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NI21′s ‘tús maith’ !

Tue 22 April 2014, 11:31am

Tweet One swallow doesn’t make a Summer and one bilingual billboard can’t erase the generations of anti Irish language unionist politics – but the bold initiative by NI21 to include the Irish language in its election campaign has to be hailed as a breakthrough of sorts. Look at any of the unionist party websites and […] more »

‘Silver Liberties’, Sinn Féin and the Ciste

Tue 15 April 2014, 10:04am

Tweet One of the artistic injustices of the Troubles has been righted this week with very little fanfare indeed.   Down at the Ulster Museum, an artwork, entitled ‘Silver Liberties’, by Lancashire born artist, Conrad Atkinson, has been hung this week.  Back in 1978, it was the piece, created to mark the Queen’s Silver Jubilee, […] more »

Sinn Féin to the fore for the photo, to the rear of the movement

Sat 12 April 2014, 7:40pm

Tweet Sinn Féin, with the shamelessness we’ve become accustomed to from Establishment politicians, were to the fore in today’s ‘LáDearg’ parade in Belfast with several aspiring candidates behind a banner proclaiming the party’s support for an Irish Language Act in the north. Shameless because the several thousand protesters who paraded in colourful good form from […] more »

Showdown at the Cultúrlann

Thu 6 February 2014, 8:03am

Tweet More heat than light was produced at a special broadcast of the leading Irish language current affairs radio programme, RTÉ Raidió na Gaeltachta’s Cormac ag a Cúig, at the Cultúrlann on Tuesday evening when Foras na Gaeilge deputy chief executive, Seán Ó Coinn, faced an audience embittered by the recent decision by the cross […] more »

An Irish speaker’s reaction to Orangeman’s outburst

Sat 1 February 2014, 10:34pm

Tweet Belfast’s County Orange Order Grandmaster George Chitick may protest that he never intended to offend Irish speakers with his exhortation to Protestants not to learn the language he termed part of the ‘republican’ agenda. But Irish speakers in Belfast and throughout the north are well used to such insults, going back to the time […] more »

The North short-changed in Irish language shake up

Fri 17 January 2014, 4:48pm

Tweet So yesterday (Thursday) Pobal, the Irish language advocacy group for Northern Ireland, had its critique of the failures of the Stormont Assembly and Executives regarding the Irish language strategy endorsed by no less an organisation than the Council of Europe. But today the cross border body, Foras na Gaeilge, announces the new ‘lead organisations/ceann […] more »

Cuts and splits: How the Irish language community’s most effective advocates are being silenced

Thu 9 January 2014, 9:44pm

Tweet At an event on the Newtownards Road on Thursday to open Belfast’s newest Irish language centre, Linda Ervine, sister in law of the late David Ervine, spoke of ‘An Ghaeilge’ as her language. It was nothing to hide or be afraid of speaking, an attitude which might come as news to some unionist politicians. […] more »

Shock horror! Independent publishes its own Irish language news supplement

Thu 26 September 2013, 12:37pm

Tweet If you told me ten or five years ago that the only Irish language newspaper of any description would be provided by the Irish Independent, I would have ended up spending the rest of the day in intensive care.   Independent News and Media have long been regarded as one of the arch enemies […] more »

Partitionism is alive and well in All Ireland

Thu 19 September 2013, 9:00am

Tweet Irony is lost on some people. Like the person I spoke with in India representing a well known mobile phone company, which is available on both sides of the border, as I tried to finalise a mobile phone contract in Northern Ireland/the North of Ireland. I explained to her that I had moved back […] more »

Farewell to Gaelscéal

Tue 5 February 2013, 11:44am

Tweet I am writing this article in English (though I will probably write something similar in Irish for Gaelscéal) because I want slugger fans, the majority of whom are English readers, to read it and engage with the issue, rather than get bogged down in whether or not it should be in Irish or English. […] more »

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  1. Comment on NI21′s ‘tús maith’ !
    on 23 April 2014 at 8:49 am

    I’m encouraged that some find it encouraging. I just think it’s odd that a newspaper would operate under the Lundyist delusion.
    The irony is that, at present, Foras na Gaeilge have decided to dispense with the services of Iontaobhas ULTACH and other northern based Irish language organisations. While I contend that each of the four organisations represents a loss to the Irish language effort on the island – ULTACH’s work in promoting Irish among Protestants in particular will be a loss and I don’t believe the organisations selected to do the work – which are southern based will get up to speed anytime soon. So the work to promote the Irish language among Protestants appears to be under attack from both the unionist political wing and the authorities.

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  2. Comment on NI21′s ‘tús maith’ !
    on 23 April 2014 at 6:39 am

    I think it ‘a bizarre the Ni21 leader would be asked to ‘defend’ using Irish on a poster, as if he was doing something illegal or somehow wrong.

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  3. Comment on NI21′s ‘tús maith’ !
    on 22 April 2014 at 1:16 pm

    As a point of information, I’ve already been contacted by a TG4 reporter looking to speak to somebody on this issue.

    I think the Alliance, despite being founded by a prominent Irish speaker’s brother Oliver Napier (a brother of Seamus), has become a wee unionist party with very little to offer Irish speakers….

