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  1. Comment on Whatever you do, don’t stand out from the crowd.
    on 14 February 2014 at 11:28 pm

    David, you don’t plan on running somewhere do you? You’d certainly have my vote if you campaigned on the sensible reasons for unity such as those you mentioned above.

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  2. Comment on There are grounds for hope in the Haass document, even the outline of modest solutions
    on 1 January 2014 at 6:02 pm

    Oh, and Brian, I thought ‘Haass had basic flaws. It’s time for the two governments to step up to the plate’? No apology, not even a tiny bit of shame for that stunningly awful bit of analysis posted only about 4 or 5 articles ago.

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  3. Comment on #Haass paper published
    on 1 January 2014 at 5:48 pm

    I very much don’t like this kind of language: “A minority sought to advance agendas through means outside the law, while the overwhelming majority adhered to it. The burden of the past rests most heavily on those, whether paramilitary or state actors, who acted outside the rule of law.”

    By definition the British Army acted within the law, cause they write the law as they see fit and the IRA, by definition acted outside it, because their enemies wrote it. It should take about ‘justice’, ‘unjust killings by paramilitaries and state actors’. It sounds like DUPspeak to lump a load of moral blame specifically on SF, I’m disappointed that SF have come out in support of everything in the document as that language is heavily biased. It seems like the DUP is intent on putting blame on the IRA, it looks like SF mollified the language a bit but it’s still clear to see.

    Talking about overall blame for the violence isn’t even useful, the document should acknowledge that everybody felt that they were fighting a just fight but that a number of things happened which were immoral and unjustified, committed by individuals on all sides. It is right that the truth surrounding these events be uncovered.

    It’d even be nice to acknowledge that acts of bravery and selflessness happened on both sides as well, that the Troubles, nor any other period in history, was not characterised by one side completely bad and one side completely good, good and bad things happened, but violence is wrong and should not need to be resorted to.

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  4. Comment on There are grounds for hope in the Haass document, even the outline of modest solutions
    on 1 January 2014 at 5:29 pm

    SF should be using these talks and any future high-level talks to extract cocessions on all-Ireland bodies and agendas from unionists. To my mind, they should accept concessions on flags and parades and whatever else in exchange for more all-Ireland bodies, unionist backing for northerners voting in southern elections, a truly all-Ireland television channel and the like. The free staters wouldn’t like it, but it would put considerable pressure on them since it’s an agreement coming from all parties in the north and the considerable nationalist electorate which still exists down south would put pressure on them to accept. To be honest, I think they would agree to it. I mean, what’s the aim here? A united Ireland or pretend immunity for a few volunteers foolish enough to talk to one of these new bodies?

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  5. Comment on UTV to launch Irish channel with significant chunks of ITV content…
    on 7 November 2013 at 7:26 pm

    I wouldn’t call it a united Ireland, it’s a partitioned Ireland, even the headline here says ‘to launch Irish channel’, as if Ulster isn’t in Ireland, the Indo article is full of partitioned vocabulary and from what I can gather content will be different on both sides of the border. A true all-Ireland channel (with the exception of TG4, which despite the great work it does, only has a limited potential audience) would be great news, but this isn’t it.

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  6. Comment on Lord Empey attacks Alliance Party for flags, participation in Irish Constitutional Convention and issues warning to Dublin government
    on 20 October 2013 at 5:23 am

    Am Ghobsmacht

    What do you think the GAA or any nationalist organisation (including the Irish government) could do to improve the image of the tricolour among unionists? Particularly moderate unionists / garden centre prods?

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  7. Comment on #Onthisday 1964-The UK General Election
    on 17 October 2013 at 7:47 pm

    It’s a bit off topic now, but the issue that everyone always misses is sectarianism. The UI vs UK debate isn’t really what it’s about, or at least is less important, it’s about two tribes, them and us. We don’t want a UI cause then themuns win, we don’t want a UK cause themuns win.

