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  1. Comment on #IndyRef: “Nationalism breaks things and they are things not easy to fix.”
    on 23 April 2014 at 4:44 pm

    The rest of this is just as much nonsense as the original part posted though, and very neatly proves my previous point.

    First of all…

    With a Prime Minister Miliband in power, a shift to President Salmond would be a considerable move to the right.

    This is exactly what I was talking about in my previous post, identify Salmond as the target and attack.

    After a Yes vote there will be a general election in Scotland to choose the next government, it might be Scottish Labour, it might be some kind of Conservative or SNP party (as it’s accepted that the SNP will probably break-apart after a YES vote), it might be the Green party, it could be anyone. And no matter who it is, that’s the democratic will of the Scottish people and should be respected.

    For one thing, a nice progressive nationalism is still nationalism. It is still about taking one group and hiving it off from everybody else.

    And pray tell then, what is the problem with a nice progressive nationalism? He hasn’t said what is wrong with it, merely that it ‘is still nationalism’ – So what? Point out the failings of a ‘nice progressive nationalism’ as compared to more of the same mis-governance from Westminster. There’s no substance. No argument.

    And they’re being ‘Hived off’ because it’s the only way to ensure an actual representative democracy for Scotland. Unless you don’t believe in democracy.

    As the presence of so many like-minded compatriots south of the border wasn’t, in fact, the best argument against Scottish independence there was.

    Yet no one is really making it. It’s no surprise that working-class people all over the UK have similar problems but thats no reason for Scots to attempt to solve the problem at their end.

    The problem is the neo-liberal consensus at Westminster, a problem that will continue and continue unless there is some kind of huge political shake-up and this is precisely the thing that could do that.

    The UK is the second lowest paid economy of all the advanced economies in the developed world.
    People in the UK work the third longest hours of anywhere in Europe.
    Lowest pensions in Europe.
    If you’re a child you’re going to be in a country where in a WHO survey of Child Happiness they came absolutely bottom in a league table of the developed nations.

    The YES campaign has given people hope and something to became politically and socially active about.

    The umbrella of Britishness – which allows us all to be British-thisish or British-thatish – would be lost.

    For a man attacking nationalism he has his own bleary eyed version to contend with…

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  2. Comment on #IndyRef: “Nationalism breaks things and they are things not easy to fix.”
    on 23 April 2014 at 3:23 pm

    Ultimately though it is Scottish nationalism that is the far more negative creed.


    First of all, the YES campaign consists of various groupings within Scottish society, SNP, Radical Campaign for Yes, the Green party etc – How anyone can refer to the Green party as Nationalists I do not know.

    This is one of the many ways that the No campaign attack Yes. First by referring to the Yes campaign as Nationalists and deriding Nationalism. The Yes campaign is a civic campaign consisting of people from all over Scotland, people who were born in England are part of the Yes campaign, people who were born in Ireland/Wales/The Middle East/India are all part of this movement. It isn’t straight up WWII era ‘my country is better than yours’ nationalism. The other deflection tactic is to proclaim Alex Salmond as the leader of YES and attack him when he isn’t.

    This is the same old boo-hoo nonsense from Conservative commentators bemoaning the final falling apart of the empire. “Why would they want to leave? We’re so kind to them, we love them really” – Bollocks. If Scotland wasn’t treated as a lesser region by Westminster then perhaps this wouldn’t be happening, no?

    Instead it is the campaign to stop talking; to ditch the obligation to engage with the folks next door.

    This is just straight-up lies or incredibly finger-in-ear misinformation. It’s never been or won’t ever be about this at all.

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  3. Comment on Scotland Essays: Proud declaration of lack of vision is the hallmark of a failing No campaign
    on 23 April 2014 at 1:08 pm

    The “English” (who mostly live south of a line between the Mersey and the Wash) don`t care about Scotland or Ireland (N&S) –they cost too much.


    Take head. Put in sand. Push.

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  4. Comment on More evidence that the Westminster village is waking up to the threat of Scottish independence
    on 23 April 2014 at 11:23 am

    I think what David Cameron should say is if Scotland opts to leave the Union he will hold a referendum shortly after on leaving the EU and encourage the English to leave.

    He kind of already has said that, there is going to be a vote to leave the EU. Cameron isn’t advising anyone to leave it though, that’d be foolish.

    Obviously the outworking is to leave the EU and restrict labour markets to Scottish etc.

