Comments policy

Comments Policy

Slugger is a political heterogeneous site. There is no presumed political consensus on any subject. We expect and indeed encourage disagreement on all subjects. We may even wade in to protect those who hold minority views from unreasonable majoritarian pressure to conform (see Bacon’s four idols).

We care about your contribution (even if we don’t agree with it), and we are keen to promote a smart community of comment. This is politics, so whilst things can and perhaps should become contentious we want to help curate an environment that also encourages new people from joining the conversation.

We have provide commenters with their own home page which allow them to built an individual archive of their own work.  You can add to this by saying something about yourself and your interests, and adding an icon to and generally making yourself at home.

Engagement is the key requirement. In order to keep the game flowing we have a unique, and automated system of red and yellow carding. Yellow is a warning and a Red is a two week ban. The dreaded Black Spot is a permanent ban.

We may also delete and/or moderate comments, though we we will usually leave a note to this effect.

So try and stick to these rules:

  1. Stay on the subject. Try not to go off topic in a comment thread. If you do, we may delete or ban. Spam will be deleted on sight. Spammers will be banned.
  2. Don’t make personal attacks on other commenters, Slugger’s bloggers or the subjects of posts on the site. By all means challenge the things people say or do, but don’t be personal and keep it civil.
  3. Play the ball and not the (wo)man. Connect with the subject in hand, and avoid making the person you disagree with the object of your argument.
  4. We only allow logged-in comment. We may even occassionally ‘pre-moderate’ comments though at the moment, it is our policy to avoid doing this.

If you break these rules, aside from our yellow / red card system….

  • we may remove your comments.
  • in extreme cases, we may contact your Internet Service Provider or pass on your details to the appropriate legal authorities

We reserve the right to change these policies without notice.