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  1. Comment on Sinn Féin to the fore for the photo, to the rear of the movement
    on 12 April 2014 at 11:01 pm

    Worth the read to see how Shinner Gaelgeoirí went from two rooms in the Bogside’s Dove House to a £4m building in the City Center….

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  2. Comment on McGuinness WILL attend events during Pres Higgins state visit to GB
    on 7 April 2014 at 8:42 pm

    son of sam said…rather amusingly.

    “I noted that Martina Anderson and Raymond Mc Cartney were beside Martin when he spoke to the media today.It appears that they at least are backing his stance.”

    Aye the shinners like to have a couple of bookends handy on these occasions.

    If or when Marty is given an OBE or other ‘honour’ he’ll have those two or likewise trying to nod the heads off themselves in agreement behind him.

    And the likes of Greenflag will be spinning it as statesmanship or other some other silliness.

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  3. Comment on McGuinness WILL attend events during Pres Higgins state visit to GB
    on 7 April 2014 at 8:21 pm

    Morpheus clearly you didn’t bother to read my comment before you leaped in feet first…

    I’ll break it into smaller pieces so that you can digest it…

    I said… ” He also seems to forget that although the majority of nationalists might vote for SF.”

    Do you see the ‘Majority’ word alongside ‘Nationalists?’

    And I continued… “a large chunk of Republicanism has turned away from that party as was shown last year on The View.”

    Before that you stated… “What a bizarre take on the lay of the land Dixie. Firstly, cloud cuckoo-land or not MMcG represents unionism in the same way that PR represents nationalism.”

    And you believe that the sectarian state disappeared with Big Ian do you? Because most certainly the people who voted for those two did so in order to keep the other out.

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  4. Comment on McGuinness WILL attend events during Pres Higgins state visit to GB
    on 6 April 2014 at 8:06 pm

    Greenflag is living in cloud-cuckoo-land if he believes that Unionists want McGuinness representing them. He also seems to forget that although the majority of nationalists might vote for SF that a large chunk of Republicanism has turned away from that party as was shown last year on The View.
    Those who remain are there because the British supply the wages which ensures their loyalty.

    In fact from what I hear some shinners in Derry were uneasy at the decision to bow to the Queen.

    Only a fool could not see that McGuinness has been heading in a certain direction for years and that is in the opposite direction to the ideals of Republicanism.

    And only a fool would fail to see that it won’t stop at toasting the Queen.

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  5. Comment on McGuinness WILL attend events during Pres Higgins state visit to GB
    on 6 April 2014 at 4:21 pm

    When McGuinness has to stand and raise a toast to the Queen with the others the cameras will be on him and the humiliation of Republicanism will almost be complete.

    This isn’t about reaching out to Unionism as they will never accept Republicanism nor a United Ireland and the uproar over a flag is proof of this. This is about bringing Republicanism to it’s very knees and anyone who believes that once this has passed that it is the finish is very deluded.

    As I pointed out the Welsh Nationalist Party Plaid Cymru refuse to allow themselves to be degraded in the same manner as Sinn Fein.

    The British wish to eradicate Republicanism and it certainly isn’t their intention to allow it to become acceptable to Unionism even in a mild form. What supporters of Adams and McGuinness should dread most is how are they going to complete the job?

    My belief is that a bombshell is coming and it will blow the myths of the last few decades to pieces.

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  6. Comment on McGuinness WILL attend events during Pres Higgins state visit to GB
    on 6 April 2014 at 3:37 am

    It says everything when the Welsh Nationalist Party Plaid Cymru is more Republican than Sinn Fein and their leader Leanne Wood has more balls than McGuinness…

    Leanne Wood declined to attend a Diamond Jubilee cathedral service in 2012 and fellow Plaid AM Bethan Jenkins has described Mr McGuinness as “naive” for agreeing to meet the Queen…

    “Leanne Wood is rather different from most of the UK’s politicians. Forty years old and a mother of one, she still lives in the same street in the Rhondda Valley where she was born and brought up. She thinks the crash of 2008 should have “resulted in the rejection of capitalism and many of its basic economic and political assumptions”, and that the UK’s coalition amounts to a “hyper-competitive, imperial/militaristic, climate-change-ignoring and privatising government”. She is also a proud republican, who refuses to attend the kind of official events at which the Queen turns up, and was once thrown out of the Welsh Assembly for referring to the reigning monarch as “Mrs Windsor”. If any of this chimes with your general view of what’s wrong with the world, it’s fair to say that you’d like her.

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  7. Comment on Hunger Strike: Margaret Thatcher’s Battle With the IRA (1980-1981)
    on 4 April 2014 at 12:25 am

    Danny Morrison interview…

    My reply….

    “Danny Morrison was former director of publicity for Sinn Fein…”


    This whole interview was another classic example of ‘put that gun down Danny before you shoot yourself several times in both feet…’
    In this case the gun being a microphone.

    The first half contained nothing other than people attacking, singling out, opposed to and vocal in their criticisms and denunciations of Gerry Adams and Sinn Fein.

    “Anti-peace process Danny. You forgot to use fecking anti-peace process.” I can hear Gerry shouting at his substitute from the dugout…

    Any new director of publicity for Sinn Fein should take note.

    Then Danny stumbles off into the Hunger Strikes and this is when the shooting really begins…

    He claims Richard O’Rawe wrote a book and “made allegations that there was a deal agreed between the British government and, and Sinn Féin…”

    Richard O’Rawe said nothing of the sort, he said the British made an offer to end the Hunger Strike which Bik and himself agreed contained enough to end it and sent word outside to that effect.

