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Past 60, Republican activist since '68, founder member of Reorganized R.M., served on Sinn Fein Ard Comhairle for some years, backed Peace Process from believe that Armed Force no longer viable or required to advance R.M. objectives. Now retired ( health reasons) and perusing History Studies and Cultural matters.

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A Stroke Too Far: And the Greens Said No!

Thu 20 January 2011, 5:21pm

Tweet We now have an election date, the 11th, of March 2011! We did not have that at midnight last night or did we have it at 8 AM this morning. Cowen had no intention whatsoever of going to the country until  well post St Patricks Day. He had no choice, however this is window […] more »

Can Brian Cowen hear the Fat Lady singing ?

Sat 15 January 2011, 6:46pm

Tweet On the face of it Brian Cowen has pre-empted yet another heave, but it would seem that this is the beginning of the end and because of a number of factors that I will outline  why I believe that his demise may now be sooner than later. The Fianna Fail parliamentary party is clearly divided on the leadership […] more »

Fianna Fail: The meltdown is fact!

Thu 16 December 2010, 4:43pm

Tweet “….A lot of Fianna Fail TD are going to have a lot more time to spend with their families in Christmas 2011″ – Noel Whelan, Pat Kenny show RTE morning radio show discussing the poll result ! In the past weeks while all the poll figures pointed to serious difficulties for Fianna Fail, those […] more »

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  1. Comment on “I am shocked, totally and utterly shocked.”
    on 24 January 2012 at 3:17 am

    cynic2 : “….I think that the overwhelming concern on this from MV is, as you suggest, possibly an expression of concern at the declining relevance of his views and posts….. ”

    If this were a forum operating under the rules of normal debate I could give a robust, colorful reply to that and indeed the occasional pieces in others of your posts that are worth a reply to, but this being slugger with a set of esoteric rules only fully known to those who apply them, I will have to pass, even if I was so inclined to engage,( which I am not), rather than risk a card ( which may have been the real object of the exercise ?)

    In his 5.15PM post Ulick gave a good summary of the situation as others literate in these areas would also see the situation. However as ‘Tayto Murphy once said, ” five of a hundred make things happen, twenty out of a hundred let things happen ( passively) and eighty out of a hundred do not know anything is happening” !

    The use of covert Official sources to manipulate public opinion during the Low Intensity War in the Six Counties ( which incidently is ongoing if albeit on a very scaled back basis) is now generally accepted, by academic, political and even media sources. If this went on as acknowledged, just when is it supposed to have all stopped ?

    To look at media manipulation in the Western World, this is a good place to start, the twenty five most suppressed news stories of 2011. See nos 2 and 19 in particular in this list for examples of ‘official’ interference in everyday events.

    Mark in a foregoing post rightly and correctly centralizes the importance of Slugger to opinion formers and opinion monitors on this Island. It’s importance as a reliable and relevant Irish source is verifiable, as Mark observed by the Slugger threads on other sites etc.

    Why then do some people persist in playing Slugger’s importance down and denying what could be called ‘the bleeding obvious’ ! However once the ‘quo bono’ angle is explored and appreciated, the equally classical retort from the Christine Keeler era comes to mind……. ” well they would say that wouldn’t they” !

    There is another interesting dichotomy here, some of the very posters who ‘poo, poo ‘ and play down the importance or relevance of Slugger in the overall media presence in this Island, or for a window on the Six County Area politics, are also some of the most prolific and polemic contributers to every Slugger debate of any significance.

    If such posters do indeed sincerely believe what they contend, that slugger is of minor importance in the overall scheme of things, and yet expend so much time and effort in detailed, participatory, posts, then the only logical conclusion is there are some sad lives out there, some very sad lives indeed!

    If not then the other ‘bleeding obvious’ is some posters do not have very much respect for the other contributers or average readers intelligence.

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  2. Comment on “I am shocked, totally and utterly shocked.”
    on 23 January 2012 at 6:25 pm

    Ulick : “….The style and purpose of each persona is distinctly identifiable and undoubtedly the “work” of the same person and usually follows the same modus operandi…….”

