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  1. Comment on Shane Ross on calls for an Inquiry: “This is already a political battlefield…”
    on 25 June 2013 at 3:49 pm

    “Not hard to castigate them; they have consistently shown their total lack of understanding of economics.”

    Well Joe, SF did not vote for the bank guarantee, they voted to give the finance minister the power to put together a bank guarantee, when it was presented they rejected it, and they were right to, unlike Labour who have renewed the bank guarantee twice.

    As for their knowledge of economics, if it’s so bad why has FF nicked half their policies and why have FG now started nicking them.

    You’re a bit like Mick (and the rest of his merry band) one mention of SF and you all go out and howl at the moon. Which is why rubber-necking on Slugger is so entertaining, it gets more like Hitlers bunker in 1945 every day, as you lot continue to predict the imminent defeat of SF while in the meantime SF continue to grow North and South.

    If in doubt Joe go do a search on they’ve had some great threads on the pinching of SF economic polices by FF and FG, would be good for you to have a break from posting here every 30 seconds

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  2. Comment on Northern Ireland: A solution.
    on 10 December 2012 at 12:20 pm

    Iluvni and Michael, I think there is a difference between sustainability and the sustainability industry. The cost of the electric car charge points being a good example as are wind farms and green energy in general, it’s all been turned into a cash cow while achieving very little.

    I noticed in Turkey while on holiday that most houses had a cheap galvanised drum and plumping system on the roof to heat water, probably 100th the cost of the same principe in use here, probably not as good but pound for pound I’d say it compares well. Yet even though the internet is full of info on how to make cheap use of green energy everything here seems manufactured to death

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  3. Comment on Take Alliance seriously.They represent what most people want, the politics of compromise
    on 10 December 2012 at 12:10 pm

    border polls etc blab blab….

    The flag issue was and is part of something else, be a unionist, be a nationalist be anything you want. Main point is, it’s been agreed that NI is a shared space yet the APNI and DUP and UUP insist on it being a ‘shared space…but…’ and the but is that it’s a British shared space, which means that it’s not.

    Same goes for people not being able to understand IRA memorials or GAA clubs or playgrounds named in memory of volunteers. Its because unionists in Ireland insist on English history and English rule only. The only comparison to nationalist memorials given is throwing out names like the Shankill Butchers for comparison. Refusing to recognise that people like Queen Victoria, Cromwell and King Billy while being damn fine fellows in English history (well Cromwell on and off) are considered butchers in Ireland and hence any memorial to them is offensive. They may be ancient history, but for recent examples try to find a nationalist who feels the RUC were deserving of the George Cross or the UDR of a statue.

    The central square in Glasgow is a fine example of a shared space, over the centuries Glasgow Council erected statues and monuments to deserving Scots to balance the statues that Westminister insisted upon erecting.

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  4. Comment on Northern Ireland: A solution.
    on 10 December 2012 at 11:16 am

    Ruarai, Just to point out that the UK in general exists on big handouts, they’re called loans, £110 Billion this year (granted down from 160 billion in 2009), and no real sign of them dropping in the future, borrowing even after all the cuts would have increased this year but for the sale of 4G licenses.

    At the moment 240,000 people live on food parcels and 14million are in poverty.

    So after running the GB\UK for so many centuries and being in that state, how many centuries do you think it would be fair to give NI a chance to make a go of it (bearing in mind that NI has only had something resembling a western government for a couple of years)

    Speaking of all things Western the UK will have the biggest soveign debt of any western country by 2015.

    So I think the whole thing is a bit unfair to NI, cos living beyond their means is itseems a UK thing.

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  5. Comment on Take Alliance seriously.They represent what most people want, the politics of compromise
    on 10 December 2012 at 9:41 am

    Also, I believe the designated flying days originated during the GFA regarding fly flying at Stormont and was what the Equality Commission recommended for Belfast, so it’s likely the APNI would have ignored the Commissions findings and voted unionist.

    It’s almost laughable that they support designated days without actually knowing what they were supporting, as it was only discovered later that the list of days was a decade out of date and Camilla and Kate weren’t on the list while the now deceased Queen Mum and Anne were. You couldn’t make it up really

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  6. Comment on Take Alliance seriously.They represent what most people want, the politics of compromise
    on 10 December 2012 at 9:36 am

    “As I understand it, flying of the Union flag from council / government / other appropriate public buildings on “designated days” has been official Alliance Party policy for ten years or more, so their proposal and vote was following now long-standing Alliance Party policy.”

    Gav, any guesses on how APNI would have voted if SF/SDLP had not climbed down from their position of both or no flags.

