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  1. Comment on McDonnell: “We must face up to the reality that the Agreement has run out of road”
    on 9 November 2011 at 12:37 pm

    Since SF now occupy the heartland of the traditional Catholic vote, thanks to their tough-guy image and their stash of money, some acquired legally, the SDLP really has to prove that it is not just an anaemic version of the same nationalist project. Given that, to most people, reunification matters a lot less than economic survival, when the economies of both North and South are struggling, the SDLP should have no fears about leaving the old nationalist rhetoric to SF and presenting itself as a party with practical policies to deal with the real issues. On that basis, a coalition with the UU and Alliance makes perfect sense and would be good for all three parties and for NI politics in general.

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  2. Comment on Green Party NI conference, the visit of Alex Attwood, and criticism of MLAs who can’t read or believe the speeches written for them
    on 1 November 2011 at 7:26 pm

    For the record, the Greens also voted in favour of extending Fair Employment legislation to the whole education sector. No more sectarian mono-culture in school or college staffrooms.

    But it seems that all the serious issues discussed at the AGM have been swept aside by some crabby comments from a disgruntled ex-MLA who seems intent on making an ass of himself.

    There was an excellent discussion of the necessity (or otherwise) of using nuclear power to enable us to cut fossil fuel burning while we make the transition to renewables. That was the highlight of the conference for me. Informed, serious debate with not a single reference to the sectarian squabble that passes for politics in NI.

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  3. Comment on “…what that did was to make telling lies an excusable and acceptable tactic”
    on 1 November 2011 at 6:54 pm

    All the liars went to the same kind of school. That’s where they learned that it’s ok to kill Protestant people in the North because really they are not Irish at all and are an obstacle to the creation of a Catholic socialist utopia. Label them ‘Brits’ and then kill them. And then tell lies about it. Or, as we say in the hierarchy, make a mental reservation while stating the opposite of the truth. If you wear a scapular, you are absolved of all sin all the time you are lying your head off. Available from authorised drug stores.

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  4. Comment on Green Party conference: nuclear power, environmental governance, and a visit from Minister Attwood
    on 30 October 2011 at 10:43 pm

    Nuclear power is very much a topical issue and the Greens have shown courage and integrity by having a debate on it at their AGM. Since NI imports 98% of its energy, costing £2 billion every year, and all of that is fossil fuel which ends up as pollution in the atmosphere, there is a strong case for building a medium-sized nuclear power station to provide clean power for the whole island. Of course there are risks involved. But we cannot go on burning coal, oil and gas, destabilising weather systems and wrecking the planet, and kid ourselves that there are no risks in that strategy too. The peat that the ROI burns in its power stations is even more polluting than oil.

    It shows how little understanding people have of this issue that the comments above skim past the nuclear power debate and focus instead on polythene bags. That’s like discussing the colour of the deck-chairs while the Titanic keels over.

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  5. Comment on Thoughts on Robert Black’s conviction
    on 30 October 2011 at 10:15 pm

    Robert Black does not deserve forgiveness. He deserves the death penalty. He tortured and murdered innocent children, again and again. He is cunning and ruthless and he does not care a jot about the pain and suffering he has inflicted on so many people – his victims and all those who knew and loved his victims. Keeping him alive serves no purpose at all and merely leaves open the possibility that one day he will attack again when he is eventually released. It also leaves all the people who tend to him in his cage, year in and year out, liable to violence at his hands.

    Justice demands that the punishment fit the crime. His crimes were vile and merciless. He deserves the ultimate punishment – the forfeit of his own life – instead of years in prison watching tv.

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  6. Comment on Shooting helicopters (whoops, TV documentary apocalyspe)…
    on 28 September 2011 at 8:55 pm

    “a sensationalised crock of shit”? Hardly. The story that was told of Gaddafi supplying literally tons of weapons and Semtex in order to strike back at the UK was coherent and convincing. The IRA were lucky to have found such a wealthy ruthless backer to give them the means by which to slaughter their way to power in NI. The film showed how Gadaffi was the main source of the weapons and explosives which would enable a small band of ruthless egotists to impose their will on all the people of NI.

    All the crowing and cackling about the video game imagery (a few seconds in a one hour programme) looks like a calculated diversion to me. A smoke screen to try and obscure the disgusting reality that was revealed.

    Do Sinn Fein have any message for Gaddafi now, I wonder? Surely they have not forgotten their sponsor already? That poor unfortunate fascist ex-dictator would appreciate a show of solidarity, even at this late hour.

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  7. Comment on Shooting helicopters (whoops, TV documentary apocalyspe)…
    on 27 September 2011 at 9:47 pm

    The bit I enjoyed was Martin Meehan saying that he took up the gun because the only way he could get the British Government to listen to him was to speak through its barrel.

    Yes, indeed, it is very tedious and laborious using the democratic process to get elected and thus earn the right to be heard. Far quicker to kill a few people and threaten to kill a lot more if your demands are not met.

    Meehan expressed his contempt for the present Sinn Fein leadership who have given up on murder as a political strategy. They are traitors to his ideal of a united, corpse-strewn Ireland.

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  8. Comment on Question master Jim Allister? And should David McClarty be more like him?
    on 26 September 2011 at 6:02 pm

    I am no fan of Jim Allister, but it seems to me that he is doing what every politician should be doing – challenging those in power to explain their actions and justify their expenditure.

    Bleeding heart writes that Allister should “.. ask the Minister of Finance and personnel (i) to date how much have my questions cost to answer (11) have the made any difference (iii) have they provided value for money (iii) could have been answered with a Google search?” Where is the cost? Aren’t there civil servants who are employed to provide such information? Do we really want our politicians to stop asking questions, in order to save a few pounds?

    Allister’s questions on the casual largesse now being spent on an army of SpAds at Stormont are the sort of questions that the ordinary citizen wants to have asked. We are running down our Health Service for lack of funds, while more and more Special Advisers are being taken on at inflated salaries. Keep at it, Jim!

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  9. Comment on It’s time we put the population myth to rest
    on 28 July 2011 at 10:41 pm

    Yippee! The brakes are off again!!! Have another billion, why don’t you!

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  10. Comment on It’s time we put the population myth to rest
    on 28 July 2011 at 9:55 am

    HeinzGuderian wrote “What you are proposing is a return to the Stone Age !!”

    Hardly. What I am proposing is to put a brake on the relentless growth of human population, which is destroying the environment and driving other species to extinction. The UK is grossly overpopulated and the RoI less so. The UK built up its huge population on the back of manufacturing industries which it no longer has. If its service industries lose out to competition from India, etc, then the scale of the problem will soon become apparent. The UK can feed about 20 million people, not 75 million. Blithely ignoring optimum population calculations is not a wise course of action. As for the RoI, in the past it always exported its excess population. You can only subdivide a farm a certain number of times before the holdings become too small to sustain a family. So you have to export your excess to avoid that. But where will the excess population go now?

    We are not at the stage of needing China’s one-child policy, but we should be encouraging small families and removing any incentives to large families. Up until last year Spain was handing out a £3000 maternity grant for every child born. Lunacy! There was even a mad rush of demands for premature deliveries to cash in before the grants stopped. At least Spain has come to its senses.

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