    Yes indeed Ulick, even the best leave tracks and while the mind behind many of these ‘pseudo’ postings is good, very good in fact, it is far from top drawer. In fact the ‘guiding hand’ must be quite pissed off to see the same elementary mistakes so regularly repeated by these minions !. Then arrogance and a ‘too clever by half’ attitude is characteristic of much of their approach.

    Just how limited these people sometimes are can be gleaned from the fact that they could not, for example, even make proper use of a laundry service when one was set up for them on a no expense spared basis!

    Quite good as I have said but as the uncovering of these creatures have shown in the US, UK and elsewhere, they are strictly ‘one trick ponies’ trained for one arena. They tend to get a bit annoyed accordingly when someone ignore the smoke, mirrors and fanfare of the circus ring and take them for a trot in a wide open field where they can be seen for what the quite limited and pathetic specimens that they usually are.

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  3. Comment on “I am shocked, totally and utterly shocked.”
    on 23 January 2012 at 5:46 pm

    Alias : “….name dropping (but, oddly, never quoting) Kitson at every opportunity,…”

    Untrue and you well know it !

    However general readers have short memories and since such things are in the main of specialist interests only, you know you are safe in propagating the disinformation. ( Lesser souls would call it lying but then they do not appreciate the mechanics of the game, do they ? )

    I have even been taken to task by Mick and ticked off regularly for listing links to these sites as he considers it a distraction from the main thread subject matter and debate.

    Time and again I have quoted from these people, even supplied links to where General Mike Jackstone and others of like mindsets could be heard from the records of their speaking contributions at such conferences.

    Unlike the ‘sheeple’ assumptions of your NWO pals, I give people credit for intelligence and for the ability to do an internet search for themselves and come to their own conclusions.

    Odd is it not that whenever I hi-light the activities of these media manipulators, that you inevitably are among the first in there to dismiss and discredit such claims ?.

    Just as odd also apparently that so many of your own posts by remarkable co-incidence, parallel the very methodology and use much of the nomenclature advocated by these covert pro-establishment, pro-ruling International NWO elites?

    Now before this runs into the sands, we can no doubt expect a few remarks from the other usual post about ‘Tin Hats’ etc?

    It looks like there could be a black spot on the way incidently, one needs to know the way around a rushy mountain and a good pair of wellingtons to get where they are going, these pathways are best left to natives and are not as easy as they look ! Arrogance do lead to carelessness and as you are no doubt aware, attention to detail is everything in your game!

    Anyway no worries, as our Aussie friends would say, plenty more pseudo where that one came from !

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  4. Comment on “I am shocked, totally and utterly shocked.”
    on 23 January 2012 at 4:32 pm

    derrydave : “…. I honestly believe that we’re all a bit too smart (on both sides) to fall for that kind of shite…..”

    derrydave : my contention is that these posts are not the product of a ‘Contrarian’ an ‘Old Duffer’, a moron or somebody erratic with limited thinking ability etc, these posts may appear to indicate the village idiot mentality, but the mind behind these and other efforts, all from the same pen, has a far more sinister intent.

    Hearts and minds, derryd., it is all about hearts and minds and making sure that people stay in their separate camps with their respective group ethos intact and intolerant of other views. While some here use slugger to explain views, sometimes even with a bit more clarity than all in their own camps would be comfortable with. the intent of such pseudo posters is to foster division, misunderstanding and differences rather than what could unite.

    From the 1962 Rand Conference on ( look it up) where Frank Kitson starred and advocated harnessing the poplar media in a new way for use in counter propaganda in ‘Low Intensity Wars’, ‘operatives’ have been using ‘ letters to the editor’ and other such resources to manipulate public opinion before seamlessly migrating their whole circus into the new electronic media.

    If this propaganda was plainly delivered, it could be clearly seen for what it was, but by packaging it under the ravings of an ‘Old Duffer” or apparent ‘Contrarian’ that otherwise would be amusing and entertaining, the intent of the operative/pseudo poster can be achieved subliminally and propagated beneath the levels of awareness of the average reader.

