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I am keenly interested in the way that the first world interacts with the second and third worlds particularly with respect to globalisation, poverty and child labour. I want to see fundamental changes in the relationship and believe that benefits for all can be brought about by international, national or local political processes and engagement – building local capacity and understanding in both the first and third worlds. I needed to see how the relationship worked in practice so went to Costa Rica to live in a small village and teach local people, child and adults, English. Working in English and rudimentary Spanish improved my confidence and understanding particular as far as the latter was concerned of the local people’s daily existence. Returning to the UK I knew I wanted to develop my academic understanding of people and local and international politics. My degrees have done this as have my experiences of local practical politics. My volunteering has kept me rooted in the reality of “child need” across the world. I want to participate to make a difference.

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Newcastle feels the chill wind that may soon blow Northern Ireland’s way?

Thu 28 February 2013, 8:44am

Tweet Where I live, Newcastle Upon Tyne, there are plans afoot to cull 10 of the 18 libraries. Given that it is the young and elderly who disproportionately depend on them, this is no time to cut such a vital community service. Libraries help create a sense of community; the public use them if it’s […] more »

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  1. Comment on Newcastle feels the chill wind that may soon blow Northern Ireland’s way?
    on 1 March 2013 at 1:31 pm

    This was my first blog and one that is close to me
    I remember going to the local library and reading books and deciding what five i would take home each week

    Libraries are a source of education and also one of community

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