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  1. Comment on Nesbitt concedes unity in a seat that no unionist can realistically win?
    on 30 January 2013 at 1:16 pm

    According to other reports Willie Frazer is standing aside to let Jamie Bryson stand.

    Either all this will and wont there be a unity candidate is just to keep the issue of it in the media or a disaster waiting to happen, a month hmmm and haaaing that will get front page and weekly coverage and then an announcement that will be front page and daily coverage. But are they really that smart?

    This election just gets better and better while real life issues get put further and further down the list.

    Just Alliance to show their surprise card and we have a race.

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  2. Comment on SDLP chooses Patsy McGlone to contest Mid Ulster…
    on 28 January 2013 at 6:06 pm

    Difference between Molloy and McGlone, McGlone will take his seat and represent the other wont. McGlone is a people person, Molloy is only seen at election time.

    I see the Pr already being drummed up by Francie,

    “more health services to be brought back to Mid Ulster Hospital”

    Thats a no brainer, bit odd though considering a SF led Magherafelt Council has agreed to remove more services and basically allowing the hospital to be rented out, I wonder if that the rates related? plus as health is devolved matter it will hardly matter what a MP says countless letters to the health departments on the mainland has shown me they dont care how health is run here, as long as the current theme of privatization is carried out. It will be interesting to see what Magherafelt Council have asked for in the Transforming Your Care consultation, an outstanding FOI will show that, that is if they responded this time around rather than making deals with health trusts during public consultation.

    None of the selected so far have anything new to offer, and I doubt whoever else in put in the race will have much either.

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  3. Comment on Strabane District Council consider restricting public and press from committee meetings
    on 22 January 2013 at 6:30 pm

    The councils should be open, they make deals all the time and people should be allowed to know what about and who with.

    When you sit back and look at the average council would you feel safe in their decisions?

    Take Magherafelt Council for example :–magherafelt-council-minutes.html these minutes were only released through a FOI, but in the council minutes of there sitting it only noted that the meeting took place.

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  4. Comment on Your Predictions for Northern Ireland Politics in 2013?
    on 2 January 2013 at 6:58 pm

    15th Jan will see what health service(s) hospital’s will be lost around the country and the biggest change will come in health commissioning, they are already commissioning more to private health so expect more of that.

    Former hospitals will be turned into health centres and rented out, statutory residential homes will be shut and or sold.

    Will Jim Wells take over from Poots? of course he will and say he is playing the hand he is dealt, when is the next election as big change always take place mid term.

    All this and more shortly followed with the reconfiguration of post primary schools to rattle the public once again Mid Term.

    Changes in legal aid but as DFP is controlled by the law society for civil law I doubt this will be to the common mans benefit.

    The flags issue will be allowed to rattle on as it causes a nice wee distraction, but then we have seen this before have we not.

    The government creating unrest, no stormont off to St Andrews and let all the big changes take place and come back saying its ok we sorted out our differences. And take another year in office to coincide with boundary changes to boot

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  5. Comment on Martin McGuinness applies to become paid officer of the Crown…
    on 1 January 2013 at 3:02 pm

    Will the TUV field if Frazier is there? cant see it, Sandra has just dipped her feet into Stormont I would not be surprised if a better known Cookstown Councillor gets put up if there is no unionist unity.

    I read somewhere that Marian Price is considering standing

    By the sounds of this the by election is turning into a sectarian clown fest, on the ground issues affecting the normal man and woman will not matter.

    Mid Ulster is facing the biggest loss in the Compton Report with the hospital finally being nailed shut DUP and one of the Biggest shake ups in education SF with the Rainey & St Marys, two fo the top schools in the UK facing a fair bit of change.

    Only investment is a police training school, local businesses are laying off workers weekly and 4 businesses I know went bust before christmas with another 2 i know just about 2.

    A legacy of no representation at Westminister & Stormont is finally showing in this area

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  6. Comment on SF’s Deputy Speaker to run for Mid Ulster Westminster seat
    on 15 December 2012 at 11:42 pm

    Media us nit just mid ulster , it is all over the country. The NHSCT has had it’s acute director removed and chairman sacked inside a month.

