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[Late] Friday thread: What is a community?

Fri 7 March 2014, 6:32pm
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Tweet When should politicians and media use the term ‘community’? In this animated feature, Anthropologist Dominic Bryan talks to 6th form students about how ‘community’ is understood in Northern Ireland: Are there more responsible ways to refer to social groups? Is community necessarily a good thing? Comments are welcome around these issues. more »

Rioting: Northern Ireland Street Theatre

Sun 13 January 2013, 8:45pm

Tweet As the violence over flags inevitably wanes, debates over the legitimacy of loyalist actions will continue. What will be obscured in the discussion is a key feature of rioting in Northern Ireland – namely that it is a controlled performance and creative spectacle. A burning car in the middle of the road is a […] more »

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  1. Comment on Rioting: Northern Ireland Street Theatre
    on 14 January 2013 at 10:36 pm

    Thanks for comments regarding the initial post: Northern Ireland Street Theatre.

    The ‘extent of control’ in the performance is a tricky issue. There is an apparent loss of control, which is part of the appeal and thrill for many, including voyeurs.

    But at the same time there is decision-making, preparations and strategy at play.

    Physical barriers – whether walls or the police – often ensure that the location is controlled or, to continue the metaphor, the stage is limited to a particular area.

    The range of weapons and protective measures (or props), also control the possible outcomes – i.e. when a brick is thrown at police wearing protective gear, the degree of risk is calculated and limited.

    It is accepted that there are many motivating factors for participants in riots. Nonetheless, it is worthwhile thinking about how the ‘riot performance’ fulfils a basic desire for fame or notoriety, and attention (including female attention – interesting point derrydave)

    It is also useful to consider why destruction is creative for many people; how it is possible to become a man, or a group, through violent acts and standoffs; how this fits within a political culture.

    Many groups and individuals are defined through their exchanges with other groups. Sometimes these exchanges are violent, often they are a spectacle.

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  2. Comment on Rioting: Northern Ireland Street Theatre
    on 13 January 2013 at 9:29 pm

    Hi Keano – The intention is not to sanitise violence or underestimate its effect. The point is about the ‘spectacle’, how people deliberately create it and perform in it. And for attention or gain, which they often receive.

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