    “and particularly Gerry Adams ordered the prisoners to, not to accept it.” Continued Danny.

    Again Richard didn’t make that claim, he stated ‘a comm came in’ which stated, ‘that more was needed.’

    ” Whereas I was in the prison on, on a particular day in July*, 1981 and…” Said Danny,

    *That day was July 5th a Sunday.

    And he continues…

    “But the whole premise of Richard O’Rawe’s book and his allegations is that I’m bringing a deal in. Whereas no offer had yet been made.

    And in fact no offer was made until Monday night, half past eleven Monday night, thirty six hours, thirty-six hours later. But in O’Rawe’s book he has Gerry Adams ordering the prisoners not to accept this offer on Monday afternoon.”

    Thats not what Brendan Duddy said at Belfast Feile while Danny sat in the audience failing to contradict what he was saying…

    ‘In an interview with Barney Rowan at Belfast Feile Brendan Duddy said “that although a document didn’t exist the RM had the detail of an offer, theres no argument about that. And at that particular point that offer was available to go into the prison and…and whatever.

    And what was not available at that time was the document.”

    When Rowan asked him did he ‘scribble’ the offer, Duddy replied that he wrote it very carefully.

    Earlier Rowan had said to Duddy..”I think your sort of test which is to get someone into the prison on the Sunday?”

    *Note: “on the Sunday?”

    Duddy took a drink of water and pointed to Danny Morrison in the audience and replied…”Him!”

    Duddy went on to say “that the person he wanted to get in with respect to you, Mr Morrison was Gerry Adams and they said..’No way is Adams going in. Right!’”

    And [he pointed at Danny] “so do not be offended, you were second choice. So I considered a positive way forward to get Danny Morrison in and I was also totally happy that you were well aware of what was being said and what was on offer, so forth. So getting Danny Morrison in was, in my book, a major, major, step forward.”

    *Note: “you were well aware of what was being said and what was on offer, so forth.”

    AND on Talk Back:

    ‘Morrison said that he explained to them [the hunger strikers] what was on offer’, adding ‘by the way, the offer that we were being offered through the Mountain Climber was a bigger and better offer than what the ICJP thought they had.’ He went on: ‘After I had seen the hunger strikers, we all agreed that this [the M/C offer] could be a resolution, but we wanted it guaranteed.’

    This isn’t, to Quote Danny, ‘hitting you with detail and overwhelming you…’ this is hitting you with facts and your own words.

    “but we wanted it guaranteed.” Said Danny on Talk Back.

    And thats exactly what the Brits were doing on the Monday when the British were preparing the Draft Statement with Thatchers handwritten amendments.

    This draft statement is what Danny is using to claim ‘And in fact no offer was made until Monday night…’

    Again I’ll refer you to Brendan Duddy at Belfast Feile and Danny himself on Talkback in regards to the ‘offer’ which he took in on July 5th a Sunday.

    The fact is that if someone, who had the facts of the Hunger Strikes to hand, were interviewing Danny I’d say it would be a case of Danny pulling off the mike and accusing the interviewer of ambushing him.

    The rest of the interview had Danny, Gerry’s substitute, dribbling through his own defence to score a few more own goals in regards to whether the boss was or wasn’t in the IRA.

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  8. Comment on Quote of the Day…
    on 29 March 2014 at 12:41 am

    And on further reflection…Rory Carr.

    You say,‘The paper claimed that McGeown was only 17 when he shot Mrs McConville in the back of the head’

    Pat was born on 3rd September 1956 which means he was 16 when Jean McConville was abducted from her home in December 1972.

    “and at 16 was interned before being imprisoned for a bombing attack.” Says you.

    He was interned in 1973 which would have made him 17.

    Your definitely an OTR on this Rory.

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  9. Comment on Quote of the Day…
    on 29 March 2014 at 12:12 am

    Rory Carr I see that you’ve trawled the depths of the Sunday World for an article of which the author was forced to privately concede to another well known Journalist that it was in fact based on misleading information. Something similar I might add to the attempt by a certain leading member of SF, Mark McLernon, to place the blame of Garda Adrian Donohoe’s murder on members of the Paul Quinn Support Group…

    The quote by Gerry Kelly (at Pat McGeown’s funeral) that he ‘started “barricade duty” at 13 and then joined the local unit of the IRA in the Beechmount area.’ could describe anyone of us who became involved at that age but it isn’t proof of killing people…

    And fuck me…. ‘He (Kelly) added that “at one point he held the most senior rank in the Belfast brigade of the IRA”.’….doesn’t mean Pat held it as a 15, 16 or 17 year old.

    The fact that you’ve used unproven lies about a dead Republican who can no longer defend himself proves just how low you lot will stoop to try and deflect the attention from Adams.

    As I said Rory stay away from witness boxes… And keep the fake name because after that crap I’d want to hide my identity too.

    Also I might add that I notice you’ve avoided answering the fact that your comment about Mackers was a load of crap in that he didn’t admit to denying IRA membership.

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  10. Comment on Quote of the Day…
    on 28 March 2014 at 8:57 pm

    Rory Carr you noted…

    “I note that Anthony McIntyre himself, in the course of that interview, admitted that he has also denied his membership of the IRA…”

    You should take your note pad back to the interview, what Mackers actually said was…

    ‘I was found not guilty in a court in 1983 of being a member of the IRA while I sat in the court as a member of the IRA.’

    He didn’t get into the witness box therefore he could not have committed perjury could he? In fact at no time during that interview did he admit that he denied anything, you made that up didn’t you?

    In fact Rory my advice to you would be to stay out of witness boxes because you’d clearly hang yourself.

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