLP leadership candidates, ranked on internet use and internal organisation

Thu 3 November 2011, 11:44am

Tweet The SDLP elects its fifth leader this coming weekend, with four male candidates in the running (the deputy leadership has been filled, without contest, by a woman). Since 1998, when the party topped the first preference tallies for the first Assembly election, the SDLP has lost votes and seats at almost every election cycle […] more »

Green Party conference: nuclear power, environmental governance, and a visit from Minister Attwood

Tue 25 October 2011, 9:00am

Tweet Update – post covering the content of the Green Party conference now published, including audio of the speeches and debates. Environmental governance and nuclear power … these nearly seem like clichéd themes for the Green Party NI to discuss at their annual conference next weekend. While the two leaders’ speeches will no doubt cover […] more »

Minister responsible for Council reform told by Castle time is over for debate…

Fri 7 October 2011, 9:46am

Tweet None of us should take for granted the benefits of having our politicians work together after years of bloody violence on Belfast streets. But here’s a good example of what happens when someone wants to get something done. If it is a Sinn Fein Education Minister who wants to abolish selection in schools, s/he […] more »

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