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  1. Comment on Ipsos- MRBI Poll: Fine Gael and Fianna Fail leveling out…
    on 4 April 2014 at 10:14 am

    I suppose we should expect some FF revival if only because they are the ones landing most of the punches on Shatter. The Garda controversy isn’t just one of these procedural ‘who knew what when’ scandals – people are really angry about it and I think that there really is political capital to be made here. The great irony being that such a situation should unfold under the watch of Fine Gael, who pride themselves as custodians of law and order.

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  2. Comment on #LE14: Rising tide of populism likely to damage Fine Gael and reward Sinn Fein…
    on 2 April 2014 at 4:10 pm

    Interesting article, although I can’t help but feel that people are writing off the Labour Party a little too easily. It’s worth remembering that they’ve been this low before, actually getting about 6.5% of the vote in the 1987 general election.
    They were slugging it out with the Workers Party then and it might be tempting to compare that to their current duel with Sinn Féin. But it’s different and SF are a more formidable rival, with a wider base than the WP. The WP never took root outside of the big towns and cities, whereas SF is doing well in the border counties and in the population centres.
    Still, the Labour Party has some consolations. Firstly it is the official political expression of the Irish Labour movement (deserved or not). Jack O’Connor of SIPTU said in an interview recently that SF are for him basically a nationalist movement with some leftist trappings. So it looks as if the unions will stick to Labour no matter what. For that reason alone comparisons with the Greens don’t hold up – Labour is an institution, not a collection of like-minded activists.
    It’s second saving grace it its ability to win reasonable numbers of seats even on a low vote. I’m wary of those seat-loss projections based on opinion polls – Labour is always harder to nail down. And if the numbers fall right, my guess is that both FF and FG would sooner do a deal with Labour than with SF.

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  3. Comment on Sinn Fein rise 5% in Red C sets them up for a surge in southern Local Elections…
    on 31 March 2014 at 11:39 am

    Brian makes a good point about the nature of the forthcoming elections. People might be more likely to give SF a vote in European and local elections which, rightly or wrongly, are seen as less high-stakes than a General Election. Remains to be seen if that would carry into a General Election but I suppose (1) an increase in council representation would give SF some good Dáil candidates and (2) improve their local networks. And if you vote for a party once.,..

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  4. Comment on Fianna Fail sets 2019 as a target date for running in NI elections
    on 23 March 2014 at 12:52 pm

    “Expect many political shocks over the coming months, particularly big one coming within the next two weeks.”

    Oh, do tell.

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  5. Comment on Fianna Fail sets 2019 as a target date for running in NI elections
    on 22 March 2014 at 9:52 am

    The puzzling thing is what FF think they have to gain from it. I’ve heard people say that they want to challenge SF’s boast of being the only major all-Ireland party (sorry, Greens). But I’m not sure that’s worth many votes in the real world. Another explanation often advanced is that since SF are taking the fight to them south of the border, FF are obliged to fight back in the North. By that analysis, this is as much about Southern politics than Northern, but, again, I’m not convinced that the argument holds up. If the SF vote was dented in the North would it take away from their support in the South? I can’t see that it would.

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  6. Comment on Fianna Fail sets 2019 as a target date for running in NI elections
    on 22 March 2014 at 9:28 am

    Frankly, I’ll believe it when I see it. Motions get passed about all sorts of things at party conferences and the leaderships don’t seem to think of them as binding. This saga has been going on since 2007.

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  7. Comment on “Sit down and stop acting like a petulant child.”
    on 4 March 2014 at 9:29 am

    ‘And actually, watching the wretched ‘White Dee’ on Newsnight do believe that all benefits should be cut by at least 50%. Only then will West Belfast/Londonderry/ Strabane/Newry etc think of getting out of bed before lunchtime.’

    That is sectarian hatespeak as offensive as you could find on any unmoderated on-line forum.

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  8. Comment on DUP: “the public may well ask whether then or now they have been misled” #Paisley
    on 20 January 2014 at 10:16 am

    ‘let me bless him with the mercy of my silence’.

    How very Christlike of you, Peter. After his epic missive from America, it’s good to see he’s finally mastered the short press statement.

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  9. Comment on Ever heard of “Operation Irish” in Wales?
    on 22 October 2013 at 4:50 pm

    I don’t believe for a second that the name was randomly chosen. Poor form. Still love Wales though.

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  10. Comment on #Budget14: Labour gets a fillip as Noonan gambles on a rising economic tide…
    on 16 October 2013 at 1:26 pm

    From RTÉ’s report on the Dáil debate, here’s another example of how budget provisions tend to unravel:

    ‘Independent TD Stephen Donnelly said reducing the dole for 25-year-olds was a human rights issue, claiming it discriminated on age grounds.’

    It’s probably true that the Government can defend itself by saying that other social welfare payments do just that: discriminate on age grounds. But the accusation itself is damaging, and what if someone like Donnelly sponsors a test-case? Not good PR for Labour.

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