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  1. Comment on Micheál Martin in Belfast: “There is nothing inevitable about peace and progress”
    on 28 February 2013 at 1:16 am

    Is there a ‘slugger award’ for absolute cheek? Marty, you have it in the bag! He cannot attack the government, because they are implementing his own policies. So he ham-fistedly attacks Sinn Fein! So life under ‘ FF nua’ is going to be in anyway different?
    The ethical change in politics, promised at the last election, has not happened. He personifies the drift to the same-old-same old, scum who got us in this mess the first time around. He needs help!

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  2. Comment on The PSNI have lost any moral authority to intervene to clear roads of protestors in advance of contentious loyalist parades through sectarian interfaces. Discuss.
    on 22 February 2013 at 11:40 pm

    Ulster press centre,

    I think you are doing sterling work here in articulating the ‘loyalist’ message. I feel it is of utmost importance, seeing that the BBC NI are acting true to form, that the decent British citizens on the ‘mainland’ get to see what there taxes are subsidising. That being, a colonial(in their minds), incredibly needy, right-wing(remember WWII), hate filled, disrespectful to their neighbours, cap in hand rabble. Why should the decent British public have to endure and fund these religious, anti Darwin, nut-jobs? The APPEASEMENT of these brazened law-breakers is an affront to all that is British. If you don’t believe me, go over to the ‘mainland’ and ask!

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  3. Comment on Caption Competition
    on 22 February 2013 at 8:24 pm


    Its amazing how much racism can be excused using ‘satire’!

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  4. Comment on The Niedermayers and the cascading misery of our dirty little war…
    on 5 February 2013 at 12:28 pm

    Why do several posters stick to the line of making a clear distinction between ‘paramilitaries’ and the forces of the state? The paramilitaries on both sides did this and that etc. I like many others make no distinction between the ‘official’ armed forces of the state, and their close comrades in the right wing gangs, and how they complemented each other in the overall strategy.

    Mick, I’m a bit gobsmacked at you asking me to suggest some people to have their private lives scrutinised on a public forum. I have plenty of family and friends who could testify as to how their world’s imploded after the violent death of a loved one, particularly regarding mental health issues. That would be crass and I am not prepared to do it. If you would like to pursue it, feel free. I would suggest that you get the list of all the victims of the conflict from the Ark project, for instance, pick a name at random from the republican community, and contact them. I am sure you will find stories of complete devastation. Although you might not get the all important anti-IRA angle you crave for.


    All of the above to be included on any memorial.

    Barney T,

    I’m curious as to which Irish rebellions you would invite to sit ‘at the table of Irish freedom and revolution’? All armed rebellions are by definition brutal affairs. They are not re-runs of the battle of Waterloo, were two armies are ranged against one and other. The tan war was brutal. I for one certainly do not look back on it with some romantic notion, unlike, perversely, the southern establishment. Maybe the ANC methods were more civilised? Especially their treatment of informers!


    Could not agree more with your post and its description of former terrorist members of the British armed forces! These squaddie types are indeed psychotic and obviously from dysfunctional family backgrounds. This makes them easy cannon fodder for the their terrorist godfather generals. How many murders are carried out by former army terrorists, when they are unleashed back on to civie street?

    You are also correct on the mis-use of the term ‘sub-human’. Possible better to say ‘people of lesser value’!!

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  5. Comment on The Niedermayers and the cascading misery of our dirty little war…
    on 5 February 2013 at 1:39 am


    I assume that you are referring to the violent, anti-democratic, British ruling class in 1912, in your first paragraph? Only, they are immune from any ‘heat’.

    Contrary to what you state, the north of Ireland is not strewn with memorials to freedom fighters and their state sponsored, right wing death squad adversaries. They are strewn with memorials to numerous ultra violent, racist, mass murdering, imperialist projects. These colonial, terrorist wars of conquest span every continent of the world. To most non-unionists, the sight and sound of unionist cheerleaders for the spilling of other peoples blood, the hypocrisy towards violence is sickening.

    Like the vast majority of threads on slugger which attack Irish republicanism (trying to think of any which were supportive…….no!), it comes down to legitimacy. You think if you constantly attack Irish republicanism, that you will in some way force their leaders to don sack-clothe and ashes!
    Dream on!!