    APNI had already stated they would not support the nationalist position, to abstain would have meant a nationalist victory so I’m guessing the APNI would have voted to fly the flag 365 days

    which goes back to the myth of APNI compromise, it’s the same as DUP and UUP ‘compromise’ ie as long as it’s what we want than we’ll agree to it.

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  7. Comment on Take Alliance seriously.They represent what most people want, the politics of compromise
    on 9 December 2012 at 9:52 pm

    SF & the SDLP, wanted either both flags or no flags flying, there’s a clue there in what they want, either a shared environment or a neutral environment, Belfast would be no less part of the UK with either choice, and if the union fly flew for 365 days or just 20 Belfast is nor would be no more a part of the UK.

    Nor is flying the union flag an argument in favour of being in the UK just as flying the tricolour is an argument in favour of a united Ireland.

    Flying either flag anywhere officially or unoffically is just tribal markings and that is exactly what the APNI indulged in, so they and their supporters need to climb get off their moral pedestal because all they’ve proven is that they are a less anti-Irish than the DUP and UUP.

    What shames the APNI is that one week into this farce noone else in the UK seems too bothered, and I think if it was decided that the union flag shouldn’t fly anywhere in NI the rest of the UK wouldn’t be too bothered

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  8. Comment on Take Alliance seriously.They represent what most people want, the politics of compromise
    on 9 December 2012 at 7:15 pm

    Red Lion, it’s merely the DUP/UUP taking one path (we want to be British and want to stamp it on NI) and the APNI taking another path (we are British so it’s right to stamp it on NI) to arrive at the same policy (NI has the union flag stamped all over it) I think what Brian, Mick and Co are saying is that nationalists should should support APNI because the path they have taken is much nicer) DUP and UUP supporters are angry with APNI cos they are not stamping the union flag all over NI quite hard enough, it would be funny except they actually believe it and can’t understand why nationalists aren’t jumping for joy at the emergence of just a great party as the APNI.

    But then again maybe the Equality Commission need to explain why it’s ok to fly the union flag on say Monday but not Tuesday Wednesday or Thursday.

    While I believe the SDLP and SF offered a true compromise both flags or no flags, I can understand why unionism rejected it, and I accept the legal argument used to back up that rejection, what I can’t understand is how the APNI, DUP or UUP can shoehorn a ‘Shared Future’ into their policy alongside the legal argument.

    Not least because if they were honestly promoting a shared future they would have no need to recourse to the law.

    At least the DUP and UUP are honest, the APNI is like some dodgy sales person, who can’t tell you just how great the product is cos of silly regulations etc. “I have to describe it like that guv cos of the EU, but really it is the best on the market….”

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  9. Comment on Take Alliance seriously.They represent what most people want, the politics of compromise
    on 9 December 2012 at 6:43 pm

    And Nevin here’s much earlier one from Sean Neeson in 2000 when he was party leader,

    “Alliance would be opposed to placing the Union Flag and the Tricolour side-by-side. This would not reflect the current constitutional position, and would in effect suggest a dangerous situation in which the Union Flag is used to represent only the Unionist identity and the Tricolour is used to represent only the Nationalist identity at the expense of all other identities and a shared future.”

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  10. Comment on Take Alliance seriously.They represent what most people want, the politics of compromise
    on 9 December 2012 at 6:35 pm

    Nevin, in answer to your question, two recent PR’s from Maire Hendron,

    “….the Alliance Party recognises we are part of the United Kingdom and the Union flag remains the flag of Northern Ireland…”

    “The Alliance Party believes that the Union flag should be flown with respect and dignity. In the context of building a shared future in our divided society…”

    “….the Alliance Party recognises the position of Northern Ireland within the United Kingdom. We believe the Union flag is the flag which should be respected by citizens in this part of the United Kingdom, flown with dignity….”

    The DUP, UUP and APNI are merely different sides of the same coin,

    While reminding nationalists of where they are, they ignore the fact that NI is now almost 50% nationalist, so the difference in opinion in wanting a union flag flying or a tricolour flying is roughly 5% of the population, so apart from that 5% all 3 parties fall back on a legal arguement. Which is fair enough, the laws the law, but spare us the APNI claptrap about a shared future as their shared future is the same as the UUP’s and DUP, it must be in a British context, cos thats the law.

    TBH, I think when the dust settles support for the APNI will fall in nationalist areas but nationalists will continue to hold their noses and vote APNI where that vote can be used to unseat DUP or UUP candidates, but only because the APNI is preferrable not better.

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