    Simple test card for theses type ‘ranting’ do they contribute to reconciliation and understanding or do they perpetuate differences and foster suspicion. If it is the latter then the question arises, Quo Bono……who benefits ?

    Anyone of average intelligence googling ‘Hearts and Minds Conferences’, following up leads and examining these things for themselves will quickly see that there is quite an industry out there devoted to deception and advancing the views of the ruling elites of Western Society.

    Anyone so doing will quickly find dozens of references to British individuals who learned their craft and gained their primary experiences in the Northern Ireland Low Intensity War.

    They have not gone away, you know!

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  5. Comment on “I am shocked, totally and utterly shocked.”
    on 23 January 2012 at 3:14 pm

    Sliabhl…’ : “…… The Provos do not belong at such events, even though they make a point of attending them for vote and intelligence gathering reasons…….”

    There are plenty lunatics out there ready believe that anyone with a banjo and a 98 song or a tricolor sticker on an instrument case, is also a covert armed Republican. In his anti-Republican bile, this particular poster confirms that assertion for those who want to believe this nonsense as it panders to their hate tunnel vision of Taigs/Nationalists/Republicans and their culture.

    This ‘Clever Charlie’ is by no means a moron and he must be well aware that in making such unfounded statements as the above, he is also putting the lives and personal safety of innocent festival visitors to the Six Counties at risk from this same lunatic fringe ?

    Do he care ?

    By the above irresponsible statement, he has attributed paramilitary purposes to national and indeed internationally acclaimed positive, inter communal, interracial, cultural events.

    Do he want a repeat of Milltown Cemetery attack at one of these events, fueled by the same mentality ? Can any responsible person say with certainty that this possibility do not exist ?
    It takes a particularly low and loathsome mentality to pander to these base instincts without regard or concern for the consequences of their act, while obsensibly and hypocritically also condemning ‘Republican violence’

    Mick just when are you going to come to grips with posters using multiple personas for the purpose of irresponsible coat trailing? I have been red carded on past occasions for far less alleged offenses,

    You have only to go back to the first of these posts to see who the ‘Clever Charlie’ behind it is….. it was deliberately and blatantly done as a ‘fingers up’ to certain other posters on this site, much as the ‘Masky’ did.

    If the intent is nothing other than provocative mischief making, it could be perhaps tolerated, but there is a far more sinister reason for this and it is nothing other than to ensure by regularly denigrating Republicans in this fashion, Republicans and sympathetic Nationalists will take such tolerated abuse by the editorial as a reflection of editorial policy as a whole and continue to regard the site as not having credibility or the merit of contributing to.

    This is the real purpose of such posts, the prevention of discussion, dialogue and tolerance, between opposing views and it is the direct negation of core slugger principles.

    For the record, Labhras O Murchu is a former Volunteer of the Irish Republican Army. His service to Ireland, all Thirty-Two Counties of it, in culture and politics speaks for itself, yet this is the kind of ‘ Vol mentality’ and ethos that ‘Sliabh Luchra’ under this or whatever other ‘hat of convenience’ he is wearing for a particular post, continually denigrate and revile here.

    As somebody who was banned from the radio and tv for almost a quarter of a century, I do not advocate censorship in any form or the silencing of any views. There is a way to deal with this, robust no holds barred debate, but since we have cricket rules applied to a game of hurling and this cannot be done under current rules, then it is incumbent on editorial to act.

    While the actual color of the card may be appropriate to the character of the post, the actual penalization value of the card is not sufficient to deal with the offense given or for this ongoing abuse of Republicans by this particular pseudo poster.

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  6. Comment on Lord Eames on Moving Forward from a Divided Past
    on 21 January 2012 at 3:55 am

    “……For him, the real question is not what caused the Troubles — in which “ordinary people were wedged in a nightmare” — but instead how we dealt with the conflict:…..”

    Nothing new in the focus of Lord Eames for Roman Catholics, Nationalists and Republicans, not only from the most recent Low Intensity War, but also the long litanies of English and Planter v Gael wars and conflicts on in this island of Ireland.

