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  1. Comment on The Glenanne story proves the time for frank admissions is overdue: further prevarication over collusion implies Briitsh government cover-up
    on 24 October 2013 at 2:59 pm

    Jeffrey Donaldson on Good Morning Ulster today saying this book was based on supposition and sure the IRA used to dress up as RUC officers. When challenged on this by Noel Thompson, he reverted immediately into default whataboutery by saying what about Harry Breen and Bob Buchanan? Astounding. Truly astounding.

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  2. Comment on According to Question Time, SF=IRA, DUP=Goodies
    on 25 May 2013 at 12:09 am

    Have to say, I was impressed by and large with the audience contributions on QT. I was half expecting a Nolan type crowd reducing the debate to the lowest common denominator.
    From my point of view, Ian jnr made an absolute fool out of himself. He started off so well too. For the first 20 minutes he was loving it, actually coming across ok. He got a bit carried away with himself at one point though and was telling the viewers, whom he was acutely aware of, that NI could teach those in Britain a thing or two about deal with terrorism and building peace.
    However, his engratiating attempts soon came to a sticky end. First of all he tried to lie his way out of a difficult question on same sex marriage saying he wasn’t opposed to it. I was waiting for his repulsive comments to be brought up, which Dimbelby duly did. He tried to worm him way out of it by saying that he found many thing heterosexuals did repulsive. This didn’t last long though as the he was reminded of the rest of what he said. He was exposed as a fraud and when he finally said “do I look like a man who’s under threat MATE”, I nearly choked on my horlicks.

    A truly terrible performance.

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  3. Comment on Futile Border Poll campaign to launch
    on 4 May 2013 at 1:15 am

    There was a programme set in QUB a few years ago in which economists looked at how a united Ireland might look. They also analysed what an independent Northern Ireland might be like economically and what the future may hold if Northern Ireland remains within the UK. They all said by far that this island was two small to have two competing states with two separate governmental systems work separately in competition with each other. It’s really a no brainier they concluded.

    If a proper study were to be undertaken and a proper report was drafted by independent international academics, then I think the likes of Hillary Clinton would jump at it. Uniting a country? Irish America would be all over it in what would be a much needed PR boon for US international relations. From this, who knows what might be able to negotiated. I also believe that the British Government would have to make some kind of contribution to make reunification as seamless as possible. A parachute payment I’m sure they’d be only to happy to bestow in what is really, no more than a thorn in their side.

    This is all very uncomfortable subject matter for unionism. If the promise of economic prosperity is there, supported by international players and investors, how does unionism deal with this?

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  4. Comment on Sinn Fein undermining the sanctity of marriage
    on 2 May 2013 at 12:14 pm

    It seems to me that those who are against the idea of gay marriage on the basis of religious grounds are doing so because they believe it is a sinful and a abominal act. They hold the very idea of such behaviour with disgust and contempt. Sodomites who are on a fast pathway to hell whose practice is to be scorned. I believe if they had their way, they would have it made illegal. Peter Weir, when asked recently if the DUP has changed their position on civil partnerships and now support it danced on the head of a pin and refused to answer it.
    We are all female to begin with and then a chromosome is added during gestation that makes us all male, hence the nips. Richard O’Brien of the Rocky Horror and Crystal Maze fame said recently that he felt female. I think as a species our gender and our sexuality is on a spectrum. It is very rarely one or the other 100%.

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  5. Comment on Willie Frazer detained at his home this morning…
    on 1 March 2013 at 12:38 pm

    20 people turned up to protest at Musgrave to protest the arrests. The UPF is in tatters. The protests have started to unravel and the two ‘poster boys’ are in custody. Billy Hutchinson wants more street politics. Loyalism is going nowhere fast with these strategies. Such optimism about the UPF at the beginning too. Shame.

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  6. Comment on Willie Frazer detained at his home this morning…
    on 1 March 2013 at 12:30 pm

    Frazer’s been refused bail and Bryson’s on hunger and thirst strike. Wow!

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  7. Comment on The PSNI have lost any moral authority to intervene to clear roads of protestors in advance of contentious loyalist parades through sectarian interfaces. Discuss.
    on 27 February 2013 at 1:35 pm

    Absolutely ridiculous. These ‘parades’ are a joke. But then again i feel that parading in general is a bit of a joke. Loyalist and republican. However there is some discrepancy over the numbers. In 2007 according to wikipedia, unionist and loyalist parades amounted to 1354, whereas nationalist and republicans parades sat at 144. To compare like for like is spurious.
    One thing I would like to know is, what if nationalists and republicans decide that they’ve had enough and decide to close the majority of the roads in Belfast, and parade past a loyalist estate every week. Would unionist commentators be defending their rights? No chance, unionists would be incandescent with rage, and rightly so.
    The primary reason why police tactics will be different come Ardoyne will lie in the protesters ability to mobilise. But then 15 years after the GFA, the security services should have by and large dismantled this ability by now.

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  8. Comment on #Gay Marriage: Who says you can’t have religious symbols? The Law
    on 23 February 2013 at 1:29 am

    Mister Joe,
    coincidentally yes. Just glad to see two posters who i enjoy a great deal get over their disagreement so honorably.

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  9. Comment on Time for Unionism to find a place for the Irish National flag in Northern Ireland
    on 22 February 2013 at 10:58 pm

    An interesting idea. Ironically, if some orange trim was added to the saltire (by way of representing a colour with which the PUL community hold some affinity), it is exactly that said community who would take most offence. Orange would be rejected by orangism. Makes you think.

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