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  1. Comment on Sanctioned ‘Gay Cure’ Psychiatrist on Board of Organisation Behind ‘Leper’ Conference
    on 18 January 2012 at 3:55 pm


    Being a homosexual isn’t a sin, having homosexuals thoughts and sex however is.

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  2. Comment on Sanctioned ‘Gay Cure’ Psychiatrist on Board of Organisation Behind ‘Leper’ Conference
    on 18 January 2012 at 3:53 pm

    Hey science hasn’t proved that homosexual leanings are “natural” yet, so get off the oul high horse.

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  3. Comment on Sanctioned ‘Gay Cure’ Psychiatrist on Board of Organisation Behind ‘Leper’ Conference
    on 18 January 2012 at 3:35 pm

    Nonsense Rory, man in his natural pre-fall state is straight, man born of sin may indeed be born homosexual, after all we are all born into sin however that does not mean that we should act upon our sinful natures and desires.

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  4. Comment on Sanctioned ‘Gay Cure’ Psychiatrist on Board of Organisation Behind ‘Leper’ Conference
    on 18 January 2012 at 2:42 pm

    Basically the rumours are right and you couldn’t split the Church of Rome, so now you’ve moved onto trying to split the Church of Ireland, and if this spring conference doesn’t work out as you hope you’ll probably be off to the Presbyterians in hopes of trying to split them.

    Of course the funny thing is that it’s not just evangelical prods who don’t see eye to eye with the homosexual agenda; instead Rome, Presbyterianism, Methodism, Free Presbyterianism and almost every other brand of Christianity in this country have the same beliefs concerning homosexual sex and its sinfulness. Yet while one of those mysteriously escapes protest, and let’s just say it’s the only which isn’t protestant, all the others are subjected to harassment if they preach the Word of God concerning homosexuals, or if they offer free help to those who want it.

    Look at it like this: If a man came and said he wanted to be a woman, you would be support them to the hilt! Heck you’d probably buy them a dress and help them book the appointment at the sex-change clinic. Why? Well it’s because you support their choice and as gaga would say baby they where born that way!

    However if a homosexual man comes in and says he wants to be straight, Gerry protests them, demands that they remain as they are and threatens that if they seek help anywhere else he will protest it! Why? What happened to the choice of the individual?

    For all the talk of homosexuals and their “hard won freedoms” the reality is that this whole thing is being used as nothing more than a big stick to beat unionists and Christians over the head with. It’s not about gays as much as it is about getting a dig in at protestants, its not about rights as much as it is about getting digs in against unionists.

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  5. Comment on Sanctioned ‘Gay Cure’ Psychiatrist on Board of Organisation Behind ‘Leper’ Conference
    on 18 January 2012 at 1:43 am

    Well if you know what the Church of Ireland taught… and disagree it so much why on earth do you belong to it???

    Or do you just go out of your way to be offended?

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  6. Comment on Sanctioned ‘Gay Cure’ Psychiatrist on Board of Organisation Behind ‘Leper’ Conference
    on 18 January 2012 at 12:24 am

    Gerry’s right if only we could get rid of the majority of Unionists and Evangelical prods we could do whatever we want!!!

    We could all get married to each other and no could stop it!!



    A part of me often wonders if the sort of Northern Ireland Gerry and the boys envisage is something akin to the Planet of the Apes except all the Apes are Homosexual.

    Anyway good for you Gerry, if you see anyone who disagrees with you, protest their homes and places of worship until they get so scared that they simply sit alone in their houses hiding.

    And keep up the cheapshots about a middle aged woman who suffered a mental breakdown!

    As for the “lepers” comment who the hell do these prods think they are using metaphors!!

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  7. Comment on Ian Paisley to retire as Free Presbyterian minister
    on 15 November 2011 at 12:00 am

    Ian Paisley is probably the greatest man ever.

    During the troubles he did nothing wrong and tried to get everyone together in the name of peace. Softly spoken many people thought of him as a Northern Irish Gandhi working for all to bring about a lasting peace.

    One Saturday afternoon Ian was knitting jumpers for the disadvantaged, when an Angel appeared and told Ian how the “Church of Ireland were basically rebels” and the Presbyterians were “in bed with the Roman Antichrist”. This visit made Ian realise that he needed to start a church for the people, a church where women could wear whatever they wanted (as long as it was a little hat and a skirt and blouse) and where anyone would feel welcome (as long as they voted DUP). That church originally started with just a handful of people but today the Free Presbyterian Church has grown, and now a F.P. Church can be seen from American to Zambia and everywhere in between. In fact the 13 billion members of the church were delighted to announce they have opened some new church buildings on the moon and hope that “Gravity Free Presbyterian” will be another success for them.

