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  1. Comment on “Good heavens! You’re the culture minister..” Redux
    on 3 April 2014 at 7:25 pm

    “It may explain why the Irish News decided not to use most of the Ministerial statement on the matter. Quite gobsmackingly basic mistakes.”

    I’m sure the Irish News will be suitably reticent to point out ‘gobsmackingly basic mistakes’ from any other Minister, say a unionist for example, were they to make them…..

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  2. Comment on Upon retirement from the Assembly, Peter Robinson “might try my hand at something other than politics”
    on 20 June 2013 at 4:59 pm

    And there was me thinking the interweb was supposed to bring you news *before* the dead tree press – not a full five days after it appeared there.

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  3. Comment on Interview with Noel Doran as Irish News widens circulation gap with Belfast Telegraph
    on 22 February 2013 at 9:06 am

    Ahhhhh,,,, so now it all becomes clear.

    I couldn’t quite work out why the Tele had gone with a two page spread of bulls*it about how many people read their stuff online and even including people who follow them on twitter as “readers” of the paper.

    Suddenly its quite apparent.

    On the reasons for the tele’s demise – there probably is something about them being out of touch with their readership. I don’t buy the fact that the population at large is somehow out there championing the flag protests, but there probably has been a dip in unionist/loyalist areas recently with the quite hysterical reaction the tele took.

    Headlines like “Today we all vote Alliance” turn off a huge swathe of people – not just the face covered nutters blocking roads but also people who were horrified at Alliance Party reps being attacked, but were also disgusted at what Alliance did with the flag on City Hall.

    The Tele has also recently decided to take quite a strident line on issues such as abortion, effectively coming out in support of Marie Stopes and basically having a pop at anyone who would dare to have any vestage of faith or religion about them (or that’s how many people I know perceive it).

    All in all I don’t shed too many tears at the demise of the tele – they’re simply increasingly out of touch with what their readers actually want – not what their journalists/editors *think* their readers want.

    If they want to become the official newspaper of the Alliance Party then so be it, but they can’t expect that to drive circulation upwards.

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  4. Comment on Willie calls off the Dublin protest…
    on 9 January 2013 at 5:46 pm

    I’m just now awaiting Willie releasing a statement condemning his own u-turn and castigating himself as a despicable Lundy who clearly cannot be trusted to lead the Protestant people of Ulster.

    Bowing to the forces of the Irish Republic… what would the protestors think????

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  5. Comment on Simon Coveney to address the DUP…
    on 20 November 2012 at 12:12 pm

    Presume you actually mean rationale ;-)

    Perfectly logical isn’t it though – The RoI take up the Presidency of the EU in June next year and that will be the key period of negotiations for the Common Agri Policy.

    Effectively Coveney could be the man who sets this policy for the next decade, so isn’t bad to do some schmoozing with him. Doesn’t really matter what country he’s from if it bags a few goodies for the locals.

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  6. Comment on Updated: McNarry *is* jumping to UKIP?
    on 4 October 2012 at 3:13 pm

    “Certainly it indicates that Unionism is even more fractured than we thought.”

    This story indicates precisely nothing. Unionism is no more or less fractured today than it was yesterday, or certainly since the day he resigned from the UUP.

    No one seen it coming probably because no one really cares that much about what McNarry’s going to do. He’s a bloke in his 60′s who’s career is very unlikely to extend beyond the next Assembly election (even if he’d stayed in the UUP). This little move gives him some of the publicity which he’s clearly rather fond of, plus it sticks two fingers up to his former colleagues.

    You’ve gotta wonder what UKIP’s policy is on unionist unity….

    Also, UKIP’s policy is that MLAs should only receive 50% salary. I’m told that the Assembly has the facility for MLAs only to request that they only receive a certain portion of their wages should they want to.

    Presumably just after the press conference tomorrow Dave will be wandering up to the Assembly’s Finance Office putting in place the necessary arrangements to cut his in half……

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  7. Comment on Lessons from up on the hill: mind your soundbites & voting on equal marriage
    on 1 October 2012 at 10:56 pm

    A little honesty please…

    Its not at all “bizarre” that the PCI committee would intervene, and you’re not particularly concerned with why they did so. You’re simply annoyed that they happened to intervene on this particular issue, and took a stance with which you disagree.

    The long and short of it is, that for a very tiny (and unrepresentative) number of members of the PCI its fine to have the church comment when it comes to condemning the actions of a Loyal Order, or doing something else which you find acceptable, but somehow on the issue of gay marriage, the church should butt out???

    As for the “cleverly-timed” nature of the press release – its hardly rocket science to put out a press release the day before a debate on a particular subject is held….. Your unease is really quite amusing though.

    Its obviously uncomfortable to have a church intervene and not back the supposed (and self designated) “liberal middle-ground” in Northern Ireland, but hey-ho, perhaps its just that you’re not actually that representative of the actual middle-ground.

    In fairness at least you did recognise a few of the other issues which seemed to have passed a lot of the angry liberals by:

    Yes the DUP used a petition of concern which ultimately meant that the motion would never pass. Fulminating about that issue is a nice little distraction which prevents focusing on a few other issues. Firstly, it wasn’t just those nasty bigots in the DUP who voted against, it also included the (at least slightly) less bigoted UUP, and yes even today’s poster-boy in the fight against unionist unity John McCallister. Indeed, why does someone who has no problem going to a gay pride march not support gay marriage? Could it possibly be that not everyone who won’t vote for gay marriage is some mouth-breathing bigot? Perish the thought….

    Hey though liberals, don’t focus on that issue though – that might mean having to question some of those prejudices which oh so comforting to hold.

    Secondly, the notion that there’s blanket support for gay marriage amongst nationalists, and Trevor Lunn aside, the same with the “others” at Stormont.

    At least Alban Maginnis had the decency to ‘actively’ abstain in the vote, and for that he does deserve credit. Similarly, Trevor Lunn but he went a step forward and actually took a stance – albeit not surprisingly given his comments at the time the Alliance formulated their policy.

    However, where exactly were those other members of the SDLP today who just *happened* not to be in and around the Stormont chamber when the vote was taken. Are they *really* that busy? Of course we’re all convinced that if they’d been in the chamber they’d have happily trotted into the ‘yes’ lobby, Wouldn’t they?

    Also, where were those Alliance Party members?

    Might be worth having a look to see if anyone who happened to be suddenly absent from Stormont for this vote was in the building at any other stage during proceedings either before or after…… If they were then did they get stuck in a toilet cubicle when the vote was being taken? But no, lets not ask those questions…..

    It’ll be easier for all too many people just to keep telling themselves that if only the big bad DUP didn’t exist then of course everyone else in Northern Ireland would skip happily down the road to gay marriage without a whimper. You have to wonder, just how many MLAs in a few slightly less obvious corners were very quietly happy that there was a petition of concern down to distract from a few other uncomfortable truths….

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  8. Comment on When cherishing equal citizenship falls short on equality
    on 29 September 2012 at 12:17 am

    Which all carries about as much weight as the argument that NI students should be charged 9 grand a year in tuition fees because that’s what students in GB have to pay.

    Equality truly is damaged by the abuse of those who claim to support it.

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  9. Comment on Summer satire series
    on 22 August 2012 at 9:58 am

    Oh, we need a bit more than that.

    Like who the hell it’s meant to be for starters…..

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  10. Comment on “Sean Quinn didn’t invest in Anglo Irish Bank, he bet on it”
    on 1 August 2012 at 4:13 pm

    And the Krays were good to their mum, so that’s all right then.

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