    All during ‘The Troubles’ the British attempted to keep the focus not even on all the victims of the conflict, but selectively on those who were the direct subjects of or who suffered on a collateral basis from IRA activities. There was scant reference as to where this resort to armed force came from or why it again flared up with such violence within a scant few years after the failure of the 1956/62 campaign.

    Could the grief and burning sense of injustice felt by the wounded and the relatives of the Bloody Sunday victims be dealt with if the focus was on just ‘how they dealt with the conflict’

    Things happen for a reason : the previous IRA campaign was over, I personally knew many of the principle figures who became significant figures both Regionally and Nationally in the Provos through out the Thirty-Two counties. few, very few of these had any appetite for a renewed Armed combat campaign. Most were chastened and dispirited by the results of the 56 campaign.

    I was in the company of Joe Cahill and others that came South attempting to get their old comrades re active and supportive of the defense of the Nationalist areas. That was their primary focus, the defense of Nationalist areas. Certain existing and inactive IRA members who made their way North and took part in the defense of Nationalist areas were very firmly made unwelcome by Northern main area commanders once the immediate crisis was over.

    I would remind all and sundry that the then IRA Army Council and Army Exectuive strategy was for a decommissioned IRA where less than a hundred armed men would be maintained throughout the whole Thirty-Two Counties for the purpose of ‘fund raising’ and internal policing etc. The IRA was to become the political spearhead of a totally political means only of a progressive and in the North, cross community, covert, ‘revolution by stealth’

    Joe Cahill’s generation of IRA were preoccupied with defense only in the early period, few among them believed that a widespread armed campaign could be mounted, much less have a realistic prospect of success. These Provo leaders of the early years of the Low Intensity War did not have a sudden change of heart one Monday morning.

    Externally Republicans represented the Provo/ Continuity, IRA /Sinn Fein split as involving constitutional issues of ‘recognizing Leinster House’ etc. Internally the camps revolved around issues going back years between the ‘Old Leadership’ who had their experiences forged in the 56 campaign and the preparations for it over the previous decade, These had seen the IRA almost broken beyond reconstitution between the thirties and the fifties, they were by in large cautious and conservative in their approach.

    The ‘new leaders’ without this direct experience or legacy issues had views based on the current conflict experience and did not always appreciate where their older comrades were coming from!

    This war did not just happen, it was caused and most of the causes of these systematic escalation’s are easily identified. On the Provo side much had to do with British bad faith and treachery : British politicians, government ministers and senior establishment figures sometimes overtly, most times covertly were giving the IRA a certain view of the conflict and it’s possible resolution. On the basis of these views it appeared possible to do business with the British Government.

    However in tandem with these ‘explorations’ Kitson and co were cut loose to do their Bloody Sundays and Ballymurphys’ There could only have been so many of these events and ‘official reaction’ to them before it became evident that there was a coherence and strategy to the overall British approach and the neutralizing and destruction of the IRA was the intent, rather than reaching any meaningful accommodation with Republicans.

    The rest as they say is history : Lord Eames ‘lets concentrate on the effects and ignore the cause’ has little merit for Roman Catholics, Nationalists and Republicans, it is not only the ‘Old English Song resung’ in here in Ireland, it is the same approach as the British Establishments have traditionally taken to all their Colonial conflicts in the post conflict periods.

    Despite the frequent calls here in Slugger and elsewhere for a truth and reconciliation approach etc, it just simply will not happen, a systematic stage by stage and step by step exploration of the escalation of the recent Low Intensity War from its 69 inception to the early nineties ceasefire may cause the IRA some problems, but it would also expose the totally immoral tuggery and skullduggery at the heart of the British ‘Counter Insurrectionary’ efforts.

    Lord Eames would no doubt consider himself a Christian. At the risk of being irreverent it would be the equivalent of he saying regarding the founder of his beliefs, lets forget why Jesus ben Joseph was crucified and by who, instead let us look at the effect the trauma of crucifixion had on Jesus personally and on his relatives and followers.

    More should and could be expected from a committed Christian such a Lord Eames apparently is, but he is also apparently speaking as a member of the British House Of Lords from the heart of the British Establishment. Sadly it has been the experience of the Irish that when such ‘men of God’ speak, and render unto Caesar etc, the British Caesar interest side of the equation, with few exceptions, get, the overwhelming priority and focus. .