    Indeed! I shall vote No because the English say they love us, and that if we vote Yes, they will wreck our economy.

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  5. Comment on More evidence that the Westminster village is waking up to the threat of Scottish independence
    on 23 April 2014 at 11:19 am

    * Scotland is a fiscal drag on the UK

    Incorrect. Scotland is a NET contributor to the Union.

    * There will be an unarguable case to not re-elect Scots MPs in the next election. That will lead to a built in Tory Majority at Westminster and oblivion for Labour

    If you take a remarkably black and white view of English politics. Remove Scottish MPs from the Labour victories of 1997 and 2001 and you still get….. wait for it….. Labour victories!

    * Scotland wont be in the EU so will lose out in key markets providing an economic boost for some UK industries

    Scotland will be in the EU. Sure, she already is. Why would the EU reject a new, pro-Europe, oil-rich nation? They wouldn’t.

    Come on Cynic, you can trot out all the old Unionist myths but they’ve been debunked already. Maybe try some of the new ones? Like pensions will make the ground open-up and Scotland will disappear or China will invade after the sky has fallen in.

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  6. Comment on Scotland Essays: Proud declaration of lack of vision is the hallmark of a failing No campaign
    on 23 April 2014 at 11:11 am

    The Scottish nationalists want to break the ties with the UK so that Scotland can exercise its own unfettered self-governance powers yet favours deeper integration into the EU. Can anyone explain that logic?

    It’s actually remarkably simple, truthfinder. An ever increasing amount of Scottish people are seeing that the future of their nation would be better served as an independent country within Europe than being misruled by Westminster.

    we must get rid of the hated English and replace them with those wonderful Europeans to rule over us.

    The debate in Scotland is infinitely more mature than that. Nice straw man though, you could have a career come harvest time…

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  7. Comment on “Poll: Scotland on the brink of independence” Time to panic?
    on 22 April 2014 at 12:51 pm

    On pensions…

    Today’s Daily Express headlines are pretty telling…

    English Daily Express – “Pension Shock for Millions: New Warnings over a Massive Drop in Income”

    Scottish Daily Express – “Pensions Safer within the UK: Annual Bill would be Three Times Scots Oil Income, Says Brown”

    Those are the headlines for both regional papers on the same feckin’ day! They’re not even trying anymore.

    Of course Scotland should remain in the UK for the sake of their pensions, staying within the UK will mean Scots will have the lowest state pensions in Europe. Now who wouldn’t want that?

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  8. Comment on “Poll: Scotland on the brink of independence” Time to panic?
    on 22 April 2014 at 12:44 pm

    Poorer than now, perhaps, both culturally and economically, but no great disaster.

    Ridiculous. Same old myths being trotted out. Too wee, too poor, too stupid.

    In the end, obviously, I hope it fails. From a British perspective, it’s a terrible failure that it even began.

    And who’s fault is that?

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  9. Comment on Scotland Essay: Why the No side should be looking up in Scotland…
    on 21 April 2014 at 11:25 am

    Magic Stuff by McTernan. File under ‘self-serving’.

    DougtheDug has picked apart the mistruths rather well above, however I do take heart in McTernan’s focus on the negative, simply because it isn’t working.

    Yesterday’s poll in the Scotsman has put the gap at 48%-52% (once don’t knows are excluded), requiring a 2 point swing with 5 months to go. Not bad.

    There hasn’t been a massive boost to the Yes side apparently though, but a huge decrease in the support for a No vote and a jump in the amount of ‘Don’t know’s’. Which shows that the No campaign’s scare-tactics are ceasing to be as effective.

    Yes will continue to campaign tough and try and steal some of those Don’t knows. 5 months is a long time, and Don’t knows are largely believed to swing more towards a Yes vote anyway. It is very very close.

    Mick, I wouldn’t be as presumptuous as this, but maybe you should take a look at this page, you know, just in case :-)

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  10. Comment on And meanwhile in Larne, the UDA enforces its imaginary paramilitary writ…
    on 1 April 2014 at 12:02 am


    I know there is an election coming which your party for some unknown reason seem rather worried about but try not to tell completely bare faced lies.

    How can someone’s interpretation be a lie? A lie is a deliberate untruth, Comrade Stalin has given his opinion on Sammy Wilson’s comments, an opinion which is perfectly valid and articulate. How can this be described as a lie?

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