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  1. Comment on “That’s the only way I can put,” he said “they sleep with the victims.”
    on 14 April 2014 at 5:54 pm

    The whole thing is a mess and I do’nt believe that there will ever be agreement on how to manage and placate the distress of the families of those victims.

    I lost a relative during the troubles. He was an innocent Catholic who was abducted by the UVF. He was found dead in a field the next morning having been shot several times through the head.

    We were visited by The Historical Enquiries Team who told us the names of two men whom they were certain had helped to commit his murder. One of the men had been questioned by police about the murder but was then mysteriously released without charge by a magistrate when appearing in court on another related charge. The clear implication was that this person was a Loyalist informer. The gang apparently then went on to murder a number of other Catholics in the subsequent years.

    I found the whole HET experience deeply distressing and it left me drained emotionally. There was evidence that my relative had attempted to escape by crawling through the field after being shot the first time. Unbelievably traumatic.

    I can never gain anything from any sort of manufactured victims process. The people who murdered him were psychopathic killers who went on to kill again many times afterwards. The State allowed some of them to continue with their activities in return for information.

    Ultimately, there never will be any process of healing for many of us who lost relatives. I do not want to go through all of that again. To hear about the lies and cover-up’s. It is both soul-destroying and pointless.

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  2. Comment on NI21 announce their Euro Candidate @NI21Chair Tina McKenzie
    on 7 April 2014 at 9:17 am

    What on earth is NI21′s election strategy?? This is all pretty shambolic stuff.

    Whose votes are they intending to target? They are a Unionist Party who seem loathe to mention the word Unionist. There is a total lack of any substance in relation to their broader European policy’s and voting intentions.

    Furthermore, a cursory glance through Tina’s Tweets reveals an attitude more akin to The Alliance Party than anything else.

    I sense much voter confusion here in relation to NI21…

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  3. Comment on Alliance is diversity in action by Lauren Mulvenny
    on 27 March 2014 at 5:02 pm

    A wonderful and almost sickly-sweet depiction of the utopian world of The Alliance Party..

    However, here is the bottom line. In this part of the world, national identity matters. In fact it matters with bells on… The Alliance Party’s embracing of every possible local identity and aspiration will NEVER get them any sort of meaningful electoral success. In regards to The Alliance Party are simply a mess. In fact they are arguably in even more of a mess than they were prior to Anna Lo’s surprising revelation. Geraldine Rice has been quick to lambast her colleague and proclaim her loyalty to the Union.

    One man’s political utopia is another man’s political shambles…

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  4. Comment on UPDATE- Jamie Bryson-A rebel without a hope?
    on 25 March 2014 at 4:46 pm


    You perhaps owe me an apology. At no stage in my post did I celebrate the fact that Jamie Bryson could not stand in the election. I simply pointed out that he, himself, had openly declared on Facebook last week that he would not be able to stand.

    For what it’s worth, I would be more than happy to see this buffoon put himself forward in any of the upcoming elections…

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  5. Comment on Gerry Adams makes himself available to the PSNI for questioning…
    on 25 March 2014 at 8:01 am

    Mary Lou McDonald’s interview on The Late Late Show was superb actually. She also made a quite overt pitch for the leadership of Sinn Fein when Adams finally departs.

    The hypocrisy on Slugger on this issue is palpable. McDonald correctly pointed out that both Price and Hughes were vehemently opposed to the Peace Process and in favour of the continuation of armed conflict.

    Slugger does’nt normally have a lot of time for violent dissidents, but it’s ok apparently, whenever they are blackening Gerry Adams (Slugger’s almost obsessive number one target)?

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  6. Comment on UPDATE- Jamie Bryson-A rebel without a hope?
    on 25 March 2014 at 7:21 am

    When exactly was this interview conducted? Bryson had already posted on Facebook last week that he would not be allowed to stand for election because of his criminal conviction? Was this interview conducted after that? If so, why?

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  7. Comment on Bell’s arrest may put new pressure on Adams and produce new cracks in omerta
    on 22 March 2014 at 10:58 am

    There is more unsourced random speculation within this lead post, than within any post I have read on Slugger for quite some time (and that takes a bit of doing…).

    Mary Lou McDonald (during highly impressive performance on The Late Late Show last night) pointed out that Brendan Hughes was among several former Republicans who were vehemently opposed to the peace process. They wanted a continuation of armed Republican conflict. Quite clearly, Adams as leader of the Republican transition to peace, has been their main target for many years. If they discredited him, then they weakened the peace process.

    Brian, I fail to see any tangible evidence for your somewhat dramatic assertion that the arrest of Ivor Bell signals the final break between Sinn Fein and the former leadership of the old IRA. The vast majority of former IRA commanders are still fully supportive and actively involved within the Republican Peace Process (at varying levels).

    The quote from Voices from The Grave is nothing new and forms part of a version of events by Brendan Hughes which is vehemently disputed. I don’t see the arrest of Ivor Bell as having any significance whatsoever in terms of the overall process. After all, we recently a Loyalist, aged 75, also arrested in connection with an historic murder.

    I would argue that the recent arrest of Pairaic Wilson and several other Republicans on charges of IRA membership was much more contentious and potentially de-stabilising than the arrest of Ivor Bell.

    I cannot sense any new pressure within media or political circles in relation to Adams, following the arrest of Bell and would be curious what sources or evidence that you might have to the contrary?

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  8. Comment on Anna Lo- A United Ireland would be better placed economically, socially and politically
    on 20 March 2014 at 8:29 am

    Tremendous. This will shake a few feathers among many of her party colleagues whom overtly claim to be neutral, but are staunchly Unionist when push comes to shove…

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  9. Comment on Mr Hutchinson and Ethnic Thematics by Cillian McGrattan
    on 19 March 2014 at 9:25 pm

    Meanwhile in the real world (devoid of semantics), gangs of UVF thugs have been gathering in large numbers for the past fortnight at the junction of Mountpottinger Road in the Short Strand. (Singularly unreported by local media). Tonight they have left a suspicious package at the same junction.

    Intimidation presumably linked to the upcoming local elections in which Billy Hutchinson’s PUP/UVF are attempting to gain a council seat in the Pottinger area. Very little has changed in terms of the ‘approach’ by Billy Hutchinson and his cohorts over the past 3 decades. Hatred and intimidation of Catholics still tops the agenda. And it always will..,

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  10. Comment on Incidently, the elections are on May 22 after which the report will be delivered
    on 27 February 2014 at 11:26 pm

    The DUP have been totally exposed tonight. Jim Allister absolutely crucified Jeffrey Donaldson on The View. Not a single note to the OTR’s will be rescinded. The situation is exactly the same as it was 24 hours ago. There is no Judicial Review and NO witnesses will be compelled to attend this so-called Judge-led enquiry.

    Alex Maskey also played a blinder tonight. Allowing the Unionists to cut each others throats (again) and he skilfully took the moral high ground within the Unionist meltdown.

    Got a very strong hunch that The DUP’d percentage vote will have at least a few points chalked off, come the May Elections…

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