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  6. Comment on The Niedermayers and the cascading misery of our dirty little war…
    on 4 February 2013 at 11:25 pm

    Again Mick, why is there not a post dealing with those victims you mentioned? Lets hear about the devastation that destroyed their families lives. Will RTE, or any other media outlet tell their story? Of course they will not! Only if there is an anti-IRA angle, will it see the light of day. I know it, and the more discerning posters on slugger know it only to well.

    GT, your accusation of ‘whataboutery’ is lazy. I think you should consider that the prevailing narrative of the past conflict is completely one sided. If you cannot, or choose not to see that, then the fault lies with you.

    Mick, will the names of the fallen IRA volunteers( 350+) be ‘allowed’ on this memorial? Unfortunately not, because they don’t exist, and anyway they are sub-human in the eyes of those who construct the narrative of our recent conflict!

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  7. Comment on Belfast Project (Boston College tapes): “an invitation to people to engage in deep moral reflection on the consequences of war and political violence”
    on 4 February 2013 at 11:00 pm

    Could dissident ‘republican’, Anthony McIntyre get me on those tapes? Come on please! I’ll do what the rest of them did and spoof the lot. Sure why not? Do as much damage I can to people I don’t like. I don’t care. I’ll be dead! I’m sort of working on my tape now as it happens. Its juicy! It tells how a prominent poster on ‘slugger’, confessed to me his MI5 role while performing sex acts in a public toilet!! I’ll name and shame him! Ahem, only after my death of course!!

    This Boston tape thing is complete bulls**t! You will struggle to find a more transparent attempt to ‘get Adams’, as this. Its crude, and almost laughable, unless of course you live in right wing British/Irish media world. The sight of the unreconstructed political mouthpieces, many of whom masquerade as ‘journalists’, foaming at the mouth at the prospect of finally fulfilling their remit to ‘get Adams’, is a very unpleasant and ultimately doomed spectacle.

    I suppose it keeps you in a job lads!!

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  8. Comment on #Belfast2020: Future will have to be more integrated than its troubled past…
    on 4 February 2013 at 10:27 pm

    Integrated education is a ‘no-brainer’, in my view. People will just have to think outside the box if they ever want to solve the cancer of sectarianism within our society. The vested interests will fight tooth and nail to maintain the status quo, and may settle with perhaps some cosmetic change.
    I personally think it comes down to parents arrogant snobbery! Which society as a whole pays a price for.

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  9. Comment on The Niedermayers and the cascading misery of our dirty little war…
    on 4 February 2013 at 10:10 pm

    This does seem a bit strange that a traumatic event could cause this chain of events. In the most brutal of terms, if this man’s body had been dumped in an entry, like the other ‘disappeared’, would they now be ‘news-worthy’? This does however seem to be an extreme case, giving that many people, including close relatives of my own, lost their father during the conflict. Yes there was a military conflict here, and many people suffered, but in comparison to most other conflicts, in terms of numbers dead and in inhumane brutality, ours was by no means the worst. The difference here is our conflict is put under extremely unrealistic moral scrutiny, applied usually to one side only. Despite the protestations Mick, this is your usual form. How about, in the interests of ‘balance’, could you do a post about the murder of a innocent republican and the devastating effect that had on his family? I’ll not hold my breath that Mr.Duffy, struggling to make ends meet in these difficult economic times, on wages of nearly half a million euros per annum, knows that these republican victims even exist. He is not alone there!

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  10. Comment on Micheál Martin: “If the Executive is not making progress on child poverty, or economic inactivity, or sectarianism”
    on 19 January 2013 at 1:40 am

    MM is a complete political snake. He is a political animal devoid of morals when it comes to the north. A shameless opportunist who has little regard for the victims of terrorism. Has he visited the short strand in recent weeks? He is consumed by his own hatred of SF’s electoral advance. It threatens his income stream. That is what drives him. He does not understand, or cares to want to understand the north. He is solely interested in returning to his former position of power and wealth, while a lot of citizens of state struggle to meet their home heating costs. A disgrace!

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