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  1. Comment on GAA/Sky: Armchair viewers can always get off their backsides and go to a match
    on 4 April 2014 at 3:37 pm

    I was one of those who when i heard about it wasn’t completely against it (i’m still not) I think ex pats could always hunt out the odd bar showing matches when they weren’t home (me being one at one time!). My main hope for this deal with it being on Sky is that it’ll get new viewers/players without an Irish/GAA connection, i know Sky will probably use it as filler, before a soccer or rugby match but as a product i think gaelic football and particularly hurling is as good as they come, so hopefully it’ll help raise the profile from that point of view, fresh blood is never a bad thing. Another hope was that any money made from the deal would equate to a drop in the ticket prices…some chance i know! but there is nothing more depressing than playing in a half empty stadium and on TV it looks terrible i’d hope the powers that be would keep that in mind.

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  2. Comment on DUP outflanks UUP on #Haass
    on 7 January 2014 at 4:08 pm

    Yeah redstar the largest party in the assembly is asking Willie and co. what they are allowed to do and what proposals to accept, DUP leading from the front as always!

    On the topic, is anyone surprised? Mike Nesbitt has continued in his role as the most inept and ill equipped unionist leader there ever was and considering the competition in the past thats some achievement.

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  3. Comment on After Haass, the numbers game threatens. How can we avoid it?
    on 7 January 2014 at 12:59 pm

    Its always puzzled me somewhat when unionists ask what would a UI would look like, like the ROI is going to change its structures massively overnight. In my opinion the answer to what it would look like is much the same as what the ROI looks like now, perhaps it’ll keep the assembly to sort out our local problems and to show how this little corner of the world is a little bit special but with the one difference the wages will be paid in Euro’s…..

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  4. Comment on That #Selfie: Do our elite really ‘get’ the new grammar of digital democracy?
    on 12 December 2013 at 10:31 am

    I think it was ill-judged to be honest. I’m not particularly outraged at it just have the attitude that they really should’ve known better. I understand they are all (allegedly!) humans too but, they are also statesmen/women and a certain standard is expected of them especially at an occasion such as this. I no problems with prime ministers or presidents relaxing or having fun at various state functions but choose the occasion you let your hair down a little more carefully.

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  5. Comment on Mandela billboard poster vandalised within days of its launch
    on 11 December 2013 at 10:30 am

    Lads no harm but this thread is embarrassing, someone vandalised a poster: a POSTER for Gods sake it happens everyday in every town in Northern Ireland. Does this mean that the dissidents have taken their campaign to a new level?? Does it spell the end for Sinn Fein?? No, someone (and it only takes one or two) who doesn’t like one of the three or maybe all three decided to wreck it, hell they might even have just wrecked it for the thrill of it.

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  6. Comment on Scotland’s Future … an introductory guide (that shouldn’t be ignored by NI)
    on 27 November 2013 at 3:54 pm

    “Is that what the Scots nationalists really want? Because it sure as hell doesn’t sound like it. They will retain the Queen, the NHS, the BBC, the pound sterling?”

    Just because they may vote for independence doesn’t mean they should jettison perfectly good ideas, my understanding is that the Queen will be their head of state much like Australia, Canada etc. and i’m pretty sure they’re still independent, the NHS in Scotland is already funded by the Scots with an arrangement in place with NHS England and NHS Wales for any cross border help they may need in much the same way the NHS in Northern Ireland has a mutual agreement with the ROI. They are also quite within their rights to keep the pound, when they signed the act of union in 1707 their previous currency was also called the pound. Not everything in Great Britain is owned exclusively by the England.

    “Setting to one side the obvious heresy of a small percentage of an island people seeking a partitionist future for themselves”

    Indeed i’d say they should ask England and Wales to vote on it as well but i’d wager that the pro union camp might be shocked at the answer, and i’d suggest thats the reason why its being restricted to Scotland only…. pro union people really need to stop with the negative campaigning start telling the Scots why they should stay in the union and its benefits rather than threatening them warning what will happen if they leave etc.

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  7. Comment on GAA: “We’ve tried now for the last 16 months to build a level of consensus around the stadium project…”
    on 20 November 2013 at 1:36 pm

    What is the particular main issue the residents are so vexed about? When i first saw that residents were opposed to the redevelopment i thought it was a tactic to get more out of the GAA in the way of free tickets etc.. which is fair enough for the inconvenience of having to put up with thousands of people and the clogging up of roads particularly in the summer months. But looking at the range of comments taken it seems to me that they just don’t want anything to take place full stop.
    Looking at the proposed plans it looks like the stadium will get higher meaning residents will have issues around natural light etc.. could the GAA go down the same route as the Aviva and put more glazing into the design? or dig even further into the ground so that the height of the structure decreases? Either of those solutions would mean a complete redesign and/or increased costs which is presumably what the GAA don’t want, or is it the amount of people it would attract? (although surely this is a problem they are already familiar with).
    I’ve a certain degree of sympathy with the GAA in this because no matter what you do someone won’t be happy.
    It isn’t really feasible for the GAA to rip it up and build on a new site, Casement Park despite being in a heavily residential area is in an ideal site, close to the motorway for people outside Belfast, lots of transport links with buses and black taxis for people in Belfast to travel to it, plus plenty of pubs and fast food outlets. The fact it is in Belfast (the most populous part of Ulster GAA) is another reason and would be a boost to the GAA in the city hopefully increasing participation in Gaelic games. It also makes sense as no other ground in Belfast could be developed to the required size or standard to host Ulster finals etc.. and given that most other Ulster county grounds have been developed/re developed already means Casement Park is the only show in town.

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  8. Comment on @LADFLEG versus #Facebook
    on 9 October 2013 at 10:28 am

    Doug someone could probably give you a clearer explanation but i believe it refers to a story told by loyalists that republicans/nationalists had thrown water balloons filled with urine at them and had hit a child, i believe photos were even produced. However when it was looked at more closely it was revealed to be a not very elaborate hoax and is used by LAD and others to show the hypocrisy of claiming their “civil rights” are being curbed when they have to make up incidents to try and prove it.

    Regarding LAD i think its a shame its been removed and hope that something can be done in order for it to go back up. The problem the loyalists who report it seem to have with it is they’re being laughed at for the opinions that they really hold. If Fb actually look at the reasons it has been reported they’ll realise that the bigoted and abusive language is coming from screenshots of the facebook postings the very people reporting it have posted themselves.

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  9. Comment on More #Twaddell: DUP, dupes and duplicity.
    on 30 September 2013 at 3:21 pm

    So……. if i’ve got this right the OO has proposed to be allowed to walk up the road first before talking to residents groups, with a promise of dialogue afterwards….where is the new proposal exactly? Oh with the difference being they’ll walk up in the morning not the evening. Predictably the unionist political types come out like nodding dogs and have thrown their weight behind the “initiative” which really contains nothing new whatsoever, save a different time for the march. If i were the residents i’d counter propose that the OO don’t walk back this year, talk to the residents reach a compromise for next year and move on, after all it’ll be awful cold soon and the dark nights are upon us already the camp won’t be too much fun in the snow and rain!

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