    This was due to the limelight being kept on Antrim and fir that I will take a bit of credit, the last pr in the media was all the parties and trust saying the new A&E at Antrim will solve all problems. A change in attitudes over the years about the location of Antrim, but the sacked chairman is on record saying it’s in the wrong place to serve the population it is expected to serve. A new A&E won’t solve anything

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  7. Comment on SF’s Deputy Speaker to run for Mid Ulster Westminster seat
    on 15 December 2012 at 11:32 pm

    I did at every place I was handed two flyers and told to give them back after. that was after making it through the near blocked doorways. I recall one mla saying on doorsteps pregnant mothers could have their children in mid ulster. A very untrue statement and dangerous if had any pregnant mothers believed it. But I am not a sore loser and respect the vote and keep lobbying despite political efforts to shut it down more.

    I will attend off the record meetings, that’s where the future of the hospital is being discussed at, by whom? That’s what Facebook and twitter is for ;)

    Yo know me well enough I can handle my own

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  8. Comment on SF’s Deputy Speaker to run for Mid Ulster Westminster seat
    on 15 December 2012 at 9:35 pm

    Some other big issues that are still live:

    1- abortion, you would not believe how much I got questioned about that

    2- education – with the Rainey being selected to be reconfigured, and being an ex Rainey man myself McGlone would pick up the vote there if it meant saving the Rainey in its current state. SF definitely will not, the Rainey has pulled some impressive and influential pupils over the years and being a voluntary mixed school it has the ethos of not bitter to the green or orange

    3- The 2 councils are currently in a battle to see who looks best, Magherafelt council are on a very silpperly slope, windmills in SF draperstown and Six towns wont go down well, no funding for tourism in the sperrins is another, these are all SF led council decisions

    There is plenty of dry powder in the bag, nearly join a party and stand myself lol

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  9. Comment on SF’s Deputy Speaker to run for Mid Ulster Westminster seat
    on 15 December 2012 at 9:23 pm

    The difference with the Mid Ulster hospital this time is that a SF led Magherafelt Council has agreed to turn it into a community hub, basically rent out the place. A big difference when compared to Omagh.

    The announcement for this will come slap bang in the mouth of the election, as I was advised by SF in the past never waste a crisis. And the health trust here is in crisis as are the remaining hospitals.

    I am already being called into off the record meetings to try and shut me up on facebook and twitter regarding the hospital.

    The cage is still rattled and more and more people are experiencing first hand the effects of no life saving services in Mid Ulster. Any claim made by the current bunch that they are fighting for services I can quickly put out, and will if needed.

    mcGlone would definitely win a unionist vote if it came down to it with the plannign and help he gives, and if it was put McGlone in to keep SF out that is not unrealistic.

    I was the independent in the Assembly, and got three times the vote I thought I would of with 4 SF candidates and as always the pr and bully boy tactics at the polling stations pays off. The run I had was planned last minute, if I was to go with planning I would say it would of been different. Plus there were other independent health candidates who lost me more votes than they won. Dirty tricks were at play to really make sure I didnt get the vote. The planning was based on 3 SF and 1 SDLP candidate, would of opened up the race more but in the end I walked out gracefully and happy.

    If the media printed the half of whats happening the fuse over the hospital would be lit

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  10. Comment on SF’s Deputy Speaker to run for Mid Ulster Westminster seat
    on 14 December 2012 at 10:10 pm

    Think SF had 52% of the votes cast, 63% turnout for last MP election,

    Mid Ulster is changing, McGuinness was a vote puller for many moderate people, Molloy does not have half the charm and with the hospital about to be turned in a health centre in Mid Ulster all stemming from a SF Health Minister in 2001, Schools being reconfigured with a education minister in 2012.

    Patsy is doing alot of ground work in Coalisland at the minute and past few months

    A united unionist candidate along with a independent or two could sway a balance to at least make it interesting, assembly election seen highest independent vote in Mid Ulster, but being one of them independents, I am not standing so there are 1,000 votes to be picked up by whoever can win them

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