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  7. Comment on What will it take to make Scotland fit for independence?
    on 18 January 2012 at 10:58 pm

    Ah now for the reality of the pence and halfpence…… my money is in the Scots to also come out best in that encounter!

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  8. Comment on Boston College: an end of history
    on 16 January 2012 at 4:47 pm

    John : “….Still no takers for an assessment of the evidential value of the interviews? Is it admissable as evidence in court?….”

    Assuming of course that this was the primary intent of the application ? My views on that and those of Alias have come to other conclusions, we but differ on the reasons.

    However if we take it that a ‘court process’ was intended, then it would not be the first time that the nicites of the law were jiggled around to suit the requirements of the moment when a political need arose as with the first Derry Bloody Sunday enquiry or when as with the first appeals of the Maguires etc, when the ‘Appaling Vista’ scenario took precidence over Legal and natural justice.

    In the current Northern situation, we have just a tolerated fudge, an artificial attempt to make an artificial State work.

    It is not pretty, it had to be far too pragmatic in dealing with an appaling Unionist legacy of majority Catholic and Nationalist alienation, to in any way even be the shadow of an ideal democratic solution.

    When readers bear in mind that a former Prime Minister of South Africa, then presiding over one of one of the most repressive regiems known to the modern world, said that he would trade the lot of his repressive leglisation for one clause of the Northern Ireland Special Powers Acts, then there is some indication of where this past was for Nationalists.

    Some time in the not too distant we will have a new constitution for a New All Ireland Irish Republic where we can learn from the past and legislate for the future, looking as to how our sister Republic of Scotland etc will have dealt with their sectarian divisions in their own new constution.

    The present is but something to be endured. The current adminestrative situation in Northern Ireland was the end product of a cobbled together pragmatic solution. In as much as a camel can described as a ‘horse designed by a committee’ we are lumbered with a ‘ship of the desert’ in Stormount.

    It may not be pretty, but it was never intended to be, just something practical for the time being, or to quote Albert Reynols in another context….’ just a temporary little arrangment’

    When forces with a history of polimic opposition to Republicans start using State Resources to carry on a past war rather than concentrating in how they could make themselves more tolerated or the future, then the future they progect for Republicans is totally unacceptable and will not be tolerated.

    All this smacks of short term mischief making by forces who know that they do not have a long term future and who are therefore determined to settle as many ‘old scores’ as possible on their way out!

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  9. Comment on Boston College: an end of history
    on 15 January 2012 at 7:47 pm

    cynic2 : As your approach that the Crown, State, their agents and local servants did or could do any wrong, or that Republicans could do or can do no right, says all there is to say about your own limited thinking……. sir!

    That is the sort of closed mind thinking and one sided self righteousness that provoked and kicked off four decades of war to begin with when a few basic civil right concessions would have ended it all before it ever started!

    Those young Republican soldiers were volunteers, they knew what they were fighting a war for, they were prepared to die outside on active service and they were equally prepared to die inside as proud Republican soldiers rather than exist as branded criminals and second class citizens in a second class sectarian, discriminatory, petty statelet.

    Your precious and unlamented Orange Junta State lasted well past it’s ‘sellby’ date, it’s gone…… move on!

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  10. Comment on Boston College: an end of history
    on 15 January 2012 at 6:27 pm

    Alias : “…The political difference, however, is that the state’s policy of concealment of information pertaining to the conflict is reinforced, with all participants now fully aware that they should not disclose information to the public outside of official state mechanisms for disclosure – none of which exist……”

    I fully agree that this was the British spook inspired methodology used with a view to creating the effects as stated by Alias. Most Universities are conservative by nature, the last thing they need is to be embroiled in contrgvesory, especially an International political one. That lesson will not be lost in other institutions either.

    ( Personally I have deferred my own intended participation in a similar interview exercise with a University History Department, nor would I facilitate contact with others for interview purposes in the present circumstances.)

    However there once it comes to considering the reasons as to why this was done, there is fundamental disagreement and divergence in out views.

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