    In terms of ‘convincing unionists to vote for a UI’, at best you’re only dealing with one part of the problem. The lads at the Twaddell interface won’t be convinced, I would go so far as saying, maybe 30-45% of those from a protestant background now won’t be convinced, the lines dividing us are too deep. In the future however, we’re already seeing it, people won’t be them and us, they’ll be ‘whatever’, catholic or protestant, they’re who we need to convince. They won’t be unionists or nationalists, they’ll just be people. It’s their hearts and minds which’ll have to be one over and the way things are going, they’ll all be ‘northern irish’ with no particular allegiance to either side, which I think leaves it all to play for. Currently we see no real efforts to win them over, which at the moment seems to be favouring the status quo, but it’s a major cause of concern for nationalism that they’re getting bogged down in bullshit debates about flags and parades when they need to be strengthening all-Ireland bodies and creating an all-Ireland culture and mentality, getting away from this ‘Northern Irish’ mentality.

    I think SDLP supporter mentioned that the GFA says the North/South bodies are as important as the Assembly, but the N/S Consultative Forum isn’t even up and running, 15 years on, the Inter-Parliamentary Body only got up and running last year. And these are very minor when it comes to effecting people’s lives and building all-Ireland links. But like I said above, sectarianism is the key issue so you won’t see too many moves from SF on the issue.

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  8. Comment on Seamus Mallon: “If we are going have integrity in Irish republicanism it has to be an organic thing…”
    on 17 October 2013 at 6:59 pm

    The ‘peace process’ was that, a process towards peace, how can you have that if you don’t deal with those who are waging war? Getting peaceful parties to agree to be peaceful isn’t hard, but to get the paramilitaries to lay down their arms, you have to talk to them. Incidently, that’s why our peace process is one of the most successful in the world. It’s natural then that the SDLP got sidelined, I mean, what’s their importance if it’s the IRA you want to talk to and you can only get to them through SF?

    The real reason for the rise of the extremes though is that people saw that themuns and usuns were to be locked into government together so they voted for whoever will stand their ground longest and get the best deal for that voter’s community, that’s what’s still happening now. Until sectarianism goes away, there’s a UI, or the institutions are changed, this will keep happening. So it’s preety unlikely then.

    On the point about Seamus’s words, I find it hypocritical how some supposed nationalists have a bigger problem with the IRA, who at least began in order to protect catholic communities, than the British Army and unionists whose very reason for being was (and arguably still is) to subjugate the Catholic community. Perhaps we could begin a ‘reconciliation’ process within nationalism? The middle class parties’ (north and south) inability to accept SF’s past or at least put it behind them, is probably the biggest reason why there’s no all-party consensus and strategy towards achieving a united Ireland, which is 2013, there definitely should be. If Séamaí is such a republican, where’s his strategy for achieving a UI? Instead he’s stuck reviewing past atrocities.

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  9. Comment on Poots’ blood ban scientifically and medically sound. (Even if accepting blood from Britain is not.)
    on 17 October 2013 at 6:26 pm

    Thanks Mick for posting this article, it’s important for those with open minds to understand that this was a scientifically based decision and homophobic or not, the minister made the right decision, even if he is one of themuns.

    The really worrying thing is that the judge called it an illogical decision because UK blood where there’s no ban would be used in NI. This is incorrect, keeping a lifetime ban in NI will still reduce the risk, even if only by a tiny bit and is therefore worth doing. If a judge of all people, who are very important in upholding democracy and the rule of law, can make such a basic error, where does that leave the integrity of our institutions?

    The whole debacle is another reason for teaching logical reasoning and thinking biases in schools.

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  10. Comment on PUP Conference encouraged to be self-critical; recognises another marginalised community & adopts pro-Equal Marriage policy
    on 14 October 2013 at 5:19 am

    Can someone explain to me in what way the PUL community is marginalised or discriminated against as everyone at the conference seemed to agree on?

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