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  4. Comment on NI21′s ‘tús maith’ !
    on 22 April 2014 at 12:23 pm

    It’s easy to be cynical I suppose. Let’s wait and see what this initiative means to voters – rather than the hurlers on the ditch.

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  5. Comment on AN LÁ DEARG was an expression of both a growing sense of anger
    on 19 April 2014 at 5:26 pm

    It’s worth pointing out that the parents of children who go to Irish Medium Education also pay taxes and the results of Coláiste Feirste amply justify the belated investment of the State in the sector. All parties signed up to the GFA and therefore there is an obligation to provide Irish Medium Education for those who wish it.
    As for the politicisation of the language, this is mainly down to unionist politicians with their ignorant statements re Irish – e.g. Sammy Wilson describing Irish as a leprechaun language – in the past and in the current era. This drove many Irish speakers who otherwise would have no truck with SF into the arms of that party. SF have been no slouches in politicising the language – which was very evident last weekend – but they have received their fair share of criticism too from Irish speakers who have a very dim view of the party’s role in denying travel to Coláiste Feirste pupils on the same basis as pupils going to other Belfast schools from outlying areas as well as the funding debacle engineered by Foras na Gaeilge. Much like the every utterance of a Tory politician in London on Scotland drives Scottish voters into the Yes camp, however, the prehistoric attitude of most unionist politicians to Gaeilge drives Irish speakers to support Sinn Féin. .
    Unionist politicians are in the main way behind the likes of Linda Ervine who are showing real leadership.

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  6. Comment on Sinn Féin to the fore for the photo, to the rear of the movement
    on 13 April 2014 at 8:33 pm

    I respect your point of view Cara. But I don’t agree with you. I didn’t politicise the issue. Sinn Féin did. They were to the fore in getting their photo taken for the parade and they were giving out leaflets proclaiming their great gaiscí for Irish at the Cultúrlann.
    One of the issues I raised, Cara, regarding the travel situation, was raised by a speaker from the platform. The other issues were raised during other events that day and on other days. I have highlighted them.

    Regarding your rather personalised attack on myself, well fair enough. I have made my own mistakes in the past. None of these however was to be ‘unimaginative and hostile to outsiders’ as you allege. I reject entirely that untrue and baseless allegation you make against Lá/Lá Nua I am sure that An tUltach would similarly reject it. It seems that you think it’s ok for these papers/magazines to be closed down. I thought it was a poor day’s work myself.

    I voiced my opinion on a blog. It seems that this is to leave oneself open to personal attack. Well, that only tells me one thing. Those making the attacks are losing the argument.

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  7. Comment on Sinn Féin to the fore for the photo, to the rear of the movement
    on 13 April 2014 at 7:24 pm

    Tacapall, it’s art in the Cultúrlann, even if it isn’t to your taste. It tells a story and it’s an interesting story. Next time you’re passing – call in and find out more.

    I know well that there are many Irish speakers within Sinn Féin who have devoted many years of their lives to the development of Gaelscoileanna etc and I would count them among people I would like to call friends. However, my criticism is directed at Sinn Féin the party whose leadership I feel has led the party down a parth which sees the Irish language as something to be used in order to achieve power. Personally I have no time for any party in Irish polilical life any more – they’re all as bad as one another in way or another. If politics could change anything, it would have been abolished long ago. Violence is, as well as being morally wrong, counterproductive.

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  8. Comment on GAA concludes a lucrative deal with Sky Sports…
    on 2 April 2014 at 5:21 pm

    What it could mean is that northerners will have to sign up to Sky if they want to watch All Ireland semi finals or finals. Which kind of makes a mockery of the All Ireland dimension. If it happens in the same way as soccer, when RTÉ’s broadcast of Republic of Ireland international fixtures is blocked in the six counties because Sky owns the rights.

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  9. Comment on Showdown at the Cultúrlann
    on 7 February 2014 at 11:07 am

    I know what you’re saying, Banjaxed. However, leaving those issues to one side, it’s important not to lose sight of the damage being done by the Foras bureaucracy and those who give the orders to the Irish language sector. I believe strongly if other publicly funded bodies were behaving in the way they are, they would be hauled before the PAC quicker than you could say Uisce Eireann…..and grilled not so gently by Mary Lou McDonald.

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  10. Comment on Showdown at the Cultúrlann
    on 7 February 2014 at 10:46 am

    That’s great then – because, after 30 June, we’ll be back to the era when state support for Irish language promotion will be no more, 16 years after the Good Friday Agreement which promised so much but delivered only for unaccountable bureaucrats and their political dancing partners.
    I’m all for a more independent Irish language infrastructure – however, Irish speakers pay taxes too and are entitled to commensurate support, on the same basis of any other sector.
    I had to laugh at FJH above and his assertions that there’s an Irish language industry and his talk about ‘money swilling around’. Only 14 workers will lose their jobs at the end of June in the six counties yet that will devastate the Foras supported Irish language promotion sector in the north. The few that will be left, those working as development officers under Scéim an Phobail, will face the axe at the end of the year as ‘geographical profiling’ is introduced into the criterion for the next edition of the scheme. This follows the aborted competition last year, aborted because the northern entries made up 80% of the successful applicants, those who had scored highest in the competition, so now they want to run it again to ensure less northern success.
    What this is really about is dubious administration by the burreaucrats – Foras na Gaeilge and above. The money will still swill – just not in the north.

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