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  1. Comment on Villiers: What Stormont needs is the revitalising influence of an opposition…
    on 16 April 2014 at 9:56 am

    “But we also believe that if or how this happens really has to be primarily for parties in the Assembly to take forward…”

    So how’s that going?

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  2. Comment on Villiers: What Stormont needs is the revitalising influence of an opposition…
    on 16 April 2014 at 9:54 am

    ‘She added that it would also “free up the space for politicians to focus more on other issues that are critical to our future such as rebalancing the economy, reforming the public sector and building a genuinely shared future.”’

    They meet two days a week, an extra for committees. Stormont has passed how much legislation in how many years? We’re soon to have as many local councils as Executive departments. How much space do they need? We’re not talking lack of time or resource here.

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  3. Comment on Villiers: What Stormont needs is the revitalising influence of an opposition…
    on 16 April 2014 at 9:50 am

    “This Government is clear that we would welcome moves that facilitate a more normal system at Stormont that allows for formal opposition, so long as a way can be found to do this which is consistent with power-sharing and inclusivity.”

    What does this even mean. If an opposition is a good thing, though it doesn’t appear any party in too big a rush to become one, enabling clauses could have been put in the most recent legislation that simply reinforced the support scaffolding around status quo. Then let politics take its course.

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  4. Comment on “a claim on behalf of Mr Green against Sinn Féin has been registered with the Fair Employment Tribunal…”
    on 8 April 2014 at 7:21 pm

    How Mr Green have his own political opinion. Though in a political party, being at odds with the employer – that is the Party – that would be a bit difficult if you were to be a ‘political director’ and the Party wanted to go in a different direction.

    Was this a ‘Party’ paid job, or a SPAD-like Civil Service job? There would be a difference in that, otherwise not clear on his point. Surely he, of all people, would know the nature of the beast.

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  5. Comment on Local Government Bill back in the Assembly: will MLAs support a new voting method and social media use in meetings?
    on 1 April 2014 at 12:05 pm

    What would Councillors have to hide? Why should people, especially the press, not be able to report with the immediacy that technology enables? No reason. Anyone prepared to put themselves through the challenge of sitting through a council meeting should be applauded, encouraged, and treated with some respect.

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  6. Comment on Lo is aiming high but needs to figure how not to frighten our jumpy ethnic horses…
    on 24 March 2014 at 7:06 pm

    Haven’t and won’t have time, but the interesting looksee would be at the transfers from unionist voters to Alliance in the last stages of counts. This has seen quite a few Alliance creep over the line as ‘least worst’ candidate. Similarly with SDLP. Would think SDLP transfers unlikely to increase, and yet would imagine some unionist voters may think twice about transfer. In this respect the analysis of the shadow council elections will be the most interesting in understanding the electoral outworkings of Ms Lo.

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  7. Comment on “Scary or liberating, that is the meaning of independence…”
    on 21 February 2014 at 4:28 pm

    First, “…London, Kent and the home counties left, at which point you’d be left with a” pretty valuable lump with a very broad global outlook. London and the surrounding dormitory counties could build a rather grand country without the weight of fiscal transfer to peripheral regions.

    Second, Barroso probably thinking Spanish issues of Catalan, and Basque, rather than any greater point. A division of one of the larger nations is not really part of the vision for the future. Where would it all end?

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  8. Comment on After the Currency Union debate the #IndyRef is dead, so long live the SNP…
    on 20 February 2014 at 1:13 pm

    The issue on currency is ultimately one of sovereignty. If you have currency union you have to give up sovereignty. Same argument with the Euro. You only have to look at the Republic of Ireland to see how sovereignty is compromised, and there will be more to come. So the Scots Indy argument that an independent Scotland can keep the pound is not wrong, but they can either be Sovereign or have absolutely no control over their currency and live within the nation’s means (no more Barnet!), with Bonds based on future ability to pay? If an Indy Scotland were then to apply to the EU, and all new members MUST join EURO, then why did they even bother to become independent only to cede fiscal (and the rest) sovereignty to Berlin/Brussels?

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