    A lot of people know Ian as the man who broke the enigma code, freed the slaves, defeated the Spanish Armada and brought peace to Northern Ireland as well as Israel… but that’s not all he is renowned for.

    No, Ian is also a highly respected theologian. His work has been described as “more important than the Bible”, “better than Calvin, Luther and Zwingli combined” and has actually been accepted into the Canon of Scripture. His work “Ian’s Big Bible Bashing Book for Beginners” was a New York Times best seller and Ian’s “How to be an MP, MLA, MEP, Councillor, Moderator and still have time to be a Minister” series have been a source of strength to those in the ministry for generations and was described by Martin Luther as “zimply ze best” and John Calvin as a “tour de force”.
    He was written more theological books than any other human being ever which is more than can be said of you.

    Ian retires to heaven in a golden chariot as a complex man.

    For you see Ian was white, but also black. Tall but also small, fat but thin, smart but stupid, rich but poor…

    He was you… He was me… He truly was all of us.

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  8. Comment on Against Remembrance – Seminar & Book by David Rieff
    on 25 October 2011 at 8:55 pm

    Switched off once I saw the word “Ecumenics” because I just presumed this would be another example of a fluffy jumper type telling me what I need to do.

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  9. Comment on UUP Conference … short, sweet, Secretary of State spoke, an Orange Lodge scolded
    on 25 October 2011 at 2:08 pm

    “….he should never take the name of God in vain, but abstain from all cursing and profane language, and use every opportunity of discouraging these.”

    I’ve never had any charge brought against me… if my brethren, any brethren feel I have broken the rules or not upheld the qualifications then they are free to bring a charge against me in accordance with the rules and regualtions as drawn up and published by the GOLI.

    and I mean using EVERY opportunity to discourage bad language. If not you need to resign, as would I of course, and every other member. Thats just one, never mind keeping the Sabbath etc. why did Sandy Row single out one section? If your on a disciplinary committee you should know the RULES, they are the only thing that matter in these cases.

    Sandy Row probably singled out one section because there was video evidence and even personal testimonies from TE and DK that they had broken the rules.

    “Furthermore as a member of such a committee you most certainly should not be commenting on disciplinary matters in any public realm”

    What nonsense… I am not a member of the two respective counties and am entitled to speak on it as my opinions in no affect the judgement of the two counties – which has already been given. The issue is already in the public realm and has been for a number of months and the idea that as an orangeman I cannot speak on a closed matter is nonsense.

    the idea of such a committee is to ensure a fair and neural hearing for any appealant, you clearly have blown any sense of neutrality on this issue.

    The job of a disciplinary committee is to see if the rules have been broken. It is not a courtroom. Tom and Danny went broke the rules publically.

    The ladies group is in no way connected to the Orange Institution and any matter relating to them is of no concern to us.

    The idea that someone can break the rules on TV, then openly admit to breaking the rules themselves and get away with it while the “ordinary man” would have been expelled is shameful and the idea that someone is biased for calling them on their actions is bogus.

    TE and DK made promises on a Bible that they would never particpate in, nor attend any act or ceremony of RC worship… they did… they broke their promises… even if you would rather pretend they didn’t.

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  10. Comment on UUP Conference … short, sweet, Secretary of State spoke, an Orange Lodge scolded
    on 24 October 2011 at 2:07 pm

    I disagree entirely Drumlins Rock, the qualifications are qualifications not aspirations. The ritual of the Orange Degree prohibits a member from attending or participating in any act or ceremony of Roman Catholic or non reformed worship. The Orange Address explains how attending or participating “may result in your expulsion from our order”.

    Breaking of the qualifications is “Conduct unbecoming of an orangeman” and when combined with attendance at RC or other non reformed worship the result should be expulsion.

    I’m may be young but I’m still a member of a County Disciplinary Appeals Committee, and a Grand Lodge member.

    P.S. the grounds Sandy Row brethren had in charging Tom and Danny was that they saw two men who broke the rules, publicly, and yet seemed to be getting away with it because they were politicians whilst many others have been expelled for